[Video] SteemFollower Guide - Upvote and Follower Exchange for Steemit.com

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Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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This is a monster idea!

What I wonder is since you get more 'pending upvote SBD' than your upvote is worth, will the sum total pending upvote start diverging?

Why i can't upvote. It said errors already upvote or upvote delay

Your last post will be displayed to other users instantly. and it will be shown until your pending upvote was greater than 0.
we have more than 1000 active post. managing and showing all of them is hard.

I never see my post in the up-vote exchange page. i use to.... ???

you can't see your own posts.

You used to see your own posts but the overview has changed and it is not working as flawless as before. Didn't received any upvotes anymore, worked my ass of that post.

I'm working on the site. you will not lose your pending upvotes. after some updates, more good posts will get more upvotes.

Nice, thank you for your response.

What has changed? Before there where 15 random posts and now you have to browse pages. I don't get any upvotes anymore! Please explain how to handle this.

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Very helpful. The page itself seems very short on instructions, but this clears the whole thing up nicely. You have a nice system there.

What is the difference between Upvote exchange and Follower Exchange?

Mom, I'm on TV!!! Haha thank you for that vote, I didn't realize I had given it to me. Greetings and success with SteemFollower! :3

there is no video:(

I can't change the voting waight.its taking 100%

its doesnt login

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