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How it works:

First you must understand, It Is Not a BOT or any auto Upvoting System.
It is Such as Steemit.com
But There is a difference, All posts will not be shown.
only Active Users Posts will be displayed.

When you upvote a post, You will receive some points. And When you receive an upvote, You will lose some points.
Points will be calculated based on Steempower, Voting power and Voting weight of Voters.
Your posts will be displayed until you have some points. it is a difference of steemfollwer and steemit.

By using steemfollower, Your posts will have more visibility and more Readers.
There is not any guarantee in receiving upvotes.
Users will upvote if they like your posts.

Using Steemfollower is Simple. Login with your steemit username and Posting Private Key.


And Start Upvoting and Following Other users.
Remember, Points of Follower Exchange page is Differente from Points of Upvote Exchange page.
After upvoting or following, Your Posts and Your Profile will be displayed to other users and they can upvote your posts and follow your account.

Referral Link:

You can find your Referral link in follow and upvote exchange page.
when someone login with your referral link, he/she will be registered under your account.
you will earn 3 Follow points and 5% of all upvotes which he/she made using steemfollower.
Points will be added to your main points. Also, You can see your total earnings from Referring users in upvote exchange page. Remember, It is just Stats. and it will never paid to your account.

All points will be used only in steemfollower and You can't request for Withdraw them to your steem account.


Only Last post or Last Edited Post Will be Displayed.

Promoted Posts:

If you want to Receive more upvotes in your posts, you can use promote section. it is in upvote exchange page.
Select amount to promote and click on submit button.
Your posts will marked with a star and will stay in top of page.

for example,
if you select '3x' option, When you receive an upvote, you will lose 3x points.
when you receive $1 upvote you will lose 1x3 = $3 Points.

if you want to support this project, Vote mahdiyarias a witness.
1- open https://steemit.com/~witnesses
2- scroll down.
3- type mahdiyari and once click on the vote button.

first image source: pixabay.com


Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
If you enjoyed what you read here, create your account today and start earning FREE STEEM!
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this is a killer-steem-dapp! need to get some more dolphins and whales on there so we can exchange equal sized votes.

i think it would help bring more medium sized and large accounts in if you displayed how many points each author has pending.


Thanks for your suggestion.
I will work on it.


i think i have everything done right​


Good luck. Always thanks for your project


I just voted @mahdiyari as witness . Please, what is a private posting key . Am a newbie here and how does one get it.


Thanks a lot. I tried using the platform but it kept saying that my username was incorrect. It was worth a shot all the same. Thanks.


enter your username carefully.
also, you need posting private key for login.


I just follow you, please follow me back.. I am new comer here


you are that biggest whale :D xD


I am not a whale. I am in the bottom 10th percentile of funded accounts.

not counting the account 'steemit' which I think is a development fund or the exchanges:

  • about 40% of steempower is controlled by approximately 15 users
  • about 80% is controlled by approximately 200 users
  • about 90% is controlled by approximately 500 users

I am in the last group (top 500). only about 10% of total steem power is in accounts with a lower value than mine.


and having upvote worth 3$ damn for newbies like us u are a pro haha


You are using long calculations just because you want to be modest


How did you get so big if I may ask like HOW?


i hope i have everything done right^^

I had to mute this post because there was a turd vexing me for having an opposing opinion.


i can not set the value of my upvote. it's 100 by default and i can't change it. So, what's the solution for this!!

Reply me asap


you must have more than 250 SP for changing weight.

We need extra sized upvotes.More whales would help
i think it would help bring more medium sized and large accounts in if you displayed how many points each author has pending.

verey nice good idea


@khammar I just followed you, please follow back. Am a newbie here let's support each other.

This looks very convenient to use. Thank you as I am a newbie here. Just joined this week and learning the ropes. Upvoted, followed, and signed up.

does it mean i loose points when i am upvoted bt steemfollower?
That means i am loosing and not gaining on steemfollower.
please correct me if i am wrong.. @mahdiyari


When you upvote a post in steemfollower, you will gain some point. the gained point will be more than your upvote power. that point will be saved under your account in steemfollower database.
When your post in steemfollower receives an upvote, you will pay some point for that upvote. by this way, you will upvote other posts and others will upvote your post.

Thanks for the explanation! Been trying to figure alot of that out!.. i upvoted and followed u!

wow thanks im new here and i will try it ! upvoted & followed

This is definatly worth looking at cant wait to get more followers on it xD

I have logged into steemfollower.com and as witness i have upvoted too. What should i do now? Should i post like i used to? I mean what to do next?

I dnt know how to post on steem follower please.help!!!

It is an excellent post. I will look into it.. Thanks for your information.


@benilda I just followed you, please follow back. Am a newbie here let's support each other.


Follwed you @ucheosita ..follow me @jackielouvarquez ...newbie here also

very good post
thank you

Hi there! I registered yesterday and used the app for the first time. Liked it very much. Problem is: I can't get back to the voting page. What am I doing wrong? Where do I have to click to get back to the stream?


:D Forget about it. I just found out myself. Sometimes you just need to pose the question to find the answer yourself …

Please help how can I utilize this service. I'm a newbie and really interested to explore more. Thanks

Giving it a shot!

Thanks for the post it was very helpful for a newbie like myself.

Thanks for your suggestion.

It's great Project.

I would love to learn more.

How can we get 2X promotion ?


you must have more Points in steemfollower.com
don't need to donate sbd.

This is a semi-bullshit app. I've been using it to follow and upvote other people's content almost daily. None of my posts are being reciprocated.
Why? Because I don't share the same political leanings? Is this another version of the Facebook and googe, and twitter hate?


Try not posting political bullshit.

Can't figure out how to make it work.
I log in.... But it doesn't actually log me in.
It just takes me back to the home page, still says log in and there's no exchange tab.


check your browser here: http://whatismybrowser.com
it must be up to date and third party cookies must be enabled

nice information for newbie.

hi , I need some help, I don't understand why someday I don't receive my votes:
"Yesterday Votes Received From Steemfollower:


Make sure to upvote daily at least 5 Posts.
also, Users Will upvote if they like.

Hi @mahdiyari,

What if I upvote and comments a ton (like an addicted super curator), and I don't post yet (or say not much) (or say not much) in my own own account (OR when I stop posting and take a hiatus for big gaps of time.....you know, I'm, I'm just planning for the future when I get a little lazy)

Can I redirect my points for others so steemfollowers can check out the poster of my choosing, meaning can I use my points to benefit others?

I really don't want to have only 1 options but to sell my time (manually curating), or else I might as well take 3 parttime jobs instead of doing all this time sucking steem surfing.

(Well....we could automate curation with SteemVoter.com, but they take like 100% of 1 vote every single day, that's like a full 10% daily tax on SP...........so Meh**)

Basically, I'm asking if you can make our steemfollower account own personal mini *****@curi -quese -ques referral to be selected by thousands of reviewers. This way, worthy steemfollowers may may decide if my choice of curation is worth their vote...and get rewarded for it with optics to their post...and get rewarded for it with optics to their post.

Honestly, I really prefer this powerful option to give away my steemfollower points than to sell my 10 clicks a day.

A bunch of secret for profit organization, company, or selfish individuals coming in here to take votes using this tool while putting out (paid) polish professional post of their own, can ruined the value for budding writers/artist and individual talents.....which then lowers the value of steemfollower.com for the community. for the community.

Hope you will consider my point.

No: Programming the transferring points for free from 1 account to another with zero payment is not difficult (from what you have now), And elling of points for those who don't see the value of attracting a long term followers, so that's all good. All I am asking is that that you consider providing this 1 1 function for the greater benefit of all in Steemitit.

Sharing Following Points can be useful for:

  • Communities to support their local talents
  • Communities to raise funds for their leaders, projects, charity
  • For Minnows to become patrons and support their favorite posters
  • For Groups of Minnows to help grow talent 1 account at a time, help them establish, then move on to the next sub<2000Steem sub<500Followers account.
  • etc.....the list of use really can be limitless when communities of Steemians comes up with new ideas

Also remember, alot of new Steemians need support and don't have the SBD/$$$ to play for viewers. Think of it this way - We don't want @SteemFollower to end up like a mini-Facebroke.

Steemfollower: When Altruistic Ideas from Minnows Can Ride on Backs of Great Steemian Contributors
source: pinterest

Oh yeah....if that didn't make your smile, don't worry I do this to almost everyone I meet on Steemit.com.....I can't help my self, the compulsion to post fun pictures in my long replies is an itch I just catch scratch .

For example:

My reply to @trafalgar at @steemmatt's post on what todo after collecting a mountain of 2cents from a multitudes of minnows:

trafalgar-2pennies at a time to get a light saber.JPG

My reply link to @kevinwong's post on his SteemFest2 Hangover: https://steemit.com/my-notes/@kevinwong/my-thoughts-on-steemfest2#@dj123/re-kevinwong-my-thoughts-on-steemfest2-20171108t222237429z

kevinwong---cybernetic steemian1.JPG
kevinwong---cybernetic steemian2.JPG

Some ideas given in reply to @revo's mini-minnow delegation disruption (like what you're doing with votes but without the 5% fees...go see):

@revo - fail forward.JPG

I will leave you with 1 more. My reply to @acidyo wisecrack on selling downvotes, this is the link to the reply:https://steemit.com/entrepreneurship/@etherpunk/selling-downvotes#@dj123/re-acidyo-re-kevinwong-re-acidyo-re-etherpunk-selling-downvotes-20171112t223507545z

acidyo - escorts to seal deals.JPG

How to be part of this?

hi im new to steemit. how do i post in steemfollower? or do i just post on steemit?


awesome .. i just joined

Yes i will agree with doneldtrumpfan

Thanks for the info! :)

When i vote in steem follower does it mean am giving my vote to steemit poster?

When i vote in steem follower does it mean am giving my vote to the actual steemit poster/bloger account?

I just signed up yesterday and trying to understand this. I know this post is 5 months old, if I have questions is there someone I can ask them to get the answers?

Thanks for sharing and I will make sure I also share with my fellow steamers that am on currently training thank you!!!

it's great and has help little ausers to grow

I was able to upvote, without even adding private key. It was passed on "logging in" ?
Another question: Which my posts will be displayed? Random ones?

In my experience steemfollower took my vote for this page

Gave me an error code 3 and gave me no points. I am tired of the scams on steemit intended to take advantage of new people!

i hope i have everything done right^^

The referral link confuses me. How do you use it? Do you paste it somewhere in your own texts? Please explain.


share it with your friends in fb or discord or in your posts


Nice .!i hope its trustworthy

We need extra sized votes please.More whales would help
i think it would help bring more medium sized and large accounts in if you displayed how many points each author has pending.

Good post, thank you for sharing with us, I like your post and hope will always be able to follow you and we will share information.

I have the latest information that you may see below.



nice writeup