What you need to know about the upcoming Pally pre-sale

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The pre-sale is getting closer and closer, which has resulted in an increase in the number of questions we are receiving around the mechanics of the ICO pre-sale, kicking off this Friday, August 25th.

On the day of our pre-sale, we will make the deposit address available on the website https://www.pally.co. It is critically important that you verify the browser address before transferring any funds to our wallet address. This is to stay protected from phishing attacks and any form of network interference. Pally is of course taking the necessary security precautions to mitigate and decrease any such risks but we urge you to please be vigilant and attentive.

This pre-sale wallet will record the transfer amount in ETH and ensure that it is transferred on the release of PallyCoin, shortly after the end of the ICO, at the designated pre-sale price increment of $0.025 per PallyCoin.

PallyCoins will be released to pre-sale investors at the specified price-point denominated against ETH on the day of the price level at which the contribution was made (i.e. the pre-sale price will be denominated against the ETH price at August 25th at 12pm GMT+1).

Finally, if you are looking for further reason to join the Pally community, rest assured that the development of our platform is progressing according to schedule and that we have a team of very hard-working community managers who are corresponding on social channels to accommodate the interest across a range of timezones. Additional to the significant PR attention Pally is receiving, our CEO Oliver Andersen will appear on one of the most popular Cryptocurrency podcasts, The Bitcoin Podcast, in mid-September and will be speaking at a few European Blockchain conferences! Exciting stuff. These appearances place Pally in the company of many other recent high-profile ICOs who are collectively contributing to the formation of the blockchain landscape of tomorrow.

We move.
Team Pally.

Pally is a decentralised community that enables its members to have authentic travel experiences. The Pally ecosystem is comprised of Pally Social, an iOS application available in beta on the Apple App Store which connects travellers with like-minded locals in new


This is great! I really believe in the Pally project and plan on contributing during the pre-sale.

Hi @jen8, apologies for the slow reply, we had a few turbulent days getting ready for the pre-sale. Thanks for your interest in Pally, hope you managed to get in on the pre-sale!

I did! I'm super happy I made it into the pre-sale and I'm pumped about the future of Pally :)

Glad you made it too! We're hard at work to make the future of Pally come true :-)

Thanks for the information, is the Pally team foreseeing ways to work together with the Steem network? I think the reputation points on Steemit is pretty usable / functional in some sense.

Hi @kevinwong, we appreciate your suggestion and can confirm that there will be an slightly different version of 'reputation points' within the Pally network to incentivise usage of the platform and engagement. As far as a partnership with Steemit goes, we have not yet explored this avenue but would hope to be able to get a collaboration going at some point. Thanks again for your interest in Pally, input is always welcome! :) Have a good weekend

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