SMTs in SteemFollower New Version: Manual Curation Platform

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Hello My Friends,
I'm going to hire some developers to help me make steemfollower design better!
and I will work on the back-end of Steemfollower.


What will be in the new version of SteemFollower?

It will be a Manual Curation Platform. I will remove Follow Exchange Page and I will add a Follow button to users posts.
Login System, Upvoting and following Methods will changed.
(Don't worry about your points, they are Safe)
I try to make New Version of SteemFollower something different than or or or even utopian!

Including SMTs in SteemFollower will make it different than other Projects which are all over the steemit.

I don't want to Say something Before Doing that, I want to Make that thing even better. we experienced Beta version in steemfollower. yeah, that was not good.

We reached:

  • 7,200 Users
  • 2,320 SBD Sold Upvotes
    (equal to an Upvote from an account with 40,644,934 Steem Power.)
    Note: These sold upvotes was from the side of Users in internal market. I mean, Steemfollower is not upvote bot.

I need your supports in this project. Thanks for your Attention.

so What now?

Share your Ideas in Comments and Help to Improve it and make it something Different and Helpful for the Steem Community. (Best Suggestions will Receive some Rewards)

If you don't have any suggestion or Idea, Share and Resteem this Post to your followers and let them to participate.

Thanks for Your time.

Also it is important to me To get Witness Votes, and It is Important to Steem Blockchain to have Good Witnesses, Please Vote me as a witness here.

Other Projects:

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I love steemfollower!!! Great way to find cool content and people and realize the inherently positive sum nature of steem. Thx for catching for the refund!!

Great work on the website @mahdiyari! I think that the SBD to pints marketplace could be improved to be less clunky and made into a real market with an order book where orders can get filled partially and instantly.

I liked the other functions a lot, however more filters for posts to upvote are necessary to filter out spam and low quality posts.

Hello Mahdiyari, thank you for your work on steemfollower. I would love to see the follow exchange page come back, but with two improvements.

  1. You add a tag filter
  2. The list shows 30 random bloggers associated with their post the most rewarded in the filter's category

This would allow a quick vision about the quality of the blogs in the categories we are interested in, and to unbury high quality posts!

Thank you for considering this suggestion

Thanks for suggestion.
I think Follower exchange inside the upvote exchange can be somethig good.

Keep up the good stuff. Awaiting the new version. Thanks

Hi again mahdiyari, steemfollower has been doing good. I have some ideas how to make it more useful, but also think it's really good how it is and don't care to see it change much away from that. But I will tell you the next big advent of utility in this is from discovery/filters/searching/etc where people have more (optional) tools to use for finding things they might like to see, and advanced searching tools for curation. The specific things used for these kinds of searches.. well, they could be very useful but also bury the little guys a bit so I am conflicted about them really, but that is mainly for curation filters like reputation, average payout, total SP, and other numerical stats of posters account.. In general, it may be enough to just have good search/discovery for more standard things like tags or post content keywords, and certain author filters. There are a lot of ways it can go, but I think it will be important to keep a main default area of random posts so that anyone can have a chance and only once someone goes out of their way to start filtering are the random ones not showing, similar to tags filtering in current version. In any case, I look forward to seeing where it goes and wish you luck in developing it.

Thanks My Friend.

Great job. Gratulation.

I have made a post with all my thoughts and ideas about how SteemFollower could be improved.

I will eagerly wait to know what you are planning with Smart Media Tokens.. I am so much interested to know about SMTs.. Hope everybody will get more benefits how we are getting now.. All the best for your project!

I love steemfollower! One of my favorite Steem tools! Any eta on the new version? I was sad to see the follower area temporarily removed. Hopefully it will be a pleasant surprise with the new version!

New version will be available in a few weeks.

@mahdiyari, love your service, i just made a post about it!


have you ever thought about implementing a comment funktion to steemfollower? Maybe just ike the vote funktion, to maybe earn some extra points. If you think about it, it should have some restrictions to prevent abuse ( like only 5 comments per day or only approved members).

Any ways have a nice day and keep up the greate work, gz @davsner!

thanks and waiting for the new version

how do i get upvotes from it

Hi. I LOVE this platform, and I ALWAYS upvote your daily "Steem Price" posts as a reward for this great platform. One thing I would like to see is a "mute/block" feature, so that we can filter out some of the usual posters whose content simply doesn't resonate with us (for whatever reason) and which will INCREASE our exposure to those who do. Please consider this, and keep up the great work...

I'm also use @steemfollower .It's very very nice & helpful site. I wish it's more useful after maintenence. Good luck dear @mahdiyari

Please Don't share your reflink in other posts comments. it will be like Spam.

but in @steemfollower suggest to share the refferal link to get 5% refferal upvote... where I'll will share the link ?

you can share it in a Introduction post about steemfollower. Commenting in other posts can result many flags on your account.

Thank you so much

There's an edit function @prabaltalukder! ;)

Nice. We will be waiting ?

I'm quite interested to see what people are going to do with SMT's. I wonder if there is a way to replace the SF points with an actual SMT. Not sure what the benefits of that would be but seems like there could be a match there.


I tried the Beta version. I'm looking forward to the new version

Congratulations on the new vision from my side

A mute button would be nice, especially one that works solely inside the steemfollower site.

Looking forward to it, especially if it helps us minnows. Thank you for your hard work. 👷🏽‍♂️

Congratulation on new vision

I am a steemfollower user and I highly appreciate what you are doing. It is really hard to get started on this platform and your site has helped me a LOT, not kidding.

Just my luck! Most of the people who were helping starters shut down their assistance. It is tough 🤦‍♀️

How about making an app for us using iPhone or smart boards or maligning the page easier to use on this devices.
Also make an easier help guid for dummies:-) (like me)
Keep up the good work.
Best regards @everydaycoach

Hello. I would like to advertise the steemfollower of the Polish community. I'm afraid of voting on my friends, I will subtract the collected points.
It would be nice to add your fallowers in the search.
currently testing the platform for the second time since 4 months.

I am a beginner.I read your post. your post is useful for me.I like your system. Great steemfollower. We build our future with together.