[Important-Update] New Rules in Steemfollower

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Hello, Steemfollower users.

New Rules:

  • a Daily limit added to upvote exchange page.
    this limit depends on your account total steem power.
    so, Try to upvote only valuable posts.
    you can upvote more than this limit, but you will not earn any points.

my posts will not counted as limit. you can upvote them by 0 limit too.


  • Displaying Posts Rule Changed.
    You must upvote at least 5 Posts every day.
    without any upvote, your posts will stay hidden.

  • Winner Post will be hidden from tomorrow.
    we will have another formula to selecting most active user.

  • And maybe Something I forget.

Some Update:

  • To reduce the probability of Error(3), I added a try again Code to the background. it will take Extra 5 Seconds.
    I think it will be helpful.
    'Try again' button will be available too.

  • Weight will be hidden for users who have Steem Power lower than 250 SP.
    Such as steemit, these upvotes will broadcasted by 100% weight.

  • And maybe Something I forget. ^_^

New Idea:

What do you think about an Auto upvote section?
I don't want to make all process auto.
anyway, it is just a idea. tell me what I can add to this feature? or how it will be better?
it is still beta version. Please let me know, if you have any suggestion. Thanks.

I have one unpaid $50 invoice in this week. I think, I can pay this one. Thanks for your upvotes.
I will try to make it more profitable to all users.

If you believe Steemfollower will be helpful of steem community, Please vote me as witness.

1- open https://steemit.com/~witnesses
2- scroll down.
3- type mahdiyari and once click on the vote button.
Only once!! don't click on blue button after voting. it will unvote.




Interesting changes.

  • I'm guessing the limit is to reduce server costs?

  • On auto-vote: I think a useful feature, at least for myself, would be a simple calculation for the percent vote needed to clear a users pending reward. I generally just up-vote anyone with more than $2 because it is too cumbersome to manually calculate the vote I need to not overshoot someone's pending. If I had an easy way to clear pending votes I would do it.

  • Perhaps having a few power users able to clear pending rewards easily is a better way to tidy up than the votes per day requirement.

  • I would consider treating your personal account as any other user. I actually forget to up-vote you sometimes because I don't see you in the normal list.

Great work on Steemfollower @mahdiyari! Love Steemfollower, but please don't automate anything! Having everything manual is what makes sure that only good stuff gets votes! Thanks for your work!

I'm using steemfollower and I am very thankful to you for making such helpful way.

I can't seem to login right now.

When I try and click login it says 404 not found. Am I doing something wrong?

make sure Javascript and Cookies are enabled in your browser and it is updated.

Thank you for the update of new rules..

Good work..
I appreciates.
Try making it best..

how is votes per day counted in steemfollower?
is it the sum of votes between the current time and 24h back?
or is it 0-24h of a given calendar day? If so, which time zone?

8:30 PM UTC is day change.

Putting a limit is good.and I am very thankful to you for making such helpful way. @mahdiyari

Putting a limit is good. I have noticed that some people are simply going down the list upvoting one after another without even viewing the post. They do this even with almost zero steem power left. They need to be educated about how voting affects steempower and the returns they get from it (which is zero)

Good updates. We are always with you and with you. Very helpful for our community.

thanks for putting those rules

Great work man! However, how will the intended auto upvote work? Is it just going to pick randomly or based on some criteria? It is a great idea though!

@steemfollower is a amazing tool to make visible what most of the time get lost among so many content. @mahdiyari already vote for you as witness.

Is any rules has been changed in Exchange follower?

not now.

I must say I'm a bit skeptic with that rule:

Displaying Posts Rule Changed.
You must upvote at least 5 Posts every day.
without any upvote, your posts will stay hidden.

With a large fraction of posts being rather low quality at the moment, I'm not sure if this really goes into the right direction...

I think we have many good posts.

At least I would have to change the way I'm using steemfollower now. I really only upvoted content that I like and somehow matches my interests. It may be a problem with my interests, but I don't get to 5 votes a day. "Getting something back" would mean then to extend my voting range to things I'm not 100% behind.
Could you maybe elaborate a bit why this step was necessary? My understanding of the system was, that only articles from people who already gave votes and have points according to the accounting system are shown for others. Doesn't this already regulate itself?

we need to keep system active.
in steemfollower we have 1000 post in pool. but we have only 200 user who upvote daily at least 5 posts.
anyway, I can change it anytime. we will test it for a while.

thx for the explananition, I'm curious to hear if it works out. For me it will probably mean that I get less active. Just as an example: Going to category "cryptocurrency" now I see 4 posts, 2 of those are content-less, 1 is reflink-harvesting. 1 seems original and good. I would have upvoted it before, but now I won't because I know I won't have time to find 4 more posts to upvote today.

Excellent initiative. This will most definitely boost the value of upvotes and help minnows to get a better start on steemit.

Both minnows and the platform will benefit from this. Great work, @mahdiyari.

It was my idea, he takes suggestions serious. It is time to promote quality and not spam upvotes.

I shall to follow the rules updated. I strive to aim higher than this.

you know man i love you. thanks for your hard work. we benefits a lot. :) muaps.

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