[ANN]&[Update] - Sell Your Upvotes - 300,000 Upvotes So Far - Market for Steemfollower

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Hello, My Friends.
I'm proud to announce that we Reached:
3,763 Users

Thanks For Using https://steemfollower.com

Steemfollower is a place for helping each other and Promoting Good Contents.
From now, You can sell your Upvotes too.
you can find 'Market' in the top menu.

First you need to Set a Password for using market.
Then, You must login with your password.

Why A new Password?
Because we have not any strong security in our platform. because we have not any stored password in steemfollower for detecting Legal users. by adding this password, I can make sure Our Market is Secure enough.

Now you will be able to Buy or Sell Upvote Points.

I know this is a bit confusing.
you will ask what is upvote points? it is that shown SBD in 'upvote exchange' page?

It is Steem Power Based Point. in steemfollower, users points are calculated by their total steem power.
and this points are saved in steem power base.

Your point's SBD amount is not a Fixed Amount. Because of Steem and SBD Price Change. You can See this change in your posts Rewards too.

In market, you can see your Total Points and that point's SBD amount.
Also, We have a 'Base'.
you can calculate point's SBD amount by this 'Base'.

You will be able to Sell That Points or Buy Some New Points and use them to promoting your Post.
There is not any option to buy part of an Offer. You can only Buy All of one Offered Points by Other Users.
and minimum points for trade is '10000 Point' which Now is equal to '1.1 SBD' Upvote. Remember, this amount will be changed by Changing Steem and SBD Price.
1 Month Ago 10000 Point was ~2 SBD upvote. and now, as you know, Steem and SBD price is low.

Note: It is in Beta Version, Please Test and report bugs and Please Share your suggestions and your ideas in Comments.
And Feel Free to asking any question.
Also, you can Join Our Discord Channel and Receive every day an Upvote from me by posting your posts in #post-promotion Channel.

Day Change Time is 8:30 PM and Top Voter winner will be selected in this time.
You can see list of top voter in 'Stats'->'Top Users'

User with more upvote in one day, will be selected as Winner.
Number of upvotes will be calculated. not SBD amount of them.
Winner post will be promoted for free in upvote exchange page.


If you think I can be helpful for steem community or if you like my posts, please vote me as a witness. Thanks.

1- open https://steemit.com/~witnesses
2- scroll down.
3- type mahdiyari and once click on the vote button.

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
If you enjoyed what you read here, create your account today and start earning FREE STEEM!
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I upvote the 10 steemfollower users with the highest points per day. Buy points on the market and get their full value in up-vote back.

way better than booster. Guaranteed positive return on SBD-> STEEM for post promotion.

Thank you @ donaldtrumpfan I just bought some points from you on the market. I like what you are doing for steemfollower and you say it is way better than steembooster? Thanks for the advice.

I like the new features :D

I bought 100,000 points but never received any to my balance. Can you check and fix this please ?

fixed and your points added.
Thanks for reporting.

Thank you !

So you can only sell votes if you are a whale?

why only?

I tried selling 1300 points. The points dissapeared, but I didn't get any SBD and there's no offer at Your Offers section.

it is impossible :)
you can sell only points greater than 10,000

ohh sorry forgot the zero.

So, are my points gone?

You Received ~2$ Upvote in your post from steemfollower.
I think that points used to your received upvote before your order.
if you had more than 2$ in your points before this, let me know.
It is impossible to reduce points before adding in offers.

So, by selling my points I should have gotten an upvote for the amount I sell? I'm kind of confused...

You can put your points for sell at any time.
as you know, points will be used for getting upvote from other users.
in this case, your points spent on getting upvotes not for selling in market.
you said you lost your points, and I said, you got it in your posts :)

Are you sure? I will check

Hi @mahdiyari any way to reset market password?

You can set new password.

Thanks. I couldn't do that before and now it's ok. Did you manually reset it?


can u reset mine as well

Nice work! It is a great idea, for sure I will try this.

Thanks for sharing good information
But how can we pay the vote and have a good payoff?

Great job @mahdiyari, appreciate your work dude :)

thanks :) i have now been using steemfollower for some days , very satisfied :) got me many followers . Thanks for the great job

Nice post, good continuation i hope all users in steemit support me Whether follow me or voting the important is your support and special thanks to all steemit members

Good development. I am availing this facility from the last few days and also refereed some of my friends. all are happy.

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good update

Interesting development! Nice work @mahdiyari :)

thanks for shearing


thats great update

this is a wonderful development.i love this


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8:30 PM (18:30 UTC)? Hahah so funny, at 8:30PM i'm 1st, but at 10:30PM i'm 2nd. And who is the winner? The 1st man at 10:30PM, not 8:30PM. Unfair.

It is really 8:30 PM
mate, timezone is UTC

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

@mahdiyari I know, however, at 18:30 UTC I was the first. Please check it in logs if you can (spacehd was first but... 2 hours later, after 18:30 UTC.)

I know.
I announced 8:30 pm here. Sorry for that. I will decide about it later.
Don't worry.

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@mahdiyari Ok. Thanks for the answer. Have a nice day! :)

New idea and invention! Fascinating and practical too. I will have to try in a few days. Thanks for all the incredible invention. Up voted and resteemed.


Well done Everybody!!

thank you for notification

It will be more convenient if you allow transfer points between accounts.

i already vote @mahdiyari for witness just now :)
i hope you can make better and better platform like steemfollower, it really help me as a newbie

How do we get your votes? I posted couple times #post-promotion. Please upvote

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why don't open new steemfollower feature? I am confused....

I upvote everyday but I don't get any upvote back, this happen already two days...any idea?

Good job @mahdiyari