@steemflagrewards is corrupt!

in #steemflagrewards-scams5 years ago (edited)

They spam me all night marking my posts as spam to be terminated!

LOL this is why I flag all... @steemflagrewards network, comments, & everything from their accomplices from now on! My SFR tax to them is my way of saying thanks and recycling rewards back to you!

What is this SFR SCAM?

All these posts are my original #ideas, #work, & #photography!



Busted when they approved one!


And Who’s the one spamming again , hua? It’s @themarkymark!


at least were not all blind and indifferent

Yeah but Kawaii said it was not illegal, Marky was desperate and used her for his defense. Technically before the 7 day period all rewards are just part of the community pot! Gotta pass go to collect!

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