STEEM / HIVE Price chart 2020-05-19

@steemfinex Low to zero fee STEEM/STEEMP exchange:
@hivefinex Low to zero fee HIVE/HIVEP exchange:

SWAP.HIVE => HIVE is also supported

Support busy + steem-ua + sbdpotato: Never powerdown Basic curation + SBD stabilization project](!


I did not upvote you.
Someone is using my account to upvote specifically you.
That is the second time. The first was

I don't know what to do. Could you help me?

Hi @ronaldoavelino, I'm sorry. I've realized that the notice might be too short: VP saver will be introduced to scotauto on May 24 which is to save your VP and help the services running. Come to think of it, better not providing this feature. Thanks

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