@steemfinex users, please check carefully before inquiry

in #steemfinex4 years ago (edited)

@steemfinex's transfer memo includes the amount received and txid of your deposit transaction. Thus, you should be able to find the matching exchange/refund easily.

Please check carefully using

Please don't make me waste my time to check the transfer which had actually been successfully done.

If this occurs more often, I may introduce a penalty fee for next transfer.

While there have been several delays so far, it was due to steem-engine or steem problems, and there has been no problem of @steemfinex itself.

The closest one was json writing problem: api returned success, but it wasn't actually written, so STEEM=>STEEMP wasn't done properly. This happened twice recently. But still it's hard to say this is a problem of @steemfinex. It should be operated very conservatively to prevent dup transfers. Basically, every problem so far has been out of my control.

I'm a bit worried if the json problem will continue. If I have to use more of my time, I'll have to discontinue the service.

Of course, please leave comments on @blockchainstudio or @steemfinex if you really believe that there is a problem. But again, before leaving comments, please check carefully if you already received exchange or refund.

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