Shutting Down Steemfiles

in steemfiles •  5 months ago

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  • Will be shutting down Steemfiles it has become an economic white elephant: Votes used to cover the costs but sales were never enough and were more often people trying out the system.

Economic Failure

  • Technically the site worked but economically it was a dependent on the Steem blockchain
  • Barely breaking even before the last hard-fork. Now Steemfiles is just a dead weight. It is time to cut my losses
  • An activity that constantly loses money is a hobby. An activity that constantly earns money is a business. Steemfiles is the former.

Educational Success

  • I gained experience using angular and interacting with RPC nodes in Javascript and Beem.

Lessons Learned

  • Never trust any instrument to maintain parity with the dollar except for the dollar. Ahem... nubits and steem dollar.
  • People will shamelessly upload things they don't own or otherwise abuse the system with files they cannot sell

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Bitcoin 1Q1WX5gVPKxJKoQXF6pNNZmstWLR87ityw (too expensive to use for tips)

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