Arrived at SteemFiesta in Lima Peru, last night.

in steemfiesta •  2 months ago

Hey Again, Steemitizens,

Just kicking it in my apartment in Lima, Peru. No big deal. :)

Had great flights, good times, great doobies and good ribs for lunch yesterday in my Fort Lauderdale layover with an old friend in that area.

Ended up skipping the car rental and taking a taxi to my place from the airport, driver turns on his radio, and we proceed to listen to Springsteen Born in the USA, followed by Abba, Bob Dylan and others on the way. That cracked me up. Also, they have a complete replica of Arnold's Drive In on the beach near my place. As in Happy Days, yes, that Arnolds. I am either in Lima Peru or New Jersey. Hard to say so far.

Met @fyrstikken about midnight, went to his office/music/video studio and partied all night complete with all the things and beer and wings at 3am, then walked home wasted and exhausted at 3:30 am, 3 or 4 blocks across yet another city I've never been in before or speak the language in, because urban adventuring is fun :) Saw one cop on a bike, he said Buenas Noches, I said Buenas Noches and all was well in the world.

Slept like a baby from 4am till 11am. Rock star steem life, #engage!

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Wow, looks and sounds amazing. Lucky dog you. :)

Love it bro. Thanks. Great times.

1 2 3 o'clock, 4 o' clock rock, 5 6 7 8, 8 o' clock rock lol! Now I got Happy Days stuck in my head.

Lima looks amazing! wow. Someday, someday.

Hope you have a great time. Say hello to The Fonz for me.

Congrats!! You have been awarded the SHAA award!!! Thanks for making steemit a brighter place. For more details, check out the award post here

i'm glad you arrived well and already having a good times my friend!!

Peru is awesome!! i can tell you!!

Excellent view, beautiful @sircork

Looks beautiful!

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Hello! @sircork I live in Lima, I would like to know if they have a schedule of the program to know the hours and places where they will be to meet us, my husband speaks English, we live 40 minutes from Miraflores.


We are mostly scheduling various conference calls on the fly and socialising in an impromptu fashion... Goto to join the discord and learn more from @steemcafe and @fyrstikken

Hi, @sircork!

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