📷 Selfies with and photos of Steemians at the Steemfest² in Lisbon - Part 1! ✌

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Hi Steemians, I want to share my personal photos of and Selfies with Steemfest² participants with you.

It was so nice to meet so many new people from Steemit and to see so many of the Steemfest1 participants again!

Last year I forgot to take photos of the Steemit usernames together with the faces of the Steemians I have met, but this year I remembered it and I have taken photos + selfies with many Steemians.

Unfortunately I haven´t took photos tohether with everyone I have spoken, but this would be to much too. (We were over 300 people this time! 😲)

So here is my first collection of Selfies with and photos of Steemfest² participants:



@pmartynov & @vitality:
(is it the right username? I can´t read it exactly on the photo... 😒)

And no, the guy on the right site is not Vitalyk Buterin!
I thought it too at first and I said to him: "Wow, are you Vitalyk from Ethereum?" ;-)






Group photo of the Steemit team from Japan:


Having fun together with @joythewanderer 😊:


Selfie together with the beautiful @lisadang 😊:


This guy @bitrocker2020 came from Malaysia to lisbon (long way) & he is really cool:


Thank you for your nice present from Malaysia, I will mention it in another article too @bitrocker2020!





Selfie with @lex030:


Selfie with @pollux.one (right) & @lex030 (left):


Crazy Selfie with the @ballinconscious at the snooker club party:


Selfie together with the lovely & beautiful @gringalicious 😊:


And the last photo of this article: A selfie together with the legendary @heiditravels! 😊


This is even only part 1 and I have many more photos together with Steemfest² participants, but I will post them in another article, so that this post here doesn´t become to long.

PS: If you don´t like your photo, or you just don´t want to have it listed here in this article, please write me in the Steemit Chat, or in the comments below within 7 days and I will delete your picture! 👍

Best regards and hear you in my next article!

Jonas Ahrens

Jonas Ahrens

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That is really neat to see how steem touches a lot throughout the world. 🌍
Thanks for sharing and this is the value of steemit!!


Thank you really much for your visit and your amazing feedback @pouchon!


But what about you future24 coin project?

Thanks for the mention @future24! I had such a great time meeting you there and these photos are great. So many awesome memories!


Yes, it was really awesome to meet you and Im looking forward to see you at least next year again! ✌

It was awesome meeting you guys at the Steemfest bro! Hope y'all had a good time :D
See you next year ;)


Yes it was really awesome and we enjoyed our time in Lisbon very much! 👍 😎 Thanks for your visit @wandereronwheels and see you next year for sure! 🙌

Great selfies!!! 😎😎😎 I hope to visit Steemfest too next year and make a selfie with you hehe))


Thank you very much @olgy-art and yes, Im also looking forward to see you next year! 😎

Wow! Lot of collection about sweet memories of steemfest... Impressive job friend! Thanks for sharing such beautiful photographs with us..


Thank you too for your feedback @mamu77 and greetings from Berlin!


O how nice... Welcome from India... Thanks

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Danke dir für die Vouchercodes @twinner! 👍 😎

Sehr cooler Artikel bro und danke für die Erwähnungen!


Danke dir und klar, immer doch! :-)

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Hey dude. Really enjoyed meeting you and @ellex . I had the best conversations with you about shitcoins! haha. I made my first steemit post, so will go even deeper down the rabbit hole for sure! Come visit Lisbon again soon!


Hey @peixeboi! Yes we enjoyed it very much to meet you too and our shitcoin talks were really funny! 😂 Never forget: Even a Shit-Coin could have potential! ;-) Wow great, already upvoted and commented your first post, great work! Steem On! 👍 😎

Awesome Jonas!
What a great idea!
Thanks for doing this to help your fellow Steemians connect with one another after the event 😇👏🤜🤛


Thank you very much for your visit and feedback @scan0017! 🤜🤛

Thanks for sharing your photos of steemfest, I have not been able to participate :-(
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hat mich gefreut dich wiedergesehen zu haben!!


Hat mich auch sehr gefreut und ich würde mal sagen bis spätestens nächstes Jahr wieder, aber vielleicht sieht man sich ja auch so mal zwischendurch wieder! ✌

haha awesome selfie picture we had. Was good seeing you again and hanging with you at steemfest2. I need some of your marketing skillz ^_^


Haha yes, our Selfie is epic bro! 😂😎
Thank you for your visit and feedback @ballinconscious!


Yeah, our selfie is going to go to the moon!
No problem, always good connecting with you @future24.


Haha yeah, ballinconscious/future24 Selfie to the Moon!!! :-)


SO much moon, So much WOW!