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Hello everyone I've seen, and I'd like to say that I am super glad that I was able to make it. While it was really crucial for some enterprises that there would be a person to represent them, or maybe not... ;D We weren't audacious enough to outright ask for money, so my participation always hanged in balance, but now that I was able to participate in the whole thing, there is actually a whole new dimension is opening before me, that I was never thinking about. This is going to be a stream of consiousness (and photos!) thing, but I hope it would answer and important question and find all those cool people I've met in those three days!

There is going to be a lot of the photo story and a lot of my own thoughts, and probably while it would be better to separate them, I think I would better just do some photo stream and some thoughts about the whole thing.

Anyway, this is going to be some to post all the cool photos, and maybe another with the philosophy? We'll see! Anyway we have some more nice photos of day 2!

So we have some of the things on the boat.

Like there was that matter of the fake story of that completely real tower, but anyway, I my name and picture flailing went real wild, so if you see yourself on one of those pictures, and I don't recognize you (that is by mentioning your username), I would be grateful if you came up and claimed your image. Anyway, nice to meet you!
We had some nice stories and pictures of the canals.


But anyways, the pictures are more interesting if they are about who is taking the photos. The next one?


Or maybe here...

image This one I am sure, we have @heiditravels, @anduweb, @l0k1, and some others

We have @mamasita here!

And here is @mrs.steemit giving her really cool presentation!

As you can see here it is a bit hectic, and I am also supposed to give my view on the whole thing, but I'd also like to finish the photo thing, and go get some sleep in the next half an hour.


Three is there this guy Theo Goodman, you probably know him from the gig at @steemsports, but anyway.

Like any sensible gentleman he has this big question that sounds like "How long do you thing the Steem would last?"

Soo, after having visited this convention thing, which was a reallly ad hoc and last minute thing for me, even if I planned it from two months ago, and tirelessly worked to be able to go there...

That was one of the questions for me as well. I understand the whole system, and mathematics and whatnot well enough, but it was more of meeting the cool people for me...

Before my train of thought continues here is @anasya and @ballinconscious

But how is this whole Steem a thing that fits into the wider world? I mean we all hear the spiel about Facebook, and giving back there revenue of human creativity (or something, because they/we don't call it that)...


The thing is.

The culture just made a sharp turn towards the real post urban and industrial

But before I continue my train of thought here are more kitties. I mean photos. Sorry. 8)

As you probably guessed, I am really scatterbrained, so if threre was a photo that features you, but I don't mention, it means I either don't remember you, or something, but if you say Hi, it would be great!

One of the things was The SteemFest Pancake, and @roelandp's brother.

We actually have video, but that would take some effort to display, so we should continue our foray into the photos of people that I would like to hear from!
Here is the pancake!

The SteemitBar delegation was tottaly a thing, so here we have @beanz and @l0k1 (and me!) of this special interest group ;) Tottally lobbying for more places where you can use your STEEM to get drunk, right? ;)

But this whole thing was much bigger than any special interest group, even if their idea was to take the STEEM token and bring it to the moon. Which we all want, right? ;)

But why it should go that high?

You see? As far as I know, we all live in the urban places, because that was something that was required for industrial revolution and operacion of things. You wanted to have a lot of labour, hopefully on the cheap, and a lot of expertise for complicated things.

But now that we have internet, and STEEMIT (right?) it is something different!

So I'll continue to be as advocate as I can and the really nice photos:

Here is our corner of the closing mean with @roealndp and @l0k1, and others image

In some cases I know who I am talking to, like with Terry @terrybrock

Privet Terry!
Or some witnesses @ned, and @kevinwong, and some people who I'd like would step up!

So, back to this analogy about the cites, right?

Back at the break of the industrial, the thing was about getting all the people in one place. And it was the great thing driving the move from the pastoral towards urban. Kind of the societal killer app, for the last 200 years.

But now we are at, or rather waaaaaay past the industrial somewhere in the postindustrial, the "attention economy", the "gig economy".

Anyway, the same as the city was a focal place for the industrial economy, where the synergy alllowed for so many new ventures to prosper, was this logistical thing of having enough talent in one place. I hope you see where I am going to here.

@kevinwong with a cool picture-gift

@ned talking about how the evil plan is nicely proceeding.

If you haven't guessed yet, my talk was going to be about how Steemit and #steemfest...

are and were the same a the city was for an urbanization thing, when you want to have all the resources in one place for logistics reasons.

As hectic as the tale was, we have Foosball with some Russian and Polish people. Niiice!

As you could have guessed, from this overly hectic thing, I am trying to answer the question:

How long do you think is Steemit going to last?

That is really current on the telegram, thanks to Theo.

My take is that Steemit, is kind of an effor that is like the city was for the industrial thing, that caused all the urbanization.

Steem blockchain and Steemit are the urban focal points for the tallent from all over the world, in the world where you don't have to be in one place for the best results.

Steemit is going to be for a while I guess.

So, I hope that all the nice people that I've met would write me a comment. That would be great!

But anyway, now that I've survived the #steemfest (where can I get the shirt?) I'd like to get some of the insights out of my system, and this was one of them. I have several more, sometime soon.

This is a 100% SteemPower post, in the vein of #spreadthepower
On last night I Steemified/SteemFestified a typewriter.

Edited: some typos and markup errors. I was waaaay to excited when I was writing this. Thats why the post looks all weird cutup and whatnot.


Thanks @xanoxt! You are really good friend and I felt myself very comfort and safety with you in steemfest! Cheers :)

Great report on this great event. In the next edition I will certainly be present. Congratulations @xanoxt

Thank you. It was a somewhat experimental mashup thing, because I was overexcited.

Apparently, that didn't work out so well.

Hope to see you on the next SteemFest!

Nice shots!

Thank you! I have some more incoming in a couple of minutes. :-)

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I think you can procure the I Survived Steemfest tee from @razvanelulmarin :) Anyway, it was pleasure meeting u back in Steemfest!

It is mutual.

I should ask him about that, thanks for the info!

Hi, this is Daisuke.
Thanks for talking in Steemfest.
I want to know more about travel project you participate.
Please mail me.

[email protected]

Hi, sorry about the late reply. Are you on telegram? We have a channel there:

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