Great article! Steem Fest looked amazing, I look forward to the next one!

I hoped to see you all there @dantheman @smooth and so many more ....Cant wait for SF2

would love to meet you at the next one!

glad you were there :)

haha, so happy to have met you there too!!!

hope all is cool. I landed in the countryside close to Vienna freezing my bootie again

If everyone could comment at the bottom of the article it would be very helpful. Thank you for the great article about SteemFest!

I just found all this in the last hour or so! I wrote a blog post on this, have UV and RS it too, and included all of William's info/account info etc so as to credit him. He lives right near me! You shoulda told me LOL! I just heard of him today.

You gave a great talk!

He actually gave a talk William did.

Do not mistake community for a high. I reckon most people that attend are drunk on the desire to get value out of Steemit, thus their enthusiasm for connecting with the people within this circle is not because they want friendship, but resources.

Much like a goldrush, this is a STEEMRUSH.

That's awesome! Thank you!
I realised your post after posting mine! Sorry! All the credits are given to you!

Hi @wmougayar. I'm sorry to see that you are powering down. We want to reward people that are powering up.... We are doing this on and in our blog in posts like this one.

This is one independent voluntary initiative. We are sending you this message because we need to attract in our project more powerful STEEM users that really believe that Powering Up is expressing trust in STEEM.

Will you be so kind to help us with your voting power from time to time?

Got questions? We are on - @steemboost
Thank you!

Oy, i think i accidentally left the power down from before. I just cancelled it, and will be powering up later, of course.

IDK much about this, but have seen your posts here and there. I decided 2 weeks ago to basically power up all my posts and invest into the community. Can you send me info that may help me? TYIA. Barry

Also, just followed you now. If you read my last say 15 posts or so, you will see they are all Powered Up 100%.

@wmougayar Followed and voted! You follow me @Sandra16

Very good post! Thank you for sharing this. Regards!

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Hi there William.

I just found this article today poking around, and I have UV and RS it just now and followed you. I live just East of you by about an hour or so.

If you check my feed, you will also see I just wrote up a blog post on this -- to spread the info for you and to everyone, it was a great article!! I know info gets buried quickly so that is why I made it SUPER clear you wrote it, put in all your info, blog posts, contact info, etc. I hope you do not mind, it links right to your article! I hope it helps you. I am newer to all this stuff.

I hope we get to meet up!! I had not heard of you til today when I was reading up on Steemit more!

TY for your time and article... Barry

You guys can laugh but some of you know I am learning.... what's an AMA. Honestly. LOL. It is ok, I like to give people a laugh when I can. #MinnowProblems lol

It was really great meeting you, looking forward to SteemFest 2!

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