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All you can drink BOBA.. Whattttt?

Yes, you heard (read) that right! It's a Boba Party and there will be All you can drink Boba tea for hours!

For those who don't know or don't get the idea of 'Boba Tea'

Boba means 'Boobies'

In Taiwan, BOBA is a slang term used for "big breast" or "big-breasted female". Back in Taiwan, the origin of boba, they use the word zen zu, which literally means "pearl", to refer to the tasty tapioca ball. Regardless, both bobas are good.

by YY | Urban Dictionary

No, "bubble tea" is the Americanized way of saying it. No, it is not gross. It is a flavored tea drink originated in Taiwan that usually contains tapioca "pearls", aka the Boba. You suck the drink through a large straw so you can eat the Boba too.

by Lil_Weirdo_ | Urban Dictionary

Bobalife (MUSIC VIDEO) by Fung Bro




For some of you who have been following my blog/vlog a bit now and then, probably know I open my own boba tea shop with my own brand, THIRSTEA.

It's not regular boba tea you may find elsewhere. It's GUILT-FREE BOBA

THIRSTEA has its own concept of loving the earth and loving yourself when drinking (eating) it.. The finest tea without artificial colouring and smells. Golden Syrup not white sugar. 100% Fresh milk and there are alternative healthy(ier) topping like, konjac pearls and brown sugar agar jelly.

Not to mention the bio-degradable cups and straw I choose to use just to not hurt the earth as much as the normal plastic we have been using all this time..

Boba Party

Not sure if I can really call this a party.. There will be boba (All you can drink/eat) and hopefully, there will be a group of people. This is not a sure thing UNLESS I can gather 5-10 people or so to join this thing I may assume called 'Boba Party'

Location : At the THIRSTEA Boba Tea Shop or to make it a bit fancier, let's go for 'THIRSTEA Boba Tea Bar'. Please note, this is way off the SF venue. *There're pool tables a few doors down the road and many pubs and restaurants we may go for some dinner and drinks afterwards.

Date and time : November 5th,2019 at 3PM-5PM or so.. It could go on till 6 or 7 depends on how we all feel.

Just to be clear why the 5th...?

I'm nervous of meeting tons of tons of people I have never really met before all at once and I'm sure a lot of you may feel the same way. We could totally have this as a Steem Fest warm-up party to get to know a few more people before the real thing starts!

- Steem is accepted and only Steem is accepted -


Been talking about it forever that the shop would accept Steem. Here comes the right time. Sorry guys! If I were a whale, I would totally sponsor the event all myself! Unfortunately, I'm not one and stuffs cost.

Here's the menu items THIRSTEA serves at the moment but who knows, maybe when the time comes, there might be more variety. There might even be a SPECIAL STEEM BOBA TEA.. Whattt??!


If you are interested in joining, RSVP by sending 55 STEEM to @waybeyondpadthai account with the memo 'STEEM FEST WARM-UP BOBA PARTY ' so I could make sure you will come. IF there are more than 5 people join, then it will sure happen! If not, I will send 55 STEEM right back to your wallet :)


There will be a STEEM FEST WARM-UP BOBA PARTY on November 5th 3PM on at THIRSTEA Boba Tea Shop, with All You Can drink/eat healthy(ier) boba tea for 55 STEEM. If you'd like to join, RSVP by sending 55 STEEM to @waybeyondpadthai's wallet with memo 'STEEM FEST WARM-UP BOBA PARTY '. More than 5 people join, it will happen. Less than 5 people join, 55 STEEM will be sent right back.**

Please help resteem if you think this sounds like fun.. so people will know about it more and maybe join in :)


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I want some boba.

Regardless, both bobas are good.

Gotta admit, the huge boob gif caught me off guard

Not just you :D

Oh wow! Congratulations on opening your own HEALTHY Bubble Tea place @waybeyondpadthai!

I LOVE bubble tea! It’s a treat I haven’t enjoyed in years...

If I was in your part of the world I would definitely drop on by!

Good luck with the Boba Party! That’s a pretty good idea so I’m sure you’ll get more than 5 people showing up. 🤔

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Hahaha Thanks! I'm surprised a lot of people know about this type of candy drink :D Too bad you can't come join but thanks for stopping by and leave such lovely comment <3

Yeah! We have several Bubble Tea places near by. (So I have no excuse for not having one in so long... I’m going to have to satisfy that urge now that you have reminded me! Haha!) There’s a big Chinese market so I think that draws in the customers.

By the way! I think 55 Steem is a brilliant deal for all you can drink Bubble Tea! I would so be there if I didn’t have to take a 10+ hour flight to get there first! 😅 Your in Thailand right?

Yes, Bangkok Thailand. Feel free to stop by whenever you decide to have a vacation here!

Absolutely! Thailand is certainly on my list of places to go to! Thank you for the invite @waybeyondpadthai! 🙂

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Well I absolutely love Boba tea. Taro is my fav and could have really gone for this.

Unfortunately, my flight won't be in until late the 6th. That's too bad. 🙁

But y'all have fun tho!

That's TOO bad indeed! Would love for a lot of people to try and especially those who love the boba tea. I will see you at the fest then! This is my first time seeing you around so, nice meeting you! :)

Thanks! It's a pleasure and thanks for the follow.

Btw wonder why this weirdo @gangstalking is downvoting us. 🤔

Not like are comments have any rewards. Lol People are strange.

YESSSS. Let's do this!

Fun! Wish I could attend :(

Same here! :D

i might travel to area bangkapi next week for some pre-tasting of catering. lets see if i can make it to your store. Pretty epic! shared & resteemed :)

Thanks a ton and yes, you're more than welcome to come have some boobie Boba tea! Wish your kid was a bit bigger! She would love it!!! :D

Btw you know the Prince Palace Hotel is in Bobae Tower. A tower full of bobae. cray cray.

Yeah, right by the canal! From there is easy to get here but not such Short time 🙃

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Wow @waybeyondpadthai, that's a cool idea ! I will be in BKK already but busy with other things. Is you event happening? You had enough people ? Good luck ! :)

Not sure just yet :) but will see you at SF!!! <3

You da real mvp

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You know it baby faceeee

boba boba!

You know you love it

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Justin and I will totally RSVP and hopefully we can stop by! This looks wonderful!

Super! Be in touch! :)

really cool idea and way to have a pre-launch party too, super neat! :) i made a little app called -- gonna have social profiles in it by next week, you can even fav new people you meet, perfect for meetup and gathers. i'll let you know when i've finished that part ;) have a GREAT event!

Ah, interesting. Would love to check that app out! :) Thanks for letting me know!

added you in the events page :)

give it a shot, (scan the qr code) and then add to home screen, i'm updating it daily. i'll add your event in too! :)


Have the city where the event will be at, after the event's name would be cool :D

Yeah, will fix.

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I got addicted to bubble boobie tea back in Taiwan and I was so happy to find out that it's almost as easy to get in Thailand now! Just had my daily boba tea fix at the night market in Surat Thani a few minutes ago. I am usually full after one cup, but I would love to join your party; my flight lands at 3pm in DMK though, need to see if I can make it.

You can't just be full after a cup at my place. Either it's too delicious or too small serving size LOL If there're enough people RSVP and the thing actually happens, there will be some gimmics steemy! I so hope you could make it!

I have an appointement earlier that day near Nana bts, if I finish that by 3, I'll drop by.

Ahhh, too bad! Hope it happens so you can drop by! :D

Looking forward to seeing you again ❤

YAY!!! @elizacheng!!! I just booked my flights :)

Cool. When will you arrive in Bangkok? Come and have fun at @waybeyondpadthai's Boba party!

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I'm so scared of using the word 'Party' actually lol

I guess everything will turn out fine... Yes... Visualize we will have Steemians dropping by... Boba tea party gonna be just so FUN 😀

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Awesome .. looking forward to see you soon!

YAY!!! Less than two weeks and we're on the plane!!

OH MY GOD. You own the shop. And


I'm jealous T_T If I could get a chance to visit Bangkok, I would surely drop by! But damn I'm gonna miss that unli boba party T_T

Ahhhh too bad! Wish you could join!

That is distracting!


Boba means boobs, Lol.
I came for 'em smoothies.
Good a thing, I stayed to see the real boba.


This all sounds very good 😋😋😋👌 I go shere this on my pages. 😋😊😎😉 I hope this help lot. And I go shere it in twitter also.

Thanks Koit! Yer the best :)

It is ok...I be happy to shere and help. 😊😊👌

tea party)))


Haha, i love bobas. all day long

Bad luck is never enough to ruin your mood man. keep it up!

p.d: i'd appreciate your review on latest post: The Last Word on "Microwaving Food" (BACKED BY SCIENCE)

all about fitness for ambitious professionals and entrepreneurs

have an epic one

Will do when I get a chance! Thanksss :)

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Thank you! 🙃🖤

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I'm gonna be in Bangkok early so I might join in this :)


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I would love to join! Will have my kids with me that day though, so I can send you the Steem for half of us this week and the rest next week somewhere if that's OK. There will be 4 of us coming if that's OK :)

Oh wow, there will be kids joining! Fun! For the kids, let's do half the price as they won't be able to drink some of the menu I will be making and also, they're littles! So looking forward to the day! 🖤

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Awe thank you!!! I appreciate that! Yes, they won't be at Steemfest, I got a babysitter for that time, but they will be with me the rest of the time. :) Looking forward to it!

I love boba tea and I will be very much interested in participating in this party! Can you please let me know, once you get at least 5 participants and I will chip-in with my 55 STEEM too. Or would it be possible to pay on the spot?

Hey there, how funny all the people know boba tea and love them lol and to answer your question, just as mentioned in the post

If you'd like to join, RSVP by sending 55 STEEM to @waybeyondpadthai's wallet with memo 'STEEM FEST WARM-UP BOBA PARTY '. More than 5 people join, it will happen. Less than 5 people join, 55 STEEM will be sent right back

Hope to see you soon! :)

Wooow a Bobba milktea party 😍😍
I would love to join but sadly I'm not going to the steemfest.
@louis88 if you have time you should try this if you haven't tried before its my favourite drink in asia but sadly in switzerland we haven't many bobba shops.
Would be also a very good business oppurtunity in Switzerland 😜👍

My friend in the Netherlands said the same thing, they don't have many there.. Maybe it's a european thing?? I wonder why??! :D

Well in Switzerland and I see also other European countries the time runs slower and need some more time to reallize how amazing bobba milk tea is ;-P

But I'm optimistic that the time of the bobba milk tea will come also to all european countries xD

LOL at

European countries the time runs slower

Let me find a way to make it happen there sooner O.o

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Ohhhhh....damn i am going to be in Koh Samui for work from 4th to 6th what a shame i would have love to come along to the "boobies tea" party but i will sure have to drop in and check out your boobie shop and congratulate you on your opening 👍 👋 👍

Resteemed for you 👍 👀 👍

Awesome and thank YOU! :)

My pleasure 👍

Aaaa i just read this now! I love Boba! But but i only arrive Bangkok early 6th. So probably will visit your shop if it's not too far 😁😁

Nice!! They look awesome! I LOVE Kung Fu - (here in Richmond, VA.) boba tea is the best!

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A lot of people love them. They're not too difficult to make too. Try it and you may find it fun :D

Hope it's worth it cos 55 steem is $33

No it isn't. At the current price of 14 cents, its about $8 US.

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I don't mess about :)

AdeTorrentSmith, the fastest steem news reporter

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It could actually means 'Big nipple' and that makes so much sense :D