SteemFest 3: We already have plane tickets to Krakow!

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As the title of this post says: We already have tickets for the SteemFest 3!!!


Tickets Buenos Aires - Barcelona


Tickets Barcelona - Krakow


Ok, the truth is that if I tell you that we are relaxed, I would lie to you. It has been a challenge to organize this trip and anxiety also plays its role in this story. I think that for both of us, it was always a dream a trip of this kind and to be able to do it with my best friend, with the one that I have been with for more than 20 years, it is a dream come true. Anyway, it has been stressful organizing such a trip, but I must clarify that it is a different kind of stress, a stress of enjoyment I think it would be. But well, from the flights, lodgings in each city, trains from city to city and their respective reservations, the public transport of each country, daily expenses, in short, a ton of things that little by little we have been surpassing and until now, we have not had problems.

Anecdote: My mother is thinking about a trip to Europe for next year, and according to what we have been planning and the work that has been done to make this trip, I said to her: Do not even think about doing the same thing as me, you are going to go to a travel agency, that they organize everything for you, so you forget to organize and you just enjoy.

Really, the one who never made a trip like this and plans to do it, I recommend that you think twice, when planning. It's cheaper, but it takes time to organize everything.

So, after searching and searching via,, etc. etc. And having a notion that the highest cost of the trip resided here, luckily and due to the anticipation with which we bought the tickets, we were able to get the two flights at a good price, that is, Bs As-Barcelona and Barcelona-Krakow with everything included (food, luggage, seat selection, etc).

Tip: Those who never used, because it seems to be cheaper, but in almost all flights you pay for luggage and in the end, you end up paying more. Buy tickets directly with the airline.


In Barcelona we are going to be 6 days and from there we go to Warsaw, where we stop, and then go to Krakow. It is worth mentioning that we have reserved the Hostel of Barcelona!! The Hostel fortunately is quite central, which reduces travel expenses.

In our stay in Barcelona we were seeing several places to visit but who has advice on places to discover, leave them in the comments, because we are open to suggestions.


As we mentioned in our previous post, we don't know Europe, so we probably end up visiting the best known places of each city. We made a list of places to visit in Barcelona and here I leave it to you, to see if you have any comments about it. And as I said before, if you have recommendations of tourist places to visit, gastronomy or whatever, let me know. Ok, here I am leaving the list:

  • La Sagrada Familia de Gaudí
  • Parque Guell
  • La Rambla
  • Casa Milá y Batlló
  • Barrio Gótico
  • Montjuic
  • Camp Nou.
  • El Tibidabo

Among other places that we continue investigating and adding, but I think those would be the most representative.


We have some doubts about almost all cities, especially with public transport and tickets to tourist places. We have noticed that most cities have passes or cards, both for public transport, and for different attractions, for a certain number of days. Those who went to Barcelona Did you ever use the card Hello Barcelona? I have several doubts about this card and if it really suits to buy it. I don't know if it's better to walk a lot, or buy this card for a few days and save time between place and place.

Anyway, any advice helps us. And in the next post I think I'm going to continue talking a little about our stay in Barcelona.

I hope you have a beautiful Tuesday.


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In Barcelona, magnificent architecture, delicious cuisine and wonderful people and it's everywhere in the city, enjoy!


Yes! We have been seeing that it is a beautiful city and that it has a lot to do. Thanks for the good vibes. Have a good day!

Hola amigo que alegría me imagino lo ansioso que estas por que llegue este gran momento y estoy segura que valdrá la pena todo lo que han hecho para lograrlo.


Si! Gracias por tu comentario. Estamos muy ansiosos la verdad. Que tengas lindo miércoles! Besote