SteemFest 3: From Argentina, to Krokow! Here WE come! (1/2)

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Hey hey hey dear steemians! Today I'm very happy because in November I'll go to SteemFest 3 in Krakow, Poland!


So, I speak with my best friend (@pablocordero) and he also wants to make this trip, so this is great! As the trip we are going to do it together and we have to travel 12,500 km (7700 miles), we decided that everything raised with these posts will go to a common fund, to face some of the expenses.


We were so young!!

Really this trip is a dream for me, because of many factors.

First, make this trip with my best friend, someone I appreciate like a brother and with whom we have almost 20 years of friendship, I’m very excited. If you want to understand me, @pablocordero are those friends who are always close, a glance is enough to know what he thinks and with whom, we have innumerable laughs and moments lived.


Second, I’m happy because I’m going to meet my beloved Cervantes Project family, in person! I think I have been with them for a year and we have shared many times, every day, trying to help the Spanish-speaking community, so prepare yourselves @pgarcgo, @gargon, @anomadsoul, @juanmiguelsalas, @nelyp, @wartrapa, @rafarosado and all those who can go, because I'm going to give you a big hug. And obviously, it makes me very happy to meet many steemians that I only know from photos or chat!


Third and not least: I don't know Europe, Pablo either, so we are going to take this opportunity and a long journey to see Barcelona, Berlin, Amsterdam, London, Paris and obviously Krakow. We're going to be there for a month, so if any steemian is in those cities and wants to drink a beer or a coffee with us, let me know!

Ok, as an introduction I wanted you to know us and little by little get into the details of the trip. In this post and the next one we are going to present ourselves, in my own way.

As this post is written by me (tincho), I’m going to talk to you a bit about @pablocordero. Pablo in a few words, is a good person, with all that this means. I have few friends, very few, and in everything that concerns friendship, I think I’m too demanding. So, Pablo is the kind of person you want to always have with you, in good times and in bad times. He will always make you laugh or he will always support you when you need it. Literally, he is like a brother, and he knows what I appreciate of him, as a person. As I have confidence, I can afford to show his qualities. If you did not read me in a post, I always try to make people laugh and this will not be the exception.

I have to clarify that everything written below, may or may not be false and only has humorous purposes...


Pablo is literally a sex symbol. I will try to explain myself. Pablito enters a bar or disco and the girls begin to sigh automatically. It is something that I already get used to, every time we go out and go somewhere, automatically one feels the Ahhhh (tone of sigh) and well, whoever accompanies him, has to settle for what is left. So, if you intend to travel for the SteemFest, it would be highly recommended that you take an anti-sigh pill. These pills are sold at any pharmacy. This will prevent a massive hiccup attack, which apparently is a side effect of sighing.

On the other hand, Pablito, when he drinks too much, has the ability to become an exceptional dancer. It is to admire his dancing qualities when we are in a bar or disco, because he hypnotizes everyone who is around him. He can combine steps of classical dance with hip hop, or marvel you with his flamengo movements, fused with futuristic reggaeton. Anyway, if you intend to experience what it is to dance with Pablo, you can contact him or me, since we have a waiting list. And given the expectation that is generated with this, we have different rates:

You have to understand that we have to travel 12,000 km (7700 miles) with Pablo, we must do everything possible to raise funds.

  • Dance with Pablito, basic: Includes movement of hip and shoulders, duration 1hr - 2 Sbd

  • Dance with Pablito, Medium-Class: Includes the basic package, plus melee dance with penetrating gaze - 4 Sbd

  • Dance All-inclusive: In this dace, is all allowed. Here the stars are the limit. - 15 Sbd

Recommendation: The amount of alcohol that Pablo has in his body, is directly proportional to the enjoyment of the companion.


Last but not least, I have to highlight Pablo's vocal qualities. He is an incredible singer. He is able to sing Ópera, Flamenco, Tango, Rap, Mímica, among others. And as the opportunity deserves it, I think I'm going to talk to roelandp, to see the possibility of him singing in the SteemFest. We have to agree on the numbers but everything is talked and I think it would raise the level of the event.

Well, I think it's enough for today. In the next post I will talk a little about me, or Pablo will talk about me, because as I put before, we will share the rewards in order to raise funds, to solve expenses.

Really, I have a big happiness to start this trip and if with this post I get a smile from you, I'm much happier!

Take care guys!


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You're going to SF3!? Awesome! I know you've been wanting to go since the first one so it's nice that you get to fulfill that goal! Watch out, Krakow, Wachinfore's coming in hot!!


LOL! Yeahhh, I was really looking forward to this trip! And wachinfore is very happy my friend, haha! You can not go to SteemFest? One day we have to meet in person dear jedau!


Not this time, bud. I don't know if I will ever make it to any SteemFest but I will live vicariously through you!

Ohhhh it's gonna be so much fun both you Tincho and Pablo will have a month trip in Europe in those cities. I backpacked around last year for a month as well ! This time planning on going a bit earlier and enjoy Europe (just a few cities close to Krakow) so we might have a chance to meet even before the fest! So I will be in touch / keep an eye for your next #roadtosteemfest post!

Oh! for the expenses of the trip, not sure if you know about ? It's a crowdfunding platform based on steem ! Check it out if you'd like @fundition (official) and @funditian (fun activities and events updates)

Hasta Pronto!


That sounds incredible! We will be in Barcelona before the SteemFest and after the SteemFest, we will visit Berlin, Amsterdam, London, Paris, in that order and 5 days in each city. If you want to write to me, in Steemitchat or discord I am tincho. I hope you have some nice month organizing and Steem On!

I really know very little about @fundition, I would have to investigate more, but thanks for the information!

Hol friend, is a plaer to say hello and more with this news so important to you, nice to share those moments that mark your life with a pleasant friendship like that, I think it will be a wonderful trip, an unforgettable experience I hope you tell us after the results of the trip that goes fabulous my best wishes for you, a big hug you appreciate a lot.


Hey! Thank you for your comment but I speak spanish and I think that you too, jaja.

Tenemos esa ilusión, que sea una gran experiencia y lo vamos a disfrutar a full. Obviamente que vamos a compartir todo del viaje. Besos!

LOL! Sounds like you are preparing an amazing trip together! Funny fact: I've been with my best friend to Argentina for 2,5 months after we finished University. It's still one of my best memories! :-)

I live in Rotterdam, The Netherlands by the way, and will join SteemFest as well. We'll meet there! Good luck with the preparations :-)


What a joy that you have enjoyed my country. We have many flaws but we are quite receptive.

It's great that you go to the SteemFest! I think that like us, you should want to meet other Steemians and we are very anxious about this!


It's a beautiful country! Lovely people and food and views :-) I was there in 2009/2010 when the economy was better than it is now.

wow, this was fascinating to follow @tincho
with the expression you have showed in your post, i am certain that you have really had a great moment since you joined the platform..
otherwise wish you the best of luck and stay blessed


Thank you very much for your wishes. I think we're going to have a great time!


You're welcome @tincho

good post excellent



omg, this is hilarious! Steemfest is gonna be such a jol (afrikaans for party!)

Good luck on your way there, you there!