TimTravels - SteemFest² Day #4

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Welcome my dear Steemian friends to another episode of TimTravels!

As you know the SteemFest² just finished few days ago and most of us left. Around 300 Steemians came together to have a good time. For those of you who didn't make it this year, don't worry! I took many pictures so that you get a sense of what happened at the SteemFest²!

In today's post you will see what took place on the fourth day of the SteemFest. I spent most of the day at the LX Factory, a creative mini-city in the heart of Lisbon. Many small shops, artworks and restaurants are to be found there. I gave a workshop and photography walk there. Here are some of the shots I took at LX.

In the morning we had some great breakfast, freshly made pancakes! There is no better way to start the day.

We literally had to wait an hour for our food to be served. No idea why it took so long, the staff said it was the chicken. Perhaps they had to catch it first? I don't know. I hope those of you who didn't make it to the SteemFest² could enjoy the pictures. And those of you who were there, see these pictures as great memories.

Tomorrow I will post the last part of my SteemFest² documentary which coveres the last day.

Steem on,

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Lovely post! You managed to get some pictures of my kids helping with the pancakes, that's great because I didn't, can I use them for our family photo album?

Nice to have met you @timsaid


Sure! I’ll send you all I have. The pleasure is on my side. I’m sure your kids are proud of you.

Steem on my friend


Nice shots...


bro now its ur turn to vote me


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@timsaid - I more than enjoyed the amazing pictures that you gratefully shared with us... I am now immensely motivated to make it to Steemfest3 next year. Lisbon just looks gorgeous. Not the exotic gorgeous but the cultural gorgeousness if that makes sense. Absolutely love the LX Factory area!! Can't express enough gratitude for taking the amazing photography and sharing with the Steemit community... YOU ROCK!!

Amazing post with great pictures! Thanks for sharing this with us! It looks like you had good time there :)

Amazing pictures.

wonderful photography of steemfest2 in Lisbon Portugal. Great travel experience there. It seems lot of enjoyable location. Resteemed.


I upvote u just vot me

Well what can i say iam totally speechless after seeing these pictures they are totally fabulous and you really got serious talent in Photography,i am become your fan buddy,keep it up :)

omg is that TWO Lukes? Am I tripping? LOL what!?! Also great capture of Ren's smile! :) Miss you already.

So many really cool photos mate. and they are so alive, looks like i've been there myself. It will have to suffice until the next year :) Thanks for sharing.

Fantastic story tale showing from your cool photography @timsaid.
Its awesome. Food, street decors, drone all of ones cool.

these are really great pictures I see you have a good time


I just upvote to you you vote me

Excellent story and beautiful photos, I understood from your message how pleasantly you spent time in the company of friends and like-minded people, and most importantly, that you discussed in general all the improvements on our way to Steemit . Thank you for sharing your story Tim :)

You eye for photographing people is so sharp and humane... Wow! Some of those shots are literally breathtaking @timsaid. the originality and pictures of architectures are really fascinating too!

Thanks you for your photographic tour, worth the detour! Namaste :)

The street art is amazing, i live in portugal but never had the time to really explore Lisbon, this kind of photos just increase my desire to.
How has been the experience in SteemFest and Lisbon?
Keep us updated :D

Tim, you collected a bunch of marvellous impressions from the SteemFest. Absolutely great to see your pictures.

I hope you had a great time and that you met some fantastic people over there!


good steemit post i like it

wonderful shot's all over lovely to see that :D

Nice collection of Photos and its exposed it with very super lens . Every picture is have full of color of life and show it the man is great. Like these kind of exposing are make the energy in our life.

And the food looks delicious:)

Looks like an epic time! cant wait till the next one comes along. Im definitely going. Im new to this so I didnt even know it existed till recently lol

I wish I could attend a steem fest like you all

I’m a keen photographer and am inspired by these wonderfully vivid pictures. Thankyou for posting!

Wow lots of beautiful photos!

So nice of you to capture them and share them here on Steemit. What a Creamy & Delicious time!

wow wonderful photography

Awesome, this post is witnessing that you had a great time in Steemfest.

Thanks for sharing.👍

Thanks For share day #4 travel i also see yout next post @timsaid

The pictures are a rare gem, steemfest brought it all, food, music, food and art, is there any better than these.?

@timsaid you have captured this well i love this picture, thank you, and i heard so much about you from @dragonslayer109

That drone looks so cool! Led lights, matte black finish, ah, wish I had one.

Excellent story behind the Steemfest scene

Great post my friend well done

wow really XD

Awesome post. I am enjoying Steemfest2 vicariously through all the great posts. I hope to be around for Steemfest3.

Very nice photos.... Kudos Tim

a very enjoyable trip! thank you for sharing this incredible story!

I'm glad you felt great in Lisbon. I like the pancakes and I agree with you: "There is no better way to start the day." :D

Great pictures from the event. I would love to have been there. But I am still broke lol

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I was so looking forward to this one mate especially after the sneak-peak on your last post!
Amazing photography as usual!
Waiting for 1 hour for food...you said it right maybe they went for catching the chicken...fresh fresh!Lol!

Lisbon was great, but next time we can do it in my house :)

Woohoo, Such a brilliant photo captures you clicked from steemfest2 Lisbon small city. Nice artworks all of places here i saw. Lot of crowd, fun steemians with beers its great task also great fun. Thank you @timsaid shown us to grand Lisbon experience.

It looks like you had an incredible time! Thanks for sharing your pictures.

Incredible pictures. You really have a talent for story telling through your lens!

thanks for showing us how things where there!

Thank you for the information, and so sorry I missed this year, due to prior commitment, but I hope to make the smaller regional ones around the world

Haha, great pictures lol. Nice idea!


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Excellent work and super place. i like also visit to all over the word but i cant do it due to job and some problem is resoresize .
you job is great

Really beautiful photos :) What would you say you learned at Steemfest that made you most excited for the future of Steemit?

Incredible photography and such a beautiful location!

Nice post and very good pictures....continue

Very beautiful photography! Steemfest2 to live! Four days

Great photos! Nice!

SteemFest just keeps on getting better!

Thanks for this, we missed it, I'm afraid, so much to see, so little time.


amazing amazing amazing shots bro !

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Really amazing post! thanks...

cool post

Don't want to be "that guy", but I'm pretty sure the pancakes and the meal we had to wait 6-7 block times for, were also on the last day before we went to the Castle and then the closing dinner ;p

Anyways, great photos man! I'm really looking forward to the next post and hope you've got some cool drone footage!


I spent so many days at LX that I completely mix up the days. Anyways, still happened at SF2!

Btw, video is in the making

great photographer and great photography

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Nice photos.

it looks great !

Its really look awesome...Am new here and good to see u all and am liking this steemit .It really improving my knowledge

Lisbon is very beautiful city. Excellent photo shots. Aslo is pretty enjoyable trip.Thanks for sharing @timsaid

Wow, really amazing photos. It's a pleasure to read your post and watch those pics <3 Shame I wasn't able to join steem meet at Lisbon, but if I will be able then I would love to make it to another meet held in Europe.
Also this food looks so tasty - I got extremely hungry out of a sudden :P

Awesome, all of them pictures make me wish i was there too, we should do something of this sort in India, cool people from steem getting together and having a good time.

Wow.....it's amazing.i wanna go those plases

well illustrated . A lots of pictures you took. You took a picture of flying plane too?

Thank you for the wonderful post, I really like your post. You are doing a real good job! Continue and get a wonderful day!!!

Nice meeting you @timsaid! Thanks for capturing the amazing moments and sharing them with all of us. You really take some of the greatest pictures around. Looking forward to next year!

Hi @timsaid
I liked it... upvote for you!
Regards from Maracaibo - Venezuela, see you soon!

nice pictures.

Beautiful pictures!!!! :) Best wishes, - @splendorhub

Amazing post timsaid.I really enjoy your post .

toi toi toi Tim, upvoted. Nur das Steakfoto ist irgendwie nicht so appetitlich fand ich... mag ja sein weil ich Vegetarier bin.

Thank you for sharing, I follow you with pleasure

Hey @timsaid, really enjoy your pictures. Steemfest was a blast and we all had so much fun and met great people.

As many people missed my slot about quality content, feel free to have a look to a speech about valuable content from SteemFest on D.tube and leave me please some critical or positive comments

professional shot.

I have grately enjoyed all of the moments throughout your photography of steemfest2....Thanks for giving the chance to view all of those... Keep the beautiful memories of Lisbon lively.. Thanks a lot...Resteemed..

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you just work good to meet them because it was very helpful.300 steemian just join here.that was very nice

sehr cool, ich wünschte ich wäre dabei gewesen, jedoch musste ich arbeiten und konnte keine freien Tage bekommen, da ich die Stelle neu angetreten bin. Danke für die tollen Pics!!

lovely post nice pictures

What a great day. So much creativity and originality. I love the bumble bee piece.

Aaaaaaaamaziiing!!! :D

Wow ! Great shots !! Beautiful arts dear @timsaid ! Thanks for sharing here !!

My Gosh ... look so fun, although the food took a while, it looks like it was delish!... I would love that pancake right now!.. must be fun to meet other steemit members who can add some inspiration!
Skills still Marve too I see :]

I'm sad and happy to read different reports from this event. It's nice to see such a friendly community together. Thanks to you, I know how it was!

Excellent, I hope to be able to attend one of these events one day, greetings

Thank you for posting lots of content and effort in all the posts you do on steemit 👌🏼look forward to the next post ....... Keep up the good work from @devosdevosi

wow its great! thanks for sharing with us @Tim