TimTravels - SteemFest² Day #2

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Hello and welcome back to SteemFest² my Steemian friends!

Today you will see what happened at the second day of the Steemfest. People say a picture is worth a thousand words and I totally agree. Therefore this post will be without commentary. I want you to make your own picture of what the second day of the SteemFest² felt like.

Sit back and enjoy the show

I hope you enjoy this episode of TimTravels and tune in tomorrow for the third day of the SteemFest².



looks like you guys have organised yourselves quite well, impressive. Wonder how these awesome signs of past and future civilization influence these kind of events.

Amazing photography, of course, @timsaid. Was hoping to make your photography workshop and the walk as well. But I'm here now enjoying your post, so all is well. See you soon!

So great to meet you brother!

Your work with the drone yesterday was awesome and I really look forward to seeing the results!!!!


Thank you so much for sharing awesome photos. The photos of the church are simply great!! Waiting for tomorrow's post.!!

YES, wonderful, great impressions, and we will look to these post more than one time. Pictures, atmosphere, inspirations, everything is so spiritual. Enjoy everything.

I read better through pictures than words so that was a perfect capture of Steem fest 👌 Enjoy the fest Steemit is the best !

Maybe next year :(

You didn't get the greatest weather but your shots came out nice nonetheless. I really like the photos inside the church. Maybe you will share in another posts what you think about the developments that were revealed at this steemfest. Cheers :)

Great Photos.:)
I'm from Lisbon and these local perspectives of places I know well are amazing.
See you at diner at Estufa Fria.hehe

Excellent communication Tim and I see, according to your photos, that everything goes in a positive way, you even managed to make an excursion and stroll around the city. Thank you for informing us :)

Beautiful photos and a beautiful city, there is something to see. You are hospitably welcomed.

Well done!

I have to say one big Thank you, @timsaid! I still consider myself as a newbie in Steemit and few days ago I was just talking about the fest and how I ain't going to be able to visit it. I am happy that people like you are covering the event with posts and photos for people like me to have the opportunity to be there without actually being there!

Wow... awesome photo shots, Nice conference halls, delicious foods...
Its not enough to you man @timsaid. I 100% sure you`re really enjoy here.
Great meetup. Followed/ Resteemed

What a brilliant enjoyable photography in steemfest2 conference. I`ll hopefully wait get best rewards and opportunities. Anyway great celebration all of them. Go ahead and best of luck @timsaid.

Fantastic Pictures of my Beautiful Portugal 😁 and this Spectacular Event! Steemitfest2 ⭐Creamy&Delicious❤️

Steemfest looks awesome

Amazing pics of Lisbon! Enjoy your stay

Beautiful photos! I have not been in Lisbon in years, but I certainly wish I could be there right now!

Good place .. 👍🏼👍🏼

wooow super

what is steemfest

Nice place ...
Thanks for sharing

very nice pictures. thx for sharing with us @home

Wow what an amazing place with splendid architecture! Loved the pictures and can imagine how much you are enjoying there in reality.

So many beautiful places are there and the place where SteemFest2 is organised is also glorious.

And so many steemians have actually arrived at the SteemFest. This clearly shows how strong our community is and what it can be in future.

Thanks for this amazing updates about SteemFest @timsaid, as you said:

a picture is worth a thousand words

Waiting for your another amazing photography update of tomorrow.


Upvoted @timsaid..steemfest is great..nice photos

Colourful Images. This is awesome....

great photos! even with just pictures you can already get a feel on what was happening on the day. hope to see some more updates from you soon!

thanks for sharing! steemfest

Yah I Enjoy Your Post Its really Good.

Beautiful Pictures

great post..wonderful steemfest..thanks for sharing

Lovely post !!

Thanks for share these amazing moments and places !!
Have a good 3#day !!

Upvote & Resteem

i wish i could be there as well))

Just awesome sir it's great

hope someday I can also participate in steemfest thank for you share @timsaid

nice my friend pliss vote and follow me

I am still struggling to see all Your pictures in Portugal. Really can't think of that bunch of amazing People together in ther. it is so strange. ehehehe LOL But awesome pictures and I am glad to see You are enjoying Lisbon and that the Steemfest is going great :D

great event.


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lovely travel...i like it

Dear @timsaid
I Am Agree With Your Speech "picture is worth a thousand words"..
Really It,s Awesome Event..

Another collection of great pictures.

wow today's post was so awesome amazing pics :D

Astonishing pics you got there Tim!
Glad you're enjoying and making the best out of steemFEST.
Have fun !

Thanks For Share Steemfest day #2 @timsaid

travelstories and cityscape always seem to go down well :)

viewed, voted, commented, and re-steemed ...

anyone follows me i'll follow back within a few days

Cool pictures. Enjoy Steemfest

Great impressions. Looks like a nice place for a conference.
Thank you for sharing.

Great place and sceane is wonderful and it's always enjoy it live and hope one day I will visit too.

Excellent post, I invite you to visit and support my blog

Hey! Another amazing post! I just posted another Voyage into my life journey. Check it out! It's about my travels across the world! Hope you like it!

Wonderful photos! I especially like the one where you have the lock and heart with all of the others for Steemfest 2 and the outdoor photos. It looks beautiful there. Please have some fun for all of us here on Steemit! ;) Enjoy your trip~

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Genial quiero una steem fest acá en Colombia @steemit

Oh wow! Your photos look amazing! It looks so much fun! My sister @gringalicious is there! And I can't wait to see all of her photos and hear her stories!!

So much great art and architecture. I'm totally surprised and encouraged to travel to Lisbon.

Hi @timsaid. Please recommend this spot as the next destination of StemFest event > https://steemit.com/steemfest/@adly.jailani/proposal-sabang-weh-island-aceh-the-next-steemfest-destination 😀😁😂

How were the official presentations? Were they boring or worthwhile to join!!

is vfryfain steem fast day is very love

Lovely pictures....have fun... May I have some snacks? 😁 @timsaid

Excellent post ......

Very interesting conference and nice enjoy party. How about performance in this meetup. Please update all of steemians. its really appreciated you. Nicely done by photography by you sir.
Steem on....

Nice photos. Good crowd.

Really nice picture and nice place. enjoy your trip.

It really explains everything. No need caption.

Thanks for showing us Lisbon as well.

It was so fun meeting you and hanging out!! You further inspired me to save up for a drone.
I also love that pic you got of me and karen doing the acro move!!

We leave super early tomorrow so if I don't see ya tonight, I hope to see you again next year !!😄✌️

Really love your high quality pictures! Wish I could have made it!

Such a great quality caption and beautiful places.thank you so much for this lovely photos.it's makes me feel in the same atmosphere.nice event have a sweet day ahead to all. @timsaid

Such itchy feet to go traveling right now. These pictures seem so awesome. Would love a steemfest here in South Africa!

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i will be happy that you see my blog and share your idea and sujjestion how to inprove my blog
thank for your support

The lock words are very interesting.
The city from your photos is really amazing.
The SteemFest2 seems very good. I hope I were there too.

Wow - those buildings are so impressive, especially the church/cathedral. Seems like I have to visit Portugal very soon.
How was the SteemFest? Anything special you can tell us about?

Great place to be. I hope that SteemFest went well :)

I just watched the 1st day video with Ned's intro etc. Was pretty cool.
Your pics from Lisbon are awesome, though! I've been wanting to go to Lisbon for a few years now, hopefully it will happen next year.
It's 4k km from where I live and I want to do it by car on the French Riviera etc..
Do you use a monopod ?
Those are pretty steady shots for that low light.

Such beautiful photos! Was so nice to meet you. What an honor to sit next to you at dinner on Day 2. Looking forward to following your work here on Steemit.

love the two high photo you captured of us! :)

such a beautiful shots! i like how you captured the detailes of each building structure! what camera did u used?

Nice photos @timsaid, Looking at your phots is like being there at Steemfest, even if i'm 2000km away from Lisbon.
Next year i hope to be at Steemfest, maybe as someone important for this community.

Wow amazing buildings...when is the bext steem fest

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@timsaid, steemfest looks great, hope that I get to go to the next one, Great photo blog too :-)

Great initiative.

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