STEEMFEST - My recap

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Dear Steemians,

I don't know where to start. I'm still overwhelmed by the last three days. First of all: Thank you so much to every single one who came to the SteemFest. You are awesome! And those who didn't make it, see you next year! Never before did I have have this strong sense of community and harmony. We came as strangers and left as friends. Steemit became more than I even expected. It started to me as an experiment and now it's about passion. I tried to speak to as many of you as possible. Kinda got DDOSed by all the impressions.

Let me give you a little recap of the last days

After checking in I went to my room. If you go to Amsterdam I really recommend you the Volkshotel. It's a great place to stay!

Afterwards I went down to the office to prepare my crypto challenge. You might saw few QR codes around the SteemFest, they were part of it. I will make a post with the solution later. So far I can tell you that we have a winner! However, I wanted to give a little gift to everyone and not just the winner of the challenge. So I decided to make these little pins! I hope you got one! I have 15 pins left for those who didn't make it to the SteemFest. If you want one, hit me on the

Roeland had a great opening speech and a greater suit! (I need to order one lol)

Another huge lol goes to @firepower for his presentation

After the workshops and talks we had some great music by the talented @kevinwong

Do you know what's the best breakfast I can imagine? PANCAKES!

And what's even better? STEEMPANCAKES!

We had some guided tours through Amsterdam which turned out to be really entertaining and informative. We turned Amsterdam into Amsteemdam!

I might took that too literally.

The last night we had a great dinner together. All good things come to an end...

Well forget that because it's not true! Steemit will never come to an end as long as there is such a community behind it!

Thanks for the picture @sneak

Thank you for the great time. Keep steemin' and do what you are best at. One thing I would like to add is that I didn't see a single whale. Not even a dolphin or minnow! I only saw great people having a great time. Whether you are a coder or blogger, you are part of it. And the essential message to me was. We need each other to be successful. Together. We did celebrate our successes.

Keep steemin' my friends.


Awesome to meet you too man, I just wish we all had more time. 3 days for 250 (?) people is just too short!

206 registrations and about 185 people checked in!

I could not attend, good job on the music @kevinwong

Man I feel sad that I had to go. We need much more time. Anyway it was such a pleasure to meet you in person. Looking forward for the next meeting my friend!

Now it's time for the follow up post - "Steem Fest My Rehab" :-)

Great meeting you man!! #steemfest-reconnect ;) and @timsaid you as well ofcourse!! And while I'm at it one very cool guy @logic ;)

I cannot wait for next year's reunion and watch it get even bigger with every year. The best community I've ever been a part of and it's just the beginning!

"'s just the beginning!" Oh you got right to the point. This will take over!

See you there!!

Wow Tim, you did quite the sticker job :) thanks for being at SteemFest and doing the crypto challenge with @prufarchy... I'm sorry about the final diner where I got struck away before we could do the on-stage thing with @danea winning the challenge. I forgot about it...

Thanks for this visual review!

No need to worry my friend! You got pretty DDOSed as well haha. At least now you know that you did an awesome job! You made all this possible together with Steemit HQ. Great props to you man. I will announce @danea as the winner tomorrow together with the solution. I had a really great time in Amsterdam and I will definitely come again to check the beautiful city. Will let you know by then. And dude, the place is all over with these stickers haha. I spammed the city. Someone needs to spread the word, no?

I spammed the city. Someone needs to spread the word, no?

You might be the biggest reason to this, haha:

lol. Great memories

:D what a blast from the past!

Haha yeah I was digging in my treasure box and found this. Man it felt so good.
We gonna repeat it this year!

Haha, wait for my next project

Still waiting! :p

It was an awesome event. I'm so grateful for all the hard work that was put into making SteemFest unforgettable.
I'm wearing my pin with pride!

Sweet! The fest just went above my expectations! The best community I have seen. I will put more effort into building steemit into what it deserves.

RS this for you! Well said, I could not attend, followed you just now. Steem On!

there will be no gambling with steem ! ! !

; ) enjoy yourself : )

I can see your all hard at blogging in the photos, well done people and thank you for your skills in creating quality on Steemit ! ! !

I hope to deliver some quality for you! I'm not good at coding, so I contribute with my content :)

Ah, so much fun, so little time and $$$!

It would be nice to have some VR gear and have a VR STEEMFEST one day for those of us who couldn't afford either the time or the $$$ to meet in person...

And/or, maybe organize some "local" branch STEEMFESTs? ;)

Wow! a VR documentation? That would've been amazing.

brb ordering that samsung phone with vr included. :P

Slick idea man! Son next level thing

I think that is not that hard to figure out, I was involved in some 360° projects in the past. It's awesome!

Totally agree. There is only way for steemit. Up

Those two on the side, did someone card them prior to the alcohol ???

Seriously even Amsterdam must have laws ???

: )

They were totally fine. We just had lots of fun :)

It was nice to meet you in person! :) I really liked Steemfest and can't wait to read about the solution of the cryptochallenge! :)

Yeah spiz0r!
Thank you for coming. Was a pleasure to meet you. You are such a genius for cracking all my codes. Feels like my wallet is not safe from you lol

Thanks for the shout-out!

Great to be a part of it all even tho it was from home. :)

Seems like you all had a lot of fun! Hope to see some of you at Steemfest 2 instead! :)

Thanks for the pics @timsaid!

Count me in! Wherever the SteemFest II will be, I will be there as tell. Hell, let's go to Timbuktu lol

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