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It's official, 3speak is a sponsor of Steem Fest 4 & I have my hotel booked and tickets ready. This will be my first Steem Fest, I was unable to attend last year but did send @nicholaslive to keep tabs ;)

It is quite a far flight for me, 20+ hours. But I am super excited to meet everyone in person and talk some Steem!

Before Steem Fest I will also be going to Seoul, Korea to speak about Steem & 3Speak at a big ICON event. I fly out on November 2nd, and the crypto event will be November 5th. After the Korea Steem meetup, I will be heading straight to Thailand for Steem Fest 4!

Korea is a hotbed of blockchain activity, and it will be great to remind Koreans of how badass Steem is and what we have been buidling!

I have started replying to lots of emails about possible speaking events. I want to volunteer myself to speak on behalf of Steem at events. If you know of any good events that would allow me to speak about Steem, please contact me and I will see which events I can attend.

I am super pumped and am looking forward to meeting everyone that is coming out to Steem Fest 4! Cheers!

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Great news! I look forward to meeting you personally :) For me it will go before the SteemFest first of all to Malaysia. From there I will fly directly to Bangkok. Hope you have a nice time in Korea.

Cheers! Safe travels.

Ahh, ya lucky bastard! I still haven't been able to go to a Steem Fest yet. Was gonna go this year but have had my pockets hit pretty hard the past year or two. I've been dying to hit up Seoul. Let me know if you want me to put you in touch with the Bitcoin Center Korea folks, super nice people, might be good to network with them while you're there.

Ya, would like to meetup with them.

Send me an encrypted memo with an e-mail address and I'll invite you to the slack.

Or you can hit me up on Discord. I'm on Steem Chat and PAL.

https://blockshow.com It's in singapore and right after steemfest, I think that would be the perfect opportunity for you.

I would be happy to attend. Do you have any connections to get me a speaking gig there?

Wow Bravo! See you there!


Hello there Dan? I'm super excited you're getting to attend steemfest. Truth is it's the biggest steem event so it'll be choking to see how the experience turns out. But in more excited you're going to Seoul. Like you said Korea is a hotbed of blockchain activity

Best of luck sir @theycallmedan hope you journey be safe and you gathered lots of idea to apply on this platform . we are always happy to see your creative idea..

Best wishes for your journey and keep Payer always your good health.

See you there dude!

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Sweet! Wish I could join you all guys...

That sounds great and you will have a ball at SF. I am a bit bummed that I can't make it this year, but SF5 is only a year away :)

Woohoo, see you there. Not missing day one again like last year!

When will they be hosting steem fest in Africa? 🌍

I can imagine that meeting @theycallmedan will be a highlight on Steem Fest 4 :D


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Damn! I’ll make it to the next one! We should of had steemfest in Seoul korea! I was born there and haven’t been back for 2 decades. 🤦🏼‍♂️😂

Maybe steemfest 5 in the USA? Hmmm 😎

what about worldcryptocon in Vegas at the end of October?

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See you there 👋😬

Amazing! I attended SteemFest last year and I was beaming with energy during the event and afterwards. Amazing to see Steem 'come to live' and meet all the amazing ones.

I'm very very sad about not attending this year but I wish you lots of awesome convo's and a great travel adventure :D

Coolio, have fun there

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Gorgeous perspectives! Will read more of your articles.

Awesome keep us updated from there !

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