HardFork Series Trailer Screening on SteemFest 2: Where to Watch Live.

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We’re happy to announce that we are minutes away from launching the first ever trailer of our upcoming blockchain narrative series HardFork @hardfork-series in SteemFest 2.

After all, there is no other place for the first screening than among fellow steemians.

For those who couldn’t make it to Lisbon, here are the links to the live streams of both conference rooms so you can enjoy not only our trailer reveal, but all the presentations of all great steemians performing today:

Room 1:

Room 2:

I hope you enjoy the event and that we meet someday soon!

From The Alien with love.


Just seen some part of video and look so amazing.thanks for sharing link here.

Thanks a lot! We'll do a post about the trailer soon :)

Great!!! Nice Article!! I'll be following you!!!

So great to watch all this from the comfort of my favorite chair. upvoted, resteemed

Oh Yeah !! Resteemed !!

Thanks I appreciate it!!

Thanks for sharing these great to see you after a long time :D

Yeah sorry, I was really busy lately, but I'll start posting again soon. So great to see you again, hope you're doing well! :)

Big audience too :)

Yeah sure seems like it, that's great :)

Amazing information. Thank you for sharing this with us!

Thank you!!

I'm so sorry to hear you couldn't make it to Steemfest this year. Hey, but the Hardfork series looks amazing. Great job and I think I can speak for everyone at Steemfest that we're all so excited to see where it's going!

Thaks a million @gringalicious! We'll try to keep it up and create a lot of entertaining content and episodes in the coming months :)

Next time I hope I get to finally meet you and many other awesome steemians!

I can see you guys are preparing for the real deal. Hope to get updates soon. Great team. @greatness96

Thanks a lot! :)

wow this is great video and it is really an interesting event
Keep on sharing dear @the-alien thank you so much

Thank you, it's our pleasure really :)

Hey, i don't get it, in the youtube live, the screen is frozen on some message 'transmission terminated by the CFS'...

Great to be there virtually but could you please add chapters? At least per project?

Can't wait for the real movie— hopefully you guys make it free!

If not, hopefully we can pay with STEEM/SBD

Thanks for the links, you must be so excited!

Haha I am! Hope you too! Exciting times :)

I know!!! Good luck!

Thank you!! :)

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very good information

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Yeah we wish them enjoyment and to know each others more and more and am sure some ideas will come out form there

Me too :) Thanks for the nice comment!

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Very good information,,,,,,,,,,
Thanks for shareing video,

Thanks, I hope you liked it!

cool the steem fest

excelente post!! espero ayudes en mi crecimiento saludos

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That's sounds really interesting! I'll check it out :)

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wonderful bro thanks for the videos link :)

Thanks you!

Thanks a lot for uploading them will go through them :)

My pleasure :)

was watching this it's very useful we can attend steemfest too :)

time to enjoy the day with steemfest videos :)

Nice that you give us these, gonna watch it immidiatly :)

Nice Alien ;p thanks for it :D

damm this is increasing day by day,,,,,,,,
these great..........Thanks for sharing

i cant wait to see this after having been part of a small scene! woooo, i almost cant hold my excitement in!

I can't hold the excitement either :) Thanks for being part of the scene!!

!!!! Thats all i can say! haha Ill probably have to watch it after it debuts live. Otherwise I wont get any work done. :P

Haha whatever works best, right? :)

The trailer was simply AMAZING! So clearly we all wait for more !!!
Such a shame you didn't make it - you were one of the speakers I was eager to hear actually :( And the vibe... you unfortunately missed a lot, BUT there's always next year, and every year...better!!!

Yeah it's the name of the series