Steemfest 3 - Innovative development or refresher of last year plans?

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While in the past two years I expected some exciting news from Steemit.Inc in regards to upcoming developments and features, I am a bit worried that nothing new will be announced this year.

Of all the development plans that have been announced last year, only one has been released as far I am aware.

  • AppBase - a robust foundation for meeting all of steem's future scaling needs.

Features that have been promised but still not released yet are:

  • Steemit Mobile Wallet (has been cancelled later on I think)
  • Communities
  • SMT's
  • HF20

So what can we expect for SteemFest 3 when it comes to development and future plans? Will it be a refresher of last year development plans with some status updates on where development currently is, or can we expect some new innovative features that really make use of the awesome capabilities the STEEM blockchain has to offer and will attract and retain users.

What do you think can be expected, feel free to share below in the comment section.

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In my opinion, yes, announcements are not fulfilled yet but here i want to say that, if we observe the Cryptocurrency Sphere and Blockchain Technology then still Steem will stand aside with uniqueness.

So, possibly it can be late but for sure it will release at the right time because in my opinion it's better to launch late after proper analysis instead of soon without any practicality.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂

Well lot of cool things still need to be implemented for the long term of steemit lets hope for the best its upto the team only and now SMT need to roll out soonnnn

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I hope it is not a review and that new projects are announced