Travel Reimbursement Fund update: payouts executed!

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Waited a couple of day before calculated the payouts for the @t-r-f funds and had some late time applicants added to the list. If all is well you have received the payout in SBD & Steem on your account which was tied to your @steemfest barcode / ticket.

@liondani & @bhuz

You should definitely thank the main funders of the T-R-F: @liondani and @bhuz. They are responsible for the vast part (over 98%) of the funds.

Furthermore you can thank @christoryan @christoph3 @mrwang @ballinconscious @konstantin @donkeypong @joseph @anduweb for their support on the funding of your trip to @steemfest!

Some stats

  • Number of applicants: 53 people
  • Total miles (straight line distance): 138216 miles
  • Total SBD funds: $ 7854.378
  • Total Steem funds: ȿ 1034.664


@liondani was an honor to meet you in person you and your lovely wife.
I hope you the best. same goes for everyone that contributed.

Yes @liondani and his wife are really great persons.
Maybe see you in greece next time guys!

Great, I love greece, it´s one of my favourite countries!

Was a honor for me too!

@liondani, our company from Belarus was interesting to talk with you and your wife!
I am very glad that there are people like @liondani, @bhuz and others!

Thanks for the help!

Really great initiative, thank you for this opportunity!
Many people missed their flights and had to pay more...

We almost would miss our flight too! So much delay on security checks! Was it the case for you too? How many steemian missed their flight?

It was because of the doors of the airplane were closed to early, I was already through the security checks and everything, but they said the doors are already closed. :( I don´t know exactly how many Steemians missed their flight, but I've already heard of more than 5 persons... @ballinconscious is still in amsterdam in the moment for example...

Thank you so much for offering this, @liondani and @bhuz! This really helps with the affordability of the trip! It truly means a lot.

Also, thanks to @christoryan @christoph3 @mrwang @ballinconscious @konstantin @donkeypong @joseph @anduweb for your generous contributions!

Thank you very much! I was glad to see you all!

I hadn't heard of this til I read about it looking up #SteemFest updates on the weekend here in #Canadastan while everyone was there. I read the initial post on this, and couldn't believe how generous this idea was -- and how


it was.

I give kudos to all the people involved with this initiative -- just great, so generous.

Thank you to everyone who helped in organising it all!!!!
And of course, special thanks to @liondani and @bhuz!

Thank you so much @liondani and @bhuz and everyone who helped in making this happen! It's really helping a lot of people including myself! Thank you for doing this!

Thank you so much for your generosity @liondani and @bhuz, as well as @christoryan, @christoph3, @mrwang, @ballinconscious, @konstantin, @donkeypong, @joseph, and @anduweb! This is a really huge gift to the Steemit community, and I'm so grateful you are expressing your values and setting an example for helping out neighbors! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

It was my pleasure! I am thankful we met, I only regret I don't hugged you as well :)

We'll make up for it next time :)

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