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Attend Steemfest 2017 in Lisbon and get your commemorative award!

SteemFest … SteemFest … the word start to be on every lips and we all are really excited by the forthcoming event.

Few days ago, SteemitBoard released the award for SteemFest attendees in Amsterdam. Read the post here. Even if a bit late, as mentioned in the post, better late than never.

Ready for SteemFest 2

This year, the commemorative award for Lisboa is ready and waiting to appear on your board.

How to get it?

That’s really easy! First you can upvote this post.

Then, when you will register at SteemFest in Lisbon, you will automatically receive your award a few minutes later. Et voilà ...

The award will be displayed in your personal tab on your board.

Are you Steemfest addicted?

Did you attend Steemfest in Amsterdam? For nothing in the world you would miss any Steemfest. Even better!
You are a Steemfest’s Veteran and even deserve a very specific award

Your SteemFest 2017 award will pop-up with a 2 stars level, clearly indicating how many events you attended. Congratulation and be prepared for the 3 stars award next year!

Enjoy and Steem on!

Thanks @roelandp for creating such a wonderful event and helping to automate the award attribution, despite the fact he was really busy. Kudos my friend!

PS1: You will receive a notification with your new award. Since SteemitBoard has a lot of notifications to send, it can take a while.

PS2: Steemiboard sends thousands of notifications per day and therefore is often unable to reply to your comments. This does not mean that we do care about or do not appreciate them.

Thank you for your support!

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Looking forward to that voila moment on Wednesday then!

Unfortunately Steem Fest is quite far for this Australian to attend. Hoping everyone has a wonderful time and looking forward to seeing posts flow around after the fiesta! 🎉🎉

Thanks sir .given very important information.

Have a badge for who goes with the heart ?

anything for another Steemitboard Badge amirite!! Looking forward to officially get that shiny thing on my chest (or my post footer)!!!

j'ai compris merci a vous

very good opportunity


hi i am shamim


The brothers could not recognize Please tell me about you


hey @steemitboard it's nice be here and thanks for the post. Upvoted.
Hope u do so to mine profile. see u soon


Excellent opportunity

Wow amazing post I never heard before
I am newbie here so this post helpful for me

Thanks for supporting me.. thank you so much @steemitboard

Very good post

Wow looking forward for a day like this

very very nice job


hi my name is rossey .Believe in u and only trust urself.respect ur elders.i dont have anything in my life but still…

Hi I am Saafir Hossain. I also love steemit.

Great opportunity for all.

Wow very satisfying and amazing. Thank you sir. information that is very meaningful!

Too bad we missed y'all in Lisbon .. we're here now :(

thanx you so much @steemitboard for sharinig helful post

Nice upvote u upvote me back bot

best regards steemit all ...

wow... amazing post