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Hello Steemians! The Steemit Team (#newsteemit) had a great time at Steemfest and we’re now all back to work pushing forward on Communities and SMTs. For those of you who didn’t watch the livestreams (shame on you!) we’d like to update you on some of the exciting developments that we covered at SteemFest.

Screen Shot 2019-11-21 at 12.22.33 PM.png

Group Presentation

We kicked things off with a group presentation during which every project lead spent about 10 minutes going over what we've accomplished over the past year, what we're working on now, and our visions for the future of Steem.


In his Steemfest presentation, @roadscape explored his vision for the future of In his view, having the most powerful blockchain isn’t going to get you very far if people can’t see what it is capable of doing. While some may think that the problem is not enough blockchain-level features, that we need more marketing, or easier sign ups, it all boils down to engagement.

@roadscape believes that Communities has the potential to address all of these core issues, but that’s a lot of pressure to put on just one application! So while designing Communities he asked himself questions like, “What does a healthy platform look like?” “What does a moderation system which serves its users look like?” “How do you shift Steem from a game people play to a way they interact with the world?” And of course, “What is a Community?”

He answers all those questions and more in the following video and then wraps things up with a surprise announcement and demo of Communities which are now in Private Beta!

SMT Wizard

In their blockchain presentation, @vandeberg and @gerbino gave a surprise demonstration of the SMT Wizard they’ve developed which will enable anyone, not just developers, to launch their very own SMT in minutes! The wizard is still in development, so it will continue to get better over time, and we plan to release it to the public in the not-to-distant future.

In the following video, they launch not one, but three SMTs in under 15 minutes while explaining what they are doing. These are actual Smart Media Tokens that were created on the testnet!

Steemfest was an amazing experience for the team and we can’t thank @roelandp enough for all the time and energy he puts into making these conferences as fun and informative as possible. There is no other conference in the world like Steemfest and that is due in large part to his herculean efforts.

Of course, it also wouldn’t be Steemfest if not for the amazing community members who assist Roeland (shout out to the @firepower team) as well as attend the conference. Thank you all for sticking with us through the difficult times.

We can’t wait till next year!

The Steemit Team


What's going on with Ned guys, is he still in Steemit team?

Ned is Executive Chairman of the Board. He regularly meets with @elipowell, Steemit's Managing Director. He is primarily focused on other projects at the moment but he is excited about the progress that is being made on Communities and SMTs.

Will it be possible to share something about Ned's projects?

why? What difference does it make. He isn't involved in the day-to-day activities, he can fish, work or play...

Yeah! Let the man fish for pete sake!

He can fish once STEEM value goes back over 1$

Until then, back to the grindstone for HIM!


|fish, work or play...

Lol...just popped in for a minute...glad to see you're still able to stimulate community

Best regards.


When Nedcoin? 😁ahah just kidding guys best of luck you are awesome!!!🙌🍀🤞💙🤸‍♀️

Thanks for the update. I was wondering the same thing about Ned, but it's great to see he's still around.

Was an amazing experience. The Steemit INC team, and all the Steemians were awesome people. Looking forward to next year!

I wish this fest will acknowledge Indian crypto market potential and give some opportunity to Indian people.

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Ask not what Steemfest can do for your country, but what your country can do for Steemfest!

I agree with this. Well said. Bringing value is at the core.

Yeah, such a brilliant and simple statement. No one should be looking at Steem Fest as a cash grab.
Gain information and secure discounts on venues and nearby accommodation, restaurants and attractions first, then start bragging about how much sense it makes to have it in location ??.

Thank you for being present in SF4 showing your honesty and hard work. The team is finally delivering some of the most expected products and now the communication is working. People are getting more optimistic because of all that. I appreciated how sincere all the members were during SF4. They answered when they had answers, they asked for feedback and suggestions. When they had no answers they said they exactly that. "I'll have to think about that because I don't know."
This is the kind of posture that makes me confident.

... it all boils down to engagement.


I have the dress all picked out. I am just waiting on the proposal.

I have the dress all
Picked out. I am just waiting
On the proposal.

                 - sepracore

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Lolz funny though, got me laughing hard

Loving this! ❤️

It was absolutely wonderful to be able to attend SteemFest in beautiful Thailand and to finally meet the Steemit team including their significant others. I’m so looking forward to this next year and all that #newsteem has to offer!

We need your help to stay!
We no longer have happiness since this occurs!
God bless you if you’re willing to help us and rise us from the 1000 meters of a dig hole!
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Thanks for the recap. It is always nice to review what was done and where things stand.

One suggestion: it might be useful to put out a 6-12 month road map. Most are aware that communities is in beta and SMTs on Testnet. We will presume the bugs will be worked out as more testing is done and those will go live in 6 months or less.

That said, what is the next few areas of focus for the team? 2019 saw a lot of big projects on the drawing board, most which were accomplished (kudos to Steemit Inc for that). However, after such a long wait and the mantra of communities, smts, communities, what?

I would think it helpful to put together a few bullet points of major areas that the team is going to focus upon next.

Thanks for the feedback. Given the delays of Communities and SMTs, we really wanted to put our heads down and prove (to ourselves) that we could ship these products. So we were a bit obsessed with those initiatives, but you're absolutely right. They are now in a place where it is time to start communicating about our broader vision for the ecosystem.

Wow this is amazing I am very proud to be a member of Steemit. The Steefest must have been nerve wrecking for you guys to be in Bangkok and discussing the roots of the last year. I am so happy to hear you guys are geared toward making the platform a stronger force. I am so excited to see the new tools as well as starting this new community idea. Well done I am hear to stay.

It was an amazing experience and i'm glad everyone from Inc had a great time at SteemFest! I hope we can do this again next year! Cheers.

Very interesting thanks for sharing.

Thank you for showing up at SteemFest and showing up you care, Steemit team! That was so refreshing to see that despite the price, our ecosystem as a whole seems to be going on the right direction!

It was really nice having you guys at steemfest this year... added a different great vibe.

Thanks! Great having you there. Hope everyone checks out your presentations. I found them super informative.

I just got home from my trip so time to look to see if the video is somewhere and do some posts regarding the information i found and see about continuing to figure out how to interpret the data.

We need your help to stay!
We no longer have happiness since this occurs!
God bless you if you’re willing to help us and rise us from the 1000 meters of a dig hole!
Reply on this comment even if prayer to us it will lead to a step!
If you’re willing to donate please donate God will provide you more!

I will definitely have to attend on of these events!

Great going #steemit, just do what you can to improve steem because the nuclear bear market is on the grips of all cryptos.

The Steem dollar and the Steem token are nose diving and is one of the reasons why I am powering Down. As an investor I am not taking anymore risk especially in view of what has taken place in Steemit with people that own massive amount of Steem power manipulating the Steem platform and censoring anyone that chalenge their views.

Steemfest 5 .... United States? 🤔😎💯

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Panamá. 😎

Desktop 28-11-2019 7-49-14 AM-257.png

Is there a reason why you are powering down? and why? how much?

There is no active powerdown...

Desktop 29-11-2019 3-54-08 PM-543.png

Unless there is a glitch in @steemchiller program

It's fixed now. The nodes return the field vesting_withdraw_rate as 0.000001 for @roadscape's account. I've never experienced this before and I thought the rate would be exactly 0 when there is no active Powerdown...

I will investigate this further. For now I changed my logic, so that it checks for a bigger value ;)

Thank you @steemchiller you have my respect "👍""👍"Keep up the good work "👍""👍

I've tried to reserve an account using RC and I keep getting a message saying that steem returned no error message, but nothing else happens. Is the function for reserving new accounts working or is there a glitch @steemchiller? How many RC must one have to create new accounts?

It should be working. I guess you don't have enough SP. If I remember correctly, it is about ~ 5000 SP needed to be able to claim an account with RC.

I keep getting a message saying that steem returned no error message, but nothing else happens.

You mean a message stating something like 'Steem KeyChain did not return any error message'? Then it is related to the KeyChain extension and the message from the node is not correctly returned by it.

I have over 6,000 SP, so I think I should be OK there. Half is delegated, and not sure if that matters.

I just tried again and the message I got was, "KeyChain returned no error text." Is there anything that can be done to correct it?

Half is delegated, and not sure if that matters.

Yes, it matters. You need ~ 5000 (effective) SP.

For those of you who didn’t watch the livestreams (shame on you!) ...

Why? I was there in Bangkok!! :-)

It was very encouraging to see the faces, the real people behind the user names, and apart from all the amazing technical stuff you provided, feel your dedication to the STEEM project. Keep up the good work!

Like already during SteemFest 3, now also at SteemFest 4 I felt the strength and energy of the community which is the real essence and unique 'feature' of STEEM compared to other cryptos/blockchains.

Hope to meet you again at SteemFest 5!

That's awesome to hear. Thanks for sharing and attending. I think we all felt that too and were revitalized ourselves.

it's spelt, presentation. just a heads up.

Thanks. Corrected.

For me, it seems incredible that this type of conference is given, since it brings significant value to the entire community. Congratulations and I hope that success is much greater every day.

Thank you really for the initiatives in this community

..a lot of cool news, thank you..

is Ned still in steemit team? @steemitblog

Ned is Executive Chairman of the Board. He is no longer involved in the day-to-day operations but he meets with @elipowell regularly and is excited about the progress being made on SMTs and Communities.

@steemitblog Woo Well, congratulations guys ...


No puedo subir imagenes en ningun formato. me dan error. Que sucede.
I can not upload images in any format. They give me error. What's going on.

Seems like a cool event, would love to attend it once :)
Where will the next one be held?

Save money first, and just be ready 😉

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please follow me

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I am sorry, but this is not the way you do it. Don't spam the same comment over multiple posts. We will follow you if you post something that interests us.

A tip: Post something that interests You. Whatever you would want to read on Steem, you write it yourself, and people will come. Also, if you find something here that you think is good, upvote and discuss. We'll gladly reciprocate.

Keep up the great job! We love you <3

amazing. this year we are looking forward.

Cheers to the lean and mean team!

Thank you so much for being real, and being brave to place out the issues, the steps forward and sticking around till the end of the event!

Keep working forward and keep communicating and engaging! Everyone has a very important role to play, be it Steemit Inc (you guys) and also the community, and what we established in SF4 let's fortify it further together and be the strong blockchain that will sail through storms or calm seas.


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I appreciate you saying that! I couldn't agree more.

You are most welcome! I'm having fun finding bugs for the Community interface haha.
Thinking of ways how to push Communities and see how complex it can become. 😜

Wow.. Beautiful Steem family

We can’t wait till next year! Yes!!! :)

You should come to Argentina!!!

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Very good steemves me like it

Is it like the WordCamp?

apparently it was a great event, I loved it

It is like ...greetings

Se ven muy felices @steemitblog

They look very happy @steemitblog

thanks for the recap. very nice of all to tell us how the event went

Wow, an impressive job the team is doing out there. Please, I'm a @newsteemit. I need mentoring on the workings of the steemit community. Thank you.

It sounds good and I will hope for the best. I am very interested in the SMT and how easy it is to be. My use would be for payment for software use I am upgrading. I need something easy to attach to programs and games perhaps even used as unhackable product keys!

Steem Wizard, looking for this update! Feeling positive!


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I wish i will join in #steemfest if you arrange it in India.When you post articles and picture about steemfest then i feel jealous.Because i unable to join.

Beautiful Picture

I just left the following comment on a video interview from @blocktvnews with the team behind Roll which is clearly a poor SMT based on Ether with a tiny fraction of the capabilities of what is to come from SMTs here on Steem.

It would appear to me this whole project is just a very feature poor version of what is coming from Steem's SMT's and communities. As long as someone from The Steemit Team (#newsteemit) @steemitblog takes the bull by the horns and starts promoting Steem again.

P.S. could someone from @steemitblog go in and set an Avatar and Header for their own account????

P.P.S. the tone is a bit off... please don't take this as angry, more just hopeful that a new phase of communication with those outside the Steem world is about to kick off!

Thanks for the feedback. I'll definitely look into Roll. Always good to see the competitive landscape.

Hmm, there is an avatar set for the @steemitblog account? Maybe you're not using

The avatar it would appear only shows up on Steemit. Is it the default one? The middle image is the eSteem client on a mac.

A change will be rolled out with the release of Communities that should resolve this issue.

It was really nice to meet basically the entire Steemit team at the SF4 - such a contrast to SF3! We truly appreciate the effort and the fact that you stayed through out the entire event making it easy to approach, chat, ask questions, hear conversations with other Steemians, getting different perspectives, suggestions and more. Much appreciated!

Our pleasure. And it was great learning more about waivio. You've done a lot of amazing work and I hope more people find out about it.

You personally worked hard both at SF3 and SF4! And I can vouch only for these two events I attended. In a way SteemFest is our birthplace since we started Waivio at SF3. We plan to post more updates and demos on our main channel - @waivio.

This was a great experience. The Steemit INC team, and all the Steemians were acting good and perfectly okay by their inteligency to build a strong and perfect team like this its really good as a member if i had a chance i could be a member but i really dont know how someone help please.

Knowing this team is the best thing someone has to do and also start working strong with the team perfecting was my dreams lol

Great stuffs as usual. Keep doing the good work guys!

Thats nice~ steemit is back👍👍👍

Thanks for the post.

It seems like many Steemians friends who want to be with you, including me, one of them.

It was cool to watch, the journey ahead is looking very bright. Thanks to everyone who cares about Steemit!


If it was in my country!

We need your help to stay!
We no longer have happiness since this occurs!
God bless you if you’re willing to help us and rise us from the 1000 meters of a dig hole!
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😳💁Im not sure where to mention this or to who @steemitblog but I finally reached 7000 followers and now its saying on my home page that I only have 6104 followers!? Anyone know whats going on!? Thanks! 😬

This will be the last time they can show their faces in public without incredible embarrassment.

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