New final draw needed for SteemFest Contest

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Yesterday, we announced the final two winners for the SteemFest x Reviewhunt Contest. However, both winners are not able to travel to Bangkok at this time due to personal matters.

So, we need to run the final draw again among the following candidates who earned the final draw ticket.

@camzy - 2 draw ticket
@browncephas - 2 draw ticket
@suzunagd69 - 1 draw ticket
@sumit71428 - 1 draw ticket
@rizwankhan - 1 draw ticket
@mawahab - 1 draw ticket
@mahfuj2228 - 1 draw ticket
@kimsang1128 - 1 draw ticket
@kamogtechs - 1 draw ticket
@kabbotintin - 1 draw ticket
@jeaniepearl - 1 draw ticket
@gadrian - 1 draw ticket

To the candidates above,

Please leave a comment on this post confirming that you ARE available to travel to Bangkok for SteemFest 4. We want to ensure that someone who can go wins the tickets, so please only leave a comment if you can travel to Bangkok for Steemfest (Nov 6th -10th).

LEAVE A COMMENT BEFORE 23:59:59 UTC on OCT 17TH, 2019. If you’re fail to reply, your name won’t be included in the final draw.

Please check the detailed schedule of SteemFest 4 here -


The goal of this contest is to help Steemians come to SteemFest4. This contest was made possible through the collaboration of many Steemians. So, it’s not possible to transfer the final prize - SF4 ticket and accommodation - to someone else. Also, it is NOT possible to provide as cash/crypto money.

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I am avaiable but
If I will go what facility will i got in Thailand???

It's the prince palace hotel, the official one. We have two rooms booked for the five winners of the various blocktrades sponsored contests.

Hello sir can you please help me find out ways through which i can make up to the even as i have arranged around 500 to 600 steem so if something can be possible then please let me know.

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I am avaiable and very intrested to go there.

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Thanks for the honour but i can't travel. Congratulations to whoever wins and kudos to those that made it possible for them

Thank you for including me in this draw, however I won't be able to go to Stermfest, and I don't want to cause another delay, in case I would come up as a winner in the draw.

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I really want to come there to explore and meet all of the famous steem personality but i need to arrange around 1500 to 2000 steem for the traveling expenses and that's the big issue for me hope so ill get some help regarding it if possible.

I will try to arrange some ways hope so it all goes well.

From my side it's obviously a yes if i will be able to arrange the flight tickets.

ill update soon.

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