SteemFest Livestream Recordings - Main Hall

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Yes... So we forgot to mute the (livestream) audio during the breaks in between talks, and all those copyrighted songs just played on the world wide interwebs! Which lead to 160 Youtube complaints about copyright in my emailbox :)

Afterwards the full video backup was muted but.... FFmpeg to the rescue and manage to cut up the 17 GB full hd livestream (recorded offline by our livestream producer @shourai), overnight last night. Stitched a little intro in front of every video and published with youtube-uploader all from the server to utilitze regular backbone highspeed data traffic.

Without further ado:

The 17 sessions in Tobacco Theatre / Main Hall

Welcome / Opening by @roelandp

Keynote Steemit by @ned

Travel Adventures by @heiditravels

The secrets of addictive writing by @neilstrauss

Alarm Clock Dawn the beginning by @ericvancewalton

Witness Panel by @svk, @pharesim, @roadscape, @riverhead, @anyx, @picokernel - moderated by @spectral

Steemit Film Premiere by @mrs.steemit

We are listening by @sneak

Project Curie by @kevinwong, @andrarchy

Developer Panel by @sneak, @roelandp, @good-karma, @xeroc, @furion

The Grand Vision of a Crypto-Tech Economy by @wmougayar by @chainreaction, @adrichel, @pharesim

Bloggersclub at SteemFest by @bloggersclub

Rucksack Orchestra by @utz

SteemTools presents: 'Appy Hour! by @cardiff, @picokernel, @good-karma, @xeroc, @pmartynov, @furion

Golden Steem Awards by @burnin

Performance by @tatianamoroz

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I'm still so humbled to have shared the stage with such talented people. What a weekend to remember! Wow, after watching the video I realized how sluggish the cold medication made me during my talk.


I must've been going around in pockets and I did not manage to speak to you (and @fairytalelife too!). Amsterdam was indeed cold! Hope you're feeling better now :)


Yeah, I'm sorry we didn't have a chance to meet @kevinwong! I feel much better now except for the fact I want to be back in Amsterdam. ; )

Thanks guys. nice coverage.

Thank you!

Thank you, couldn't be there, but great to see the people I've been following.

Hey all, looked like an epic event, i can feel the energy even though i couldn't make it... Reminded me of our last Steem Saturday event in South Africa. Its truly amazing what people can do when they come together. Looking fwd to connecting with you all.

Cool!!! Thanks so much! (;

Nice, thanks for the reupload!

Thank you for share.

Thank you!

Nice! I've missed some morning presentations, and this gives me a way to watch them. :-D Yay.

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Thank you very much for posting all these steemfest recordings.

Hey @roelandp did you get my message to add SteemVerify to SteemTools ? Thanks!

Where's Jeff Berwick?

ffmpeg for the win!!!