SteemFest Interview Series: @Picokernel

in steemfest •  last year

@Picokernel, Nate Brune, talks about Peep and a future blockchain career path.

Recorded at SteemFest 2016
Saturday 12 November, Amsterdam (Tobacco Theatre)

Interview / footage by @futurefood
Animation intro / outro by @juanmiguelsalas

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Congrats @picokernel! You have an exciting future ahead of you!

Such a mature response. Look at that swag. That Nate Brune is a G.

Nate @picokernel, you have a bright future in front of you! Best wishes in all your projects...

Way to go @picokernel! You're building quite the expertise at such a young age :D
Jackie & I are rooting you on brother!


Brilliant! :D

Fantastic interview @picokernel! Glad that you are focusing your efforts on the future of steemit...The best of luck to you, and your future!!!

Ha, too bad we haven't had the opportunity to talk at SteemFest. But I'd like to let you know that I admire your work and maturity. :)