SteemFest Interview Series: @mrs.steemit

8 months ago
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Uma, @mrs.steemit about her first encounter with Steemit, planning ahead and her online course for entrepreneurial females (starting soon!) and the one thing you should definitely do!

Recorded at SteemFest 2016
Saturday 12 November, Amsterdam (Tobacco Theatre)

@mrs.steemit: Media Consultant, Dancer, We care 4 U agency

Interview / footage by @futurefood
Animation intro / outro by @juanmiguelsalas

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  ·  8 months ago

Whenever you have a question... Ask

so simple... so humble... so wise!

She is absolutely right. ..Don't be afraid to make questions! Don't be afraid that somebody will change his mind about you because of your questions... Just ask... mystery things will starting to happen.

Thanks and congrats Mrs.steemit for giving a fantastic interview.

  ·  8 months ago

Thank you, that means so much to me! * Feeling humbled * ☺️

  ·  8 months ago

Very great interview!

  ·  8 months ago

Good interview, thanks a lot :)

  ·  8 months ago

Great interview. "Online course for entrepreneurial females," smart! :)

  ·  8 months ago

nice interview, pleased to meet you!

  ·  2 months ago

great idea to do interviews of members in our steem community. We really are the leaders of our new future world! I love it :)