SteemFest Interview Series: @anyx

5 months ago
66 in steemfest

Scott (@anyx) about @cheetah, Steem Cleaners and his travel posts on Steemit!

Recorded at SteemFest 2016
Saturday 12 November, Amsterdam (Tobacco Theatre)

@anyx: Cheetah creator, lead SteemCleaner, witness, and graduate student

Interview / footage by @futurefood
Animation intro / outro by @juanmiguelsalas

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  ·  5 months ago

Holy crap @anyx you look WAY different than how I imagined...

  ·  5 months ago

hahha everyone thought that1

  ·  5 months ago

That's the magic of the Internet :)

  ·  5 months ago

Yes, that is funny :)

  ·  5 months ago

I love the idea of creating a culture that newcomers will adopt and emulate. Very cool.

Great interview, @anyx. I'm sorry I didn't make it to Steemfest, but it's cool to see the faces of people I've connected with here.

  ·  5 months ago

He is one of my favorite users! Very modest and freindly.
He really put so much effort into this platform. Cheetah and steemcleaners are awesome.
They are like David fighting again Goliath of fraud and pagiarism (some whale-incentivized) in this platform.