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RE: Steem: the smart person’s blockchain, but what about the herd?

in #steemfest2 years ago

Are you calling all of us SMART?! :D I like this post ;-)

Anyway - all true - SteemFest3 is over and will never come back. Every SteemFest will have it's own 'theme' and value and talking topics - and every SteemFest will have a different 'feel'.

I heard more Minnows and 'simple' content makers were present this year than before - but still, the filter here is they want to be at the same place as the talks, developers, witnesses - to exchange ideas and information, basically this means most people will have at least an above average insight, interest and knowledge about all the topics.

I'm not afraid of the possible 3000 people next year - they will all be very involved as the 300 this year. It will be harder to find 'your gang', maybe, but maybe different locations will attend to different communities, like 'early SteemFest-goers', and 'Appics users', and 'Steemmonster players'... I'm not sure yet what to think of it because I like a broader diversity and I want to talk with all individuals even if they are not in 'my' community. It can definitely broaden my perspective.

We'll see.

For now I'm still enjoying reading up on all the memories of SteemFest3 and who knows - SteemFest4 might surpass all our wildest imagination...


Well it's hard to go wrong if you complement people!

I'm still not quite adjusted.... I think tomorrow is going to be my forcing myself back into my 'normal routine' day.

I'm going to try and not anticipate SF4 too much.... it will be what it will be. At my age time seems to pass quickly so I'll be there in no time!


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