SteemFest 2 Update 30/9/2017

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Hello Steemian so SteemFest 2 is getting slowly closer and some of you may have also heard through the grapevine that I would like to attend the 2017 SteemFest 2 event.

Last year I heard it was an overwhelming event where people showed up short notice to Amsterdam almost 200 people from over 30 countries.
And now this year its happening again, the location, Lisbon, Portugal!
Are you coming??


Ok guys so its been nearly a week since my last update which is why I thought I would get this out today so you know whats going on and that I haven't given up yet, this is especially since @roelandp as been teasing us with the snooker club we will be chilling at.
So if you been following along here with me on these updates then you know I have brought a SteemFest 2 ticket and I am in the process of getting funding towards my plane ticket which will now cost me 106 SBD to cover it.

So far we have managed to raise 77.524 of today 30/09/2017
That means we only need to raise another 29 SBD for my plane ticket to attend Steemfest 2
I really appreciate everybody's support so far, now let smash out those 29 SBDs remaining!!

If you dont...

Getting my ass to SteemFest by any means necessary...



So if you like this page I need you guys to do me 2 easy things.

1.First please upvote this page.
2.And secondly dont forget to follow me below.

Also since votes don't always = $ and you if want to see more you can send me Steem Power Tips to @simonjay to help support me.

@paradise-found - @koskl - @hanshotfirst - @meesterboom - @mammasitta- @surpassinggoogle - @kristy1 have already done this so a big thank you to them all!

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I am sure your are going to have a blast at STEEMfest2

Thanks alot @stephen-somers I am sure I will, are you going?

I wish but unfortunately Australia is a very long and expensive 3 flights way from Lisbon plus family and work commitments. But I wlll be following all the posts. Maybe next year 🤞🏻STEEMfest3

From Australia oh yes it would be expensive! And I know what you mean about commitments @stephen-somersmy family is ok with me going but work was a pain to deal with, Yes I believe probably steem fest 3 will be somewhere in a america we shall see what @roelandp as planned.

Interesting post and that last picture, wow!

I know right its so ridiculously insane but haha might just have to do it to get to steem fest, surely its a cheaper option @team101

Good post! I'm going to follow you to see more post like this and for support us!

Well that would be awesome @peterehab I got many more posts you could supprt I need all the help I can get atm.

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This is infact the very first time I have ever had a post get anywhere near 100, for many this is nothing but for me its simply unbelievable.

good luck man!

Thank you so much @adlk I really need it more updates coming soon.

YAHOO!! I see this post has raised enough for you to go!!
@simonjay is going to Steemfest 2017!!!
Please send me photos, lets exchange phone numbers.
Do you have whatsapp?

This will really help me @paradise-found more updates will come on my progress soon. As for photos and everything it will be all posted on here buddy so you wont be missing out on anything. I am afraid I dont do whatsapp or anything this is actually because when I said I am poor I mean it I dont have the money for a phone that runs on data. If you want my number you can have it but I will post it on the Steemit chat.

I look forward to your posts from Lisbon!! That is so awesome you will be going!!

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