sponsors my SteemFest ticket

in steemfest •  2 years ago 

@robrigo of pays my ticket to the Lisbon SteemFest 2017

I am super happy. We have much in common and it will be a breeze to work together on getting more uses in an easier way onto STEEM. works on little "slips" - I think this is another word for modern flyer - which can be handed out to trustworthy / good people who then don't have to sign up and wait to get verified. The perfect addition to my face-to-face marketing.


I am happy to meet you there, everyone, besides our different views and approaches to a better world.

See you,

@shla-rafia 2017

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Hey Martin, happy to help you get to Steemfest since you are already in Lisbon, I just need an email addy!

You're good to go. See you there!

Am fooking happy!

You are a wonderful person! Great you get @shla-rafia to SteemFest. Meet you guys there.

Keep up the good work my man, you future is looking brighter, and you are making other peoples futures brighter.