STEEMFEST3 - What A Treat!

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I’m so glad I went to Steemfest! What a diverse mix of open, welcoming and friendly people. So much good energy around.

When I tell people about STEEM it often comes across super nerdy. STEEM, SP, SBD, Delegation, DApps Reward Pool, Witnesses, abuse… etc etc. It’s pretty easy to forget the important part is community. Steemfest showed me the community on STEEM is strong. I should (we all should) talk about community first. A small (for now) corner of the internet where you can meet like minded people. No ads or algorithms just a truck-load of potential.

I was a little apprehensive last week. I only booked my travel a couple days before leaving. It’s clear now I shouldn’t have been. The whole event was ace! Big shout to @roelandp and thew hole Steemfest team. If Steemfest4 exists i’ll be booking my tickets on the day it’s announced.

Feeling that I missed out on the final day booking my travel for Saturday. :( Glad to see so many photos and that everyone had an awesome final day and dinner.

A few highlights include:

Listening to @aggroed/@yabapmatt talk about steemmonsters and building sustainable business on the blockchain. One thing I took away is that even If I don’t want to play @steemmonsters (or insert other app here) I should be supporting more initiatives on the blockchain.

Bumping into @travellit as the first people I spoke to! So glad I got drawn in by that camera. Enjoy the travels ✌️.

Chatting and finally putting a real person to the name @howo.

The @sndbox squad! Always awesome to meet people creating quality work on our blockchain.

Good vibes from @illucifer

Finding an ultimate frisbee friend @fingersik - can’t believe we didn’t throw a disc around!

Chatting all things blockchain with @crimsonclad at 4am

Meeting @project7 after following @steemhunt since the beginning

Chatting and drinking beers with @toocurious.

@kevinwong - Gutted I left before the secret meeting!

Ace to talk to @hightouch/ future shock members - possibly one of the strongest initiatives on the blockchain.

@wandereronwheels! - love the adventures mate!

@steemmatt & @coruscate - Ace chatting over dinner. Check out Garyvee :) Good luck with all of the different projects @coruscate .

Plus plenty others that I’m probably missing. 🙈

Thanks to everyone I met throughout Steemfest. The event showed me that STEEM is for everyone! You don’t end up at Steemfest without a story.

Here’s a few photos from phone.


Super great morning light through Kraków everyday


Arrival Day1 - All of the Steemfest venues were fantastic


Would have been interesting to hear more from Steeminc! Still better than nothing ay.


Thanks to @jarvie for leading the photo walk. I probably should have packed my camera 🤦‍♂️


Rainbow spiders?


I have no pictures of our bowling squad! Where's that Photobooth shot 🤷‍♂️ @travellit @felix.herrmann - we could have had it. No more coin flips 😅


Hanging with @fukako @timsaid @howo @stoodkev - Beer in the teapot at 2am anyone?


How about some extra Soup? Five please :)


✌️I left too early. But now I'm fired up to build STEEM apps and communities. If I can help dev on ideas please reach out.


Uhh that beer tea... actually uhh the whole SF... I’m still recovering ^^
It was nice meeting you Sam, I hope you enjoy Norway :) thank you for all the tips! See you next year I hope.

😃For sure, great meeting you! Finally back to Norway today 🙌

Beer tea was such a terrible idea haha. Can't wait to see you again !

🤷‍♂️ knew it was a terrible plan from the start! Ah well good times. We Should totally have more meetups than once a year, thats for sure.

lol HOW did I miss beer tea?!? haha I love it

Luckily when I drank tea with you it was just water.

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Well apparently I can't type usernames 😅

Cheesy though the strap line was.... it has actually 'fired me up' to get more into steem!

I'm currently spending money I haven't got on ltc, then btc... I'm sure you know the drill... eventually a little more steem.

As to SF4 I'm with you on that one! I anticipate some sort of advance UK posse all on the same flight out!

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Yo apologies for the terribly slow reply! Off-grid for a good few days. Also stoked on STEEM idea despite the wall of red. UK native but spending as much time in the mountains as possible, back in Norway from today 🙌.

Looks like you had an epic time Sam! I’ll have to book onto SF4 with you next year!

Yeah mate you would have enjoyed it.

It was suuuuuuch a blast! Ahhh, im sad, so sad that its over! You know its like the vacation you never want to leave, perfect world with awesome people! 🙏 We see you on the road for sure, Flipping the coin is not for us! 🙈

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Good thing we're both off on other "vacations" 🙌 It will be SF4 before we know it, but plenty of adventures before then. For sure see you out there somewhere 👊

sameeee so sad!!! I didn't even get to talk to you guys enough =( ugh so much happiness and so much simultaneous disappointment that steemfest didn't last for a straight month so I could talk to everybody on a deep level haha

I'd talk blockchain with you anytime, but 4am was feeling awfully good... 😊

Thanks for letting me know that I was not the only photographer who didn't really photograph... I feel like such a twit now, but the debates and discussions and darling faces kept me so distracted that overall I simply can't complain. Thanks for being you!

Wow looks fun. Hope I can join next time

yeah for sure. Hope to see more at SF4!

Sounds like an epic weekend! Now I feel even more sad I could not attend Steemfest! It sounds like you met a bunch of awesome people and you learned a lot! How would you expect the future of steem to be? I'm hoping so badly I can attend next year too!

Shame not to have met in person last week @sambillingham but I totally agree that "It’s pretty easy to forget the important part is community."

Being relatively new to Steemit, and a relatively infrequent poster, I was nervous about what I was getting myself into but I was blown away at home welcoming the community was.

Looking forward to what you and our fellow Steemians can create on the platform; hope to keep in touch.

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