Creamy & Delicious Surfing At The Aceh Coast - That's How We Love To Steemfest!

in steemfest •  2 years ago 

Good night true steemians friends.
Meet me again @safrijals.

On this occasion I promote steemit in aceh.

On the aceh lhoknga beach.

I will continue to promote steemit to my friends.
Because I enjoy my daily life in steemit.
I have become part of steemit Indonesia.

I keep promoting steemit on facebook and twitter instagram. Sometimes my friend ask for explanation from me. How to make steemit.

And I teach my friends to join in steemit.
thank you
Just a few of me on this occasion.

Do not forget the upvote and resteem.

Follow me @safrijals

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Great work, try to promote steemit around you as much as you can

Yes, thank you very much

Great job. Keep up the good work. Nice seeing people promi

Thank you

Maju terus, Bang! Aku pun Aneuk Aceh, cuma sekarang udah di Filipina. Promosikan terus Steem di Bumi Nanggroe!

Ya terima banyak kawanku


Yes, thank you.
but it's just a coincidence.

You're welcome

But I disagree
It is not a coincidence

Keep posting and you will see more success
This was not a coincidence

yes thank you guys. for his spirits
I promise I will be your good friend I promise

you're welcome

Salem rakan

Iya salem balek rakan

upvote kan tulisan wanita ini jika kalian menghargai sejarah terutama sejarah aceh dan peran aceh yang sangat penting dalam hal kemerdekaan indonesia!