Steemfest live feed...neil strauss is on Steemit. I'm so following style

in steemfest •  2 years ago

Watching live feed of @steemfest and realized that @neilstrauss, the author of @thegame, is on @steemit You might know him @better as @style. When I started watching the feed, @ned was talking about @steemit in 2017, and the bragging rights of @beta. @heiditravels was talking about being a @worldtraveler on @steem. @ithinkican be an @exploretraveler if I continue @steemrollin like a @knight-angel or a @contentjunkie. I now know what @ericvancewalton looks like now. The @better we get, the bigger @steemit gets. @allyouneedtoknow is when @neilstrauss follows me, is the day I will travel @firstclass and have a lot more @steempower. Remember not to let the @steemcleaners take your @profitgenerator from you or steal your @steem-id. Went to sleep, so didn't see the @dollarvigilante or all the other speakers. @myfirst thing today is to watch the rest of the @steemfest live feed. @steem On @dude.

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Excellent imagination congratulations my friend@runridefly


@jlufer, thank you for the continuing support.

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Psst....I think there's @'allgoodthings' you can get

lol, you are so funny. I have been missing your posts lately, we must be operating in different time zones. :)