SteemFest² Updates - New Names Announced - Explaining the @t-r-f Travel Reimbursement Fund

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Waaaahhhhhh! Counting on two hands and feet now. Only 16 days until SteemFest 2 kicks off!


  • In this post: A monster list of new names added to the SteemFest² site
  • SteemFest's HF Hotels are completely booked out except for some 'family rooms'. Book that room directly via HF Hotels . If you still need a place I recommend to search via in the area near Marques de Pombal, Lisbon or use AirBnB and also search near Marques de Pombal, Lisbon.
  • Come 1 day early and join the SteemFest Blockchain Hackathon on Wednesday 1 November 9 AM, open to Designers, Conceptors, Developers, Creators, Thinkers and Humans!
  • In this post: Explaining how the @t-r-f account works: A travel reimbursement fund (by fellow community members) to relief some costs for your steemfest trip (if you want).

A little list of new names talking / performing at SteemFest² announced:

  • martin smolka (CZ): Decent chain, ice hockey lover and dog owner
  • @terrybrock (USA): Speaker, Columnist, MC For SteemFest, Steemit Lover
  • @ginacarr (USA): Tribe Builder, Health Activist, Vegan Enthusiast
  • @starkerz (UK): Responsible Steem Holder "promo-steem", "promo-uk"
  • @saramiller (USA): Yogini, Dakini, & Reiki Master

Week updates

Tension is rising with merely a good 2 weeks to go until SteemFest. This week all printable stuff has been ordered (Hackathon badges, SteemFest badges, Citymaps), more shuffling with the schedule, prepaying venues / hospitality. Also some gifts for all attendees are ordered as well as decorations for the event stages. Then the mobile app will see a pretty upgrade with an included (offline) DIY audiotour of Lisbon, offline maps and the detailed program for all 5 days at SteemFest.

I was happy to see that right after my previous update last week (3.5 weeks before the event) we hit the 206 tickets registered marker (which is the amount of registrations of SteemFest 1). It means that this year a little more people are attending the event.

This week will be about contacting all speakers, ordering last to-be-deliveries and setting up logistics (script!) for the actual event so the @firepower crew knows whats happening when. Then it will be about time to pack our bags as me and the fam (My gf Heleen and our son Viggo) leave for Portugal coming friday 20 October.

The SteemFest @t-r-f Travel Reimbursement Fund - how it works

Following up on last year's success, the @t-r-f Travel Reimbursement Fund returns and is already quite well funded by fellow generous community members like @aggroed, @ausbitbank, @benjojo, @blueorgy, @edb, @ericvancewalton, @firepower, @good-karma, @gringalicious, @gtg, @hitmeasap, @kevinwong, @lichtblick, @mariandavp, @timcliff, @shenanigator, @skapaneas, @userperson321 and @walterjay with over 3000 STEEM and almost 3000 SBD.

The @t-r-f Travel Reimbursement Fund is initiated and can be used for anyone attending SteemFest to relief some of your travel expenses and works as follows:

  • In Lisbon on Conference Day 1 & 2 you can apply for the 'Travel Reimbursement Fund' during coffee breaks by registering the trip details on a terminal at the SteemFest Desk and by showing proof (a boarding card for example) and your ticket (can be on your phone).
  • Reimbursement will be based on miles travelled (as generally the further, the more expensive). Starting point will be the distance from the airport of departure to Lisbon's Marques de Pombal. The distance is based on line-of-sight straight point distance, not via via / stop-over distance.
  • The 'SBD per Mile'-rate will be the same for all.
  • At the end of Conference Day 2 (18:00 / 6 PM) the application entry closes and by doing a simple calculation the total amount of Miles travelled by all applicants is available. Also the total funds available right here on @t-r-f is available so the SBD/Mile rate can be established and the payouts will be automatically executed via a script soon after SteemFest. Applicants will both get Steem and SBD

Note: You can only apply in Lisbon for the @t-r-f at the SteemFest Desk during Conference Day 1 & Conference Day 2. You don't have to apply to @t-r-f. Anyone who is not applying is basically leaving her/his piece of the pie over for the others to enjoy, which is generous.

@t-r-f is still open for funding!

If you want to support fellow Steem users attending SteemFest to lower their travel expenses, please supply any amount of SBD or Steem you want to donate. Simply transfer any amount of SBD or Steem to @t-r-f (note the dashes between the letters!).

Have a great week, see you in the next update (from Portugese grounds!)

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Thank you @roelandp for your generous contribution to us all! This is an epic event for Steemit and a primo opportunity for our community, and I am honored to be part of it! I'm getting more and more excited every day!!!
Safe travels to you & your family ~ see you in Lisbon!


Yes its awesome already and we aren't even there yet!
Great to see all the excitement and all the awesome Steemians who are a part of it!

Great to see you are sharing the power of yoga and your presence with SteemFest. Just keeps getting better and better!

SteemOn to SteemFest!


Thank you, Quinn!


É cremoso e delicioso!

SteemOn to SteemFest!

For those who are in need of that assistance the @t-r-f fund is an amazing opportunity to take the edge of those (sometimes quite high) expenses in order to attend STEEMFEST.

I would recommend it to all how really pushed their budget just for the chance to go, the fact that you went the extra mile and already booked everything shows your dedication and desire to the community. Don't be shy if this was your situation, its never wrong to ask for help!

That being said, if you can comfortably afford or even find room in your budget to make this trip, I would implore you not to take advantage of this fund, please leave as much funds as possible for the ones in need.

I'm happy to have been able to contribute to the fund and if you have any extra lying around maybe drop some in @t-r-f (great feeling to give!)

See you all at STEEMFEST!


you are awesome! Can't wait to meet you and give you a big hug!

Too bad @anomadsoul told me about this now (somehow I missed this post...) after I already booked hotel via booking+my first airbnb :(
I won't be joining the Hackathon - because I'm just a photographer ;) - but I will register Wednesday the 1st sometime after 14:00, after I get settled between hotel and airbnb!
@roelandp I see you mention that printed stuff and gifts have been ordered already, but I plan to buy my ticket (with some kind help) tomorrow - and buying it online is still I missing something?
Yes, the transport to get there was insanely expensive (and inconvenient on top) and that probably has to do with the 1st of November being a national holiday in Portugal...
Just read the details about the TRF and will of course apply, but just a note here since I am a frequent flyer and I travel a lot : More miles doesn't necessarily means more expensive. A receipt would be a better proof than simply a boarding pass. Because I know for a fact, from myself even, that a trip to NYC from Copenhagen costs less right now than a trip to Athens,Greece. But rules are rules I guess!
See you in Lisbon @roelandp ;)

awww this is awesome! I love that there is so much support in the Steemit community! LOVE LOVE LOVE! :)


A very wonderful publication well done, my friend you are a very wonderful person
With a lasting compromise for you
I wish you a happy day

Ticking off the days on the calendar. It's going to be epic. Thanks for all your efforts to make this happen


See you there hopefully @steevc

I hadn't heard of the @t-r-f till now! This is terrific community assistance! I hope those who don't need it pass on by, leaving a good pool for those who struggled to get there!

Have a great time in Lisbon! Looking forward to the pictures and stories!!!

Cool to see @saramiller also as a speaker! Also, great that the @t-r-f is also applicable this year.

Way to go!


Yeaaaaa let's do some YOGA!!!!


Can't wait to take your yoga class! eek!


Count me in, I need to try this!!! Haha :-)


Yoga really is one of the best daily life practices. So many levels of benefit!


Yea I agree!

I'm SO excited! Looking forward to meeting everyone in Lisbon. Thank you @roelandp and the whole team for putting together another great event. See you soon!


see you at Steemfest! :)


See you soon Brother!
Really glad you are going to make it and that I could help such a great cause!

And the Greatest Event of STEEM is just couple of days away!!! So excited to experience this wonderful event from this side of the planet!

Thank you for this wonderful update, the trf fund is a perfect concept. This is unique I guess.. I thank you again for taking my daughters contribution to the steenfest art festival with you. Have fun and see you soon, not in Lisbon but hopefully next year or somewhere else earlier

Thanks for the post, and I'm envious. I wanna be at Steemfest 2! I've only been on Steemit for a month, but I'm loving it! It feels like the 'anti' Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and a few others, and that's a GREAT thing!

If I'm still breathing, I will be at Steemfest 3. Maybe Elon Musk will host it on Mars. Hopefully the tickets will only be about $50, too. :-)

Oh, you have a new follower.


Haha first steemfest on mars if only tickets would be that cheap @rip-youtube one can hope, it will probably be in the states.


States are even better! I may actually be able to make that one.

I cannot even imagine all the work and effort this takes to organize. Thank you! And thank you to everyone who's making the TRF fund possible!


Nice Steemit post.


Love to see and meet you all there.

Will be late Thursday with the group.

Thanks for sharing!!

It's awesome too see the day going ahead. Living in Australia unfortunately spomething I won't be attending. I wish you all a fantastic, fun day with lots of initiatives and creativity buzzing around like crazy.

I think SteemFest it's cool!

hey friend
good post

Enjoy my beautiful city Lisboa 🤗


you're native Portuguese living in Portugal? awesome!!


I am born and raised in Lisbon , currently living in Norway : )


Will you be in Steemfest though?


No :( im living in Norway

Very good my post..

@roelandp : Hahahaha .... I feel currently working in 'Company' SteemFest in Lisbon, Portugal. Many newcomers in SteemFest talks about about their travels to Lisbon


In hope to be there @ridwant

I'm sure it would be an affair to remember. I wish I could be eligible to join, hopefully next year.

Great post about the Conference

Hey, maybe I am not checking it...@aaronkoenig....what you mean it? How can I come to Lisboa if I have not enought money to travel there??? Need some instruction (German letters would be nice...;-))


I posted on steemit in hopes to make enough to afford going @akashas

This is supercool! @roelandp Thanks! Followed...

This is such wonderful news! even so close to Steemfest, you still manage add more speakers to the the event! at this point i dont even wanna have any expectations becuase you're just gonna blow it all through the roof and then some more!

It's a whooping 12 thousand plus kilometers from where i am, so grateful and humbled that the people of Steemit are so generous to give people like a chance to actually attend the place. with the subsidies and the possibility to claim the miles.

It's why i took that leap that personally whats impossible for me to attend this year's Steemfest. Steemit makes the impossible a reality.

If all goes well, next year I want to be one of the people to give back to t-r-f and make the impossible of other's become a reality.

Loving all the new speakers @roelandp good job and congrats on surpassing last years Steemfest number of attendees. Thanks for explaining more about @t-r-f but regardless of the issues I am now facing with getting a plane to Lisbon if I dont make it I already said right from the start I would donate any money left to @t-r-f

You done so much to make this happen. Amazing!

@roelandp and @SteemFest, I can only read every post from the master, like @martinsmolka (CZ) @terrybrock (USA) @ginacarr (USA) @starkerz (UK) @saramiller (USA), though I am a woman I will always be with steemit.

Greetings from Indonesia

Very good job

i will always support you man!!!


@roelandp semoga segera ada pengumuman contest ini

Thank you for the update @roelandp. I am considering the possibility of going. If you get a chance, come and visit my 2nd month miliestone at Steemit. Hope to be able to contribute to everyone. Thanks, Rosa

Can not wait!

So cool! I was going to come also but suddently my mom will come to Saint Petersburg and stay exact that dates - 1st and 2nf of November. I am still able to come by 3rd and 4-5 days. Is it worth it or better to come next year?
Depression from @dunsky

All are excited about this year's steemfest. We will surely see a great event than the last year. Wonderful people are invited at this time.

Yoga truly is extraordinary compared to other every day life hones. Such a significant number of levels of advantage!
shuly my love.png