SteemFest³ updates: A Night of Steem line-up, documenting SteemFest 2018 and new names!

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12 days to go. That is what, 288 hours only, ... till SteemFest³!


It was a busy week ordering all print materials - and shipping as there are some holidays coming week -, missing some deadlines (although carefully planned, stupid me - resolved), ordering all rollup banners for the "Wall of Dapps"-expo (25!), working on the program (soon available via the SteemFest Mobile App), reaching out to all attendees about the "RoundTable Sessions" on day 2 (if you are coming to SF and want to host one,... check a recent email from me to you about that), updating the mobile app to support lower iOS versions, calling with a lot of Kraków suppliers, making final deals back & forth and hearing about the Steemit Inc winners, being an impromptu amateur travel agent and..... finalising the "Night of Steem" program!

Next week by this time Ill be in Kraków preparing the final bits & pieces together with help from @poezio and then later on the @firepower crew also joins in.

Here is some of the stuff I want to introduce you this week:

Night of Steem, program complete!

The Night of Steem is the party after Conference Day 2, on friday night, to kickstart the weekend at a remarkable location (see the opening picture of this post): Klub 89. This place inside the former, now defunct, soviet era glory days Hotel Forum, used to be called and shined in the 80-90's as the "Crazy Dragon" club in the basement of the hotel, reopened for a bit as Klub 89 and is nowadays only open for reserved bookings. It is as if history stopped and locked the door away. A star-trek'esque bar, dark rouge, I loved it and I think the mix of artists will certainly make it to a great night!

The "Night of Steem" will be cohosted by @Enginewitty.

Camera rolling, action! Documenting SteemFest 2018

This year, official photography will be taken care of Steem traveller, blogger and certainly a gifted photographer: @TimSaid. The livestreams, which will be broadcasted on Youtube, will be arranged by @shourai just like previous years. A couple of days, (weeks), thereafter all individual sessions will be cut up and posted for online viewing. The after movie will be created by @mynewlife, so you will see him walking around with his fancy camera's too. Obviously SteemFest is a gathering of bloggers, so I don't doubt there will be (many) more of you documenting the event :)

Additionally during the Thursday & Friday night events there will be a so-called Foto Budka, a photo booth with instant prints, just like SteemFest 1.

Other new names added this week

  • @manncpt (AT): Communications manager, mentor of the @GlobalSchool
  • @gexi (AT): Project manager, mentor of the @Globalschool
  • @vikonomics (IN): Co-founder, 1Ramp. Building tech for creative communities
  • @howo (FR): Software engineer by day, Blockchain developer by night. SteemPress co-founder
  • @project7 (UK): Co-founder and designer of Steemhunt

Get your SteemFest ticket at

Ticketshop closes on 10 November - Walk up rate 777.77 EUR!

Have a nice weekend!
Greetings from Amsterdam,


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I am stoked!!! Can't wait to rock the decks!!!

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Wow Wow a wonderful dream come true, record everything you can, you'll have many good things to tell and share. I'm happy for you.
Good vibes.

Wooop Wooop!!! Let's get this party started :)

I can't wait to meet y'all!


What a great opportunity, everyone will be able to enjoy your beautiful voice in the steemfest.
Good vibes.


Thanks @angelica7 , and thanks again for inviting me to the Smart Media Group channel on Discord the other day, it was so much fun :)

What a line-up and what a location! Thanks for your efforts, Roeland.

That Klub 89 looks quite porn, haha! Awesome.
@steembirds get prepared for the groupie alert, I'll be there dancing in the front line again as you may know :-))


can’t wait!!


Actually strip club was in that location just a few years ago, so - quite a good intuition

Congrats this post is featured on my news show (in Chinese :D) for today.

10 days to go! I'm ready. See you all there!

Venue looks so sick Roelly ! Nice find!

Buddy @roelandp Wow i do not wait 12 days, its amaing moment wait for us...# thanks buddy

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The whole of Steemfest will be a big party and we have so many talented people here. It's great to see them perform in the flesh. Counting down the days...

Looking forward to share a magical "Night of Steem". So happy to share the stage with Ed and Katrina and Enginewitty and looking forward to meet the other artists too.. and everyone... Countdown is on!


you are coming!????????what?????? yeah!!!!!!!!!
now i am really excited :)


congratulations beautiful, the steemfest will be filled with very good energy with your songs.
Good vibes.


Awww thx, honoured


That's gonna be hell of a fun. 12 days to go!


Night of Steem will be so amazing! It sounds amazing ❤ i hope i will get a better chance of attending steem fest 4 next year. I hope you have an incredible time!!!!


I am absolutely thrilled you will be there, my fairy friend. 🧚‍♀️🍃❤️🍃


Yes, haha check my last post with the story

The location looks really awesome!

YAY! I'm so excited for this. See you in Poland! :)


See ya :)


It will be fabulous to meet you! 😊

Jesus, 12 days?? Still seems like it's months away. This is most unsettling, really, as I can't waaaait! But also,'s so close :O


this is how i feel too, i think we are all getting a little edgy and excited!


There is nothing to be afraid of, you will be in a nice place. However, I have written some advice for you about some dangers during your visit to Krakow. I recommend and have fun during Steemfest3! :D

No need to put more exciting details in my brain, I’m alread overloaded :D

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this is how i feel, the anticipation, and the thought of getting packed really has me overloaded too!


Yes!!! Almost 7th of November! ;-)

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I arrive in Poland the 5th and leave the 13th,,, giving myself a little free time to reflect :)

Count down is on... I finally got the money I need for the trip even thought the steemit thief tried to make it so I couldn’t go!! Getting my packing done and figuring out exactly what tech stuff I will need.... I am starting to get the pre travel jitters .... I love this feeling but there is so much I have to get done before I go to get my family set up for me being gone for 11 days too!! Oh man it’s gonna be great !!!!!!!


So glad you get to go! 💞


me too ..thank you...really had to bust my butt to come up with the funds....again. getting really excited :) I am going to make some amazon purchases tonight for some cool tech stuff to help me with my project when i get there :)


Happy that you gonna make it, see you in Krákow! :-)


yup, me too ..I am there! Finally some adventure in my life, I have been craving this and now it's on! appreciate your regards. We have to meet up FOR sure :)

Looking forward to the festivities and meeting everyone in person! Gonna be a great SF this year!

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Gonna be great to meet you !!

12 days!!!
I'm getting excited!!

Only 12 days?!
wow. I need to get my shit together lol

Seems there's more attendees every time I see a SF3 post. It's my first one and I'm really hyped up for it now. I WILL be there for the 'Night of Steem' with @bingbabe, my wife :)

I am sure that Steemfest will be epic because you invest a lot of time and effort in the preparation. It is a great idea to invite Steemit artist to perform at The Night of Steem! Such a pity that I can't join this year.

Good luck in Krakow next week! And try to have fun too! :)

So excited that @yidneth and @katrina-ariel get to come and perform, thanks to the Steemit giveaway! Looking forward to our Night of Steem, loving the colour of the place, I should fit right in ;)

12 days to go :D


Yes! Can’t wait to meet you. So grateful to be going. 🤗


Yay see you there inded

I wish I could make it!

Sounds great - so much fun to move from text chat to nightclubbing!


Looking forward to meet!

We’re steemians, we’re together in everything we do, we can surmount all the odds, Steemfest is a good means of coming together as one big family in every country that we meet.

Enjoy the Night of Steem @roelandp.

'Did somebody say CLUB' :)

Super cool, keep it good guys and good luck with the preparations

@project7 repping my SH FAM! Woot!Woot! Have Fun Guys, breaks my heart I'll not be there physically, but I'll be there in spirit <3

Looks like you guys are going to have great fun!

yes, Glad for Loving steemfest hurrah
Buddy @roelandp i do not wait 12 days, its amaing moment wait for us...

thanks buddy

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Such a Team man! this is getting Pro!

Hi Roelandp that venue looks like something out of a James Bond film... love it! It's going to be quite a private steemian party, I can't wait. The entertainment looks amazing, I'm getting that pre-travel buzz now. Nice work man!

SF is always successful wherever the event is and ends with a lively party with artists and bloggers.

Hey @roelandp! When is the deadline to submit our digitized art?

Really excited for it already.

Super excited to celebrate with like-minded Steemians!

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Oh! Looking forward to meet up with our co-host @enginewitty! ❤️❤️❤️

That wall of Dapps will be a neat site to see. I believe that sndbox did one as well at a recent exhibition they held. The night of Steem sounds like a great time. The SteemBirds are really cool guys...we met at the last Steem Creators Conference in Toronto. It’s going to be exciting to see all the photos and live video coverage of the event. Hope your weekend is going well with the family @roelandp 😀👊🏻

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It is nice to see that a steemfest again will be held and I hope that many famous Trending page people attend.

I hope there will be many video or possibly streaming of the amazment to be had at SF3 this year for those of us at home pining away.

Super pumped. Man you are juggling a ton of shit while prepping for this.

I will join Night of Steem for sure!

Thank you for the open spot! ;)

Location look amazing and aweesome

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V c d I USCG vv

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hello sir what update tell me please

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venue seems so sick roelly ! nice discover!

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