SteemFest⁴ update: Conference Venue day 2 location - Steemit team represent - New names - Ticket Competitions

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  • Big Steemit Inc team attending SteemFest⁴
  • Overview of SF⁴ competitions
  • Reminder: book your hotelroom Link 1, Link 2, sooner rather than later
By Giulia Brochetto

Excuse me skipping a week. On a personal level much had been going on preparing for our longer trip to Thailand and onwards after SteemFest. We are going to rent out our apartment in Amsterdam for the first time, so I was doing all kinds of overdue errants, small and large repairs, meh. Also we have met with the broker who is going to advertise and intermediate with potential candidates for living in our place while we roam planet earth.

With that done, I'm now moving over to ordering first items for SteemFest, printed matters, wristbands and such. Also I did quite some work on the maps which will be included in the SF booklet and mobile app. I'm also still planning some logistics for the event and very much looking forward to our departure to Bangkok in 4 weeks from now. The first 2 weeks in BKK we (we are with a family of 4) will be staying a bit outside of the city, which means I'll be heading in and out of the city on a daily basis, and considering renting a motor/mopedbike for that. After that, 1 week before SteemFest starts we'll be moving into the Prince Palace Hotel ourselves!

Introducing Conference Venue Day 2 - Warehouse 30

Warehouse30 in Bang Rak
In the previous post the conference day 1 venue was announced: Scala Theatre in Siam / Pathum Wan area. On day 2 we head to Bang Rak. It's a bit further to travel but depending on morning rush it should only take you 20 minutes to half an hour to get there. Unless I can find some boats to sail us there in 5-10 minutes, but that is to be defined (and depends on the price).

Situated in Bang Rak, very close to the River City mall, is a former array of warehouses turned into a commercial real estate area with boutique shops and art gallery, without losing touch to its origins. This area is the fruition of Bangkok's self pro-claimed "Politically incorrect architect", who's firm is also designing the new airport's terminal. Cosy located near the Chao Praya river, the warehouses house a community arts space with vendors, galleries, food & films.

It is here where in one of the Warehouses we'll have another day full of presentations. Depending on the program we can overflow in the coffee shop's additional presentation zone and the outdoor space will serve as breaks area where our dedicated catering company will serve Thailand's finest food.

Great news arrived earlier this week: A big team from Steemit Inc will be heading to Bangkok to attend and present at SteemFest. Previously confirmed were the attendance of @elipowell and @andrarchy, but I am happy to announce the following new speakers for SteemFest 4:

New speakers announced (Steemit Inc Exclusive this one :P)

  • @doxie-tx (US), Head of Operations, Steemit, Inc
  • @justinw (US), Head of Engineering, Steemit, Inc
  • @vandeberg (US), Senior Blockchain Engineer, Steemit, Inc
  • @gerbino (US), Blockchain Engineer, Steemit, Inc
  • @roadscape (US), Senior Product Engineer, Steemit, Inc

Already announced Steemit, Inc team members:

  • @elipowell (US), Managing Director, Steemit, Inc
  • @andrarchy (US), Head of Communications, Steemit, Inc

SteemFest already offered you a great change to meet a great bunch of Steemians and with this announcement you know you can come up & close with the core devs and other Steemit Inc members as well. Discuss the EIP, rant about what happened with the hardforks and chain halts, think along, and learn about the work on Smart Media tokens.

Overview of ongoing SteemFest 4 competitions


Thanks, that's it for now, have a nice weekend,


Liquid rewards from this post will go to organising @steemfest

SteemFest's ticket reductions are made possible by generous donations from:

@bitshares-at-sf @steemit @blocktrades
@steemmonsters @smooth steem engine

This just sounds better and better!
Some caution recommended with the moped option unless you're experienced.

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Yay excited to see @travelfeed present at Steemfest and to meet people behind Steemit Inc 😃

It's great to hear that the whole Steemit Inc gang will attend! This event step by step is proving to be the most promising one so far and I already attended two of them. Definitely worth attending!

Shame I won't be there to get my poker revenge! :-D

Have an amazing time :-)


@roelandp, Awesome and hope that we will going to see some Pre SteemFest pictures and videos on your blog. Have a great time ahead and stay blessed.

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Wish I could be there this time around. Next time my friend. Have a great time!


Are there any outside promotion of Steemfest this time?

At least with #newsteem the community managed to put this on top trending unlike last years.

I would have liked to attend but no way I'm sitting in a plane for 30 hours.

come for steemfest, stay for the thai islands :)

Hello Dear, @roelandp
Are there any outside promotion of Steemfest this time?

At least with #timesoffitness the community managed to put this on top trending unlike last years.

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