SteemFest 4 - memories from a minivan

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Bang! kok,
Streetlife to it’s core.
Any head turn is the opposite of a bore.
Metro polite rather than metropole. Definitely a gentle soul.
Memories of a 65 year old lady pouring her heart in a clam stir fry.
Mutual wide eyed curiosity on the fly.
Klong! boats and sweat cocktails with dark watered waves.
High rises and impeccable shaves.
Tropic thunderstorms flow, midnight bobbing lights the rivers and canals show.
Morning runs of all shapes and sizes, scooters loaded like trucks and trucks loaded with soul.
She serenades the night and takes all cultures in a stride.
She calls, luers and loves on her tide.
Slowly love creeps through the crevasses.
The city is quick and somehow quantumly like melassis.

Love. @poezio

Still from mynewlife's video capture

We are on the road to Koh Chang with the family (and @poezio, "Uncle Vinny"). Yesterday I used to do some finally winding down errants, like giving our marketing materials (flags, banners) to Baan Rim Naam who will re-use it as canvas for future art projects and collecting deposits. Also I went to pickup our broken iPad at a repair shop, only to find it was closed, LOLLL.

Now, holiday in Thailand started and I can look back at a very challenging edition of SteemFest. Challenging is what I was looking for and it was what I got. Thank you for that. It was a great training in doing things differently but trying to get the same results: a diverse, dynamic citytrip X conference X reunion event for you, the "Steem Survivors".

I could not have done this fun task without you buying into it. Getting a SteemFest ticket is one thing, and thanks to sponsors that burden is relieved with 50% of the actual cost, but you also need transportation, stay and in some casas a visa. Let alone getting away from your regular activitties, planning days off. I am fully aware of that and it is also why I don't want to make mistakes.

Looking back at the event I am very happy. It worked out wonders, traffic was not too bad, only heard great remarks about the livestream (setting the standard ohoh @shourai listen up!), and our local suppliers helped out in some many ways to make this "farang" do his thing :)

Now all is left is cutting up the original quality livestreams, bills, bills, recouping sponsorships, paying off personal loans and most of all enjoying some free time, maybe a beer, and the island vibes of Koh Chang.

See you on the chain,

a humbling sweaty bow and thank you for coming to SteemFest4, You made it happen!

xoxox, hugs

Thank you all speakers, sponsors and the following people helping make the fourth edition of this event an unforgettable experience:

Lost & hopefully Found: We are missing a 360 brandnew GoPro camera since closing night, if anyone found it please reach out via PM on telegram @roelandp

SteemFest4 would not have been possible without the sponsorships of:

@peerplays @steemit @blocktrades
@steemmonsters @smooth steem engine
Thanks to these sponsors about 75% of all attendees could buy a 50% discounted ticket for the event. Thank you!

Thank you for buying a support ticket: @dylanhobart @gamer00 @theycallmedan and @gandalf

:mic drop:


Yes @roelandp, you made it happen again and as I read between the lines - it was challenging but again great.

I was very informational again and I personal was happy to deliver my little parts to make it again a great SteemFest for and with all the people.

Count on me for the next edition, enjoy your island vacation and have at least a few !BEER in the sunny Thailand.

It is nice to see @blocktrades even from my laptop's screen @roelandp :D

Next steemfest to be in India ? If crypt gets regulation, then India would be a big opportunity.

Thank u so much to you @roelandp !! You did best job for steemfest!! Mr.Salmon(@jack8831)


Salut, @roelandp, can I ask you, please, to help me get the word out on this contest I'm promoting for Steemians to create a video trailer for my 8th book (out, soon).

Much appreciated, Yahia


Thanks for arranging the best fest in my life. I'll never forget it.

Thanks for arranging
The best fest in my life. I'll
Never forget it.

                 - dmitrydao

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Next steemfest to be in India ? If crypt gets regulation, then India would be a big opportunity.

Gorgeous poem, and good overview!

All we are saying is give Steem a chance.

Thank you for organising such an amazing event to bring so many crazy yet lovely people together. I've been on Steemit for over two years and to finally be able to hug and speak in person those who were previously virtual entities is just gold!!

Thanks for all the hard work making this a great SteemFest. From my perspective as an attendee I just got to turn up and everything flowed smoothly. That takes a lot of work anywhere in the world and I much appreciate it.
I am so looking forward to the next one. See you in NZ.

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@roelandp thanks a lot for organizing @steemfest and doing so much great work for the blockchain. I'm voting for you as a witness for a long time and I always appriciate what you're doing. You can check that in this post : [Updating my witness votes once in a few months !](Updating my witness votes once in a few months !)

Everyone looks so beautiful and down to earth. Very powerful group picture! Did you guys put a flare filter on the picture or is it just me? Since every single encounter with a steemian(mostly if they understand what it is) is so outer worldly, trust that i really wished i was there! So many more awesome things will happen with steem. To me it's the most exciting experiment in human economic history! My hivemind 😍 i am a mirror of you all in my own unique way and you guys got your act together. Big ups to everyone that helped put this event together. I think meeting physical in this community and sharing is truly something i regard as a highly fulfilling experience. I just wished we had something that was far more powerful than hyper ledger. I know we one can expand the architectural layers of the consensus? Maybe we can build a more power framework for dapps, i'm not a programmer, so i have no clue. I just think that cleanplanet, ecotrain and and countless communities that want to stop the wasting of resources. All these world saving communities show that we would even have the potential to be the game changer on this planet!

My first #steemfest and I had a good time.


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Sad I couldn't attend this year, but still enjoyed knowing everyone was sharing and connecting. It sounded like a real challenge to do it in Bangkok - and it was! But you made it happen and as STEEM and the overall crypto market is super bearish I'm excited to see people traveling to meet up anyway <3

Now go enjoy your well-deserved afterSteemFest holiday with the family and recover well :D Cheers!

This seemed like an amazing event,hope you all enjoyed your time there,I would actually love to go to an event like this.

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Thank you for making it happen again. And I am already looking forward to the next one now. How can time pass so fast...??? It's been twice I attended Steemfest... 😱 I still can't believe it...
And even though there are some not so happy incidents happened but I do hope this will not break our Steem family instead it makes us even closer and stronger. ❤❤❤
It's time for me to sleep now... in my own bed back home. Almost 3am now... back home about an hour ago. Sweet dreams to everyone. 😘😘😘

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Thanks @roelandp for all you did to make this happen! Enjoy your next few months, you earned some R&R time!

Steem ♨ On ! 💙

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@roelandp, You've defined the journey of many Steemians by using two words as "Steem Survivors". In my opinion SteemFest is one event which develops the core connection between Steemians and it adds Boosting Power and Strengthing Points to Steem Blockchain.

Have a wonderful travelling time ahead and stay blessed.

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Hey @roelandp, here is a little bit of BEER from @detlev for you. Enjoy it!

Job well done!
Steel on!
I hope it will help everyone for the future of steem blockchain and steemit community.

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Wow, very good nice the steemfes projeck i like it memories

very good the material I love steemfest

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Great Fest. Thank you, @roelandp. Next year we will win bowling :D


Would you please read my post?
I'm being critical, but giving hope to the Steemit community

I wish I could attend a steemfest someday.Probably when it happens in Australia.hahahaha

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I see this wonderful moment thank you

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Very interesting wordings! Loved and enjoyed reading this piece.

Didn't know that SMOOTH is a brand and logo in itself ;)

You did a fabulous job
Even with the initial hiccups
Thank you for such a great event
So glad I attended :D

many familiar faces and it makes me nostalgic hope everyone had the greatest time

Thank you for supporting #Japanese community.

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Thanks for the post.

Thanks for the post.

This really was fun, I had a plan but I missed it! Next time maybe! But I really appreciate the great effort to pull and make steemit really interesting. I am just sad, that there are members who discourage steemians! But they will not win coz we will not let them!

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