Silent for a couple of weeks: work, work, work :) - and a holiday card!

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It's been a while since I posted here, although I tend to share some irregular pics via my lifeblog, but with the holidays coming up I wanted to share my current state as I have been silent for too long. I normally want to let my code / work do the talking, and only use my blog for important announcements but I felt I needed to update. Plus I have a holiday card to share :) (scroll down).

I originally wanted to release a new version of the SteemWallet app prior to the holiday season, but with a new great suggestion from @transisto regarding #account-creation I decided to build that new feature prior to coming with a new release. As this is quite a big features involving also a "back-end" (for hints, check I did not manage to catch the Apple Appstore Holiday closing from 23- 27 december, although I have a working API and tests for Apple, I still need to integrate the Android part.

For SteemWallet updates: You can follow ongoing progress on the github commits for SteemWallet:

By the way if you want to have SteemWallet in your native tongue, per @pharesim's suggestion the wallet files can now be translated through Crowdin: - I just noticed Italian has been completed.

I hope to get a new version of SteemWallet out before Sylvester, but it will depend on the apple overlords if they like the new feature(s). Spoileralert: To be added are: Themes (nightmode! yeah!), pick from multiple nodes to connect and add your own nodes (mira, mira!), add a currency of your choice to display your accounts value (I know, steem is the one and only value, but should you want to show off your account value in for example BTC, ETH or EUR it will be possible thanks to the @coingecko api! And then that one new feature causing this delay in release... :)

If you want to have the newest features the first, be sure to download the current and you will be notified for updates via your appstore!

Other updates: SteemFest bills have been paid and I am slowly prepping for next year already but you will have to follow my blog for more news on that.

For now I wish you happy holidays and a great 2019!


with love, from Amsterdam (or actually on a train to @WhaleFountain city) for Xmas part 1.


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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year (loving the family picture!)
Just started adding some Dutch translations (although I would think you can write them better as the creater of the app 😉)

Its been awhile since the last update.
More improvements is very much welcome!
Account creation can do very much in the “onboarding” of new users to the platform.

Make the steemwallet, fast, intuitive and creatively appealing to look at.

Good morning from the Philippines.

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\o/ whalefountain city

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Nice! Look forward to the update!

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me too, i will share the server backend code in a private (for security reasons) repo for those who are interested. It will be python.


it will be in python
it is in python


Fair enough! We will be interested!

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merry christmas to you and the family. peace be with you.

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I love the baby’s face. Priceless. It’s our youngest’s first Christmas so I can relate. Definitely good to see a post from you again man. I was wondering how you were doing. Merry Christmas and happy new year 🥂✌🏻

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You deserve a rest after Steemfest. Enjoy your family time and I hope to see you next year, somewhere

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, @roelandp!

The last picture was very wonderful and gave me happiness.
Merry Christmas to you and the family:)

Merry Christmas!

You are really doing a great job bro. Merry Christmas and happy new year in advance

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Merry Christmas to you and the family!

I've seen the link of this wallet app some time ago and I've been reluctant downloading any apps because of security issue. I'll have to read more about this app. It'll be nice to have a Steem wallet that's user friendly 😊

Can you give a hint where the next steemfest will be held? I hope it'll be in the Philippines, the tickets are cheaper than traveling to Europe or USA 😅

Happy New Year!



It's good that you are aware of security. If you still want to checkout SteemWallet you can also:

  1. Explore it's code on Github:
  2. Be certain about your phone's impeccable security state: I don't recommend running Steemwallet (or any security target-table apps) on phones which are jailbroken or rooted.

Happy new year!

hints.... not atm. but working on it :) Where are you from?


oh I see now :) Cebu! cool!


Am still waiting for an answer to my question about the steemfest...hehe

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Yes I am aware of it, am over protective of my wallet actually to the point that I always get paranoid whenever I get unknown log in notifications even just from one of my social media accounts that I stopped using since am I already full-time in steemit. Coz if they ever stole my security and take everything (since my local bank account is already because of buying steem) I'll be a dumpster and I'll have to start washing dishes at McDonald's! 😂😂

Thanks for the link. I'll definitely check this out.

Can't wait to have an atm. It'll be one of the coolest thing on Steemit!

Am from the Philippines. Do you know where will they held the next steemfest? ( I hope in the Philippines... fingers crossed!😂)😀

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