That would be very welcome to all, especially those of us funding the whole trip and the last 358 days via Steem. Cheers!

FYI i've just donated 1000 STEEM to the @t-r-f Travel Reimbursement Fund - this fund is open to any community donations and will be distributed after Kraków to all attendees who applied for a piece of the pie.

That is very kind of you Roeland :)

Last year we didn't apply for this as I felt our trip was one of the shorter journeys and I had some fiat banked. I'll see how things are looking come November as to weather I can leave the pie untouched.

Based on the past few posting days I've had enough of pie!

Yess... That would mean I could go. For example. =) But I will be happy support other people if that does not come to be the case.

Also, I have never been on Poland, but I would prefer to go to a steemFest when there will be Summer! =) Maybe when steemFest comes to the other side of the world, like New Zealand =)

I'm going to have to buy some warm clothes for this trip for sure :)

New Zealand?! Can you imagine the reaction of certain whales if that was announced as the next destination! haha

Maybe if the market recovers again... who knows =) always keeping the door open.

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