Art for Steemfest 2 - My daughter made a wonderful contribution. To be seen @Steemfest 2!!

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Today I want to show you all what my daughter Isa (12) made today.

I told her about Steemfest art festival and she immediately said that she wanted to make something creative for this.

I documented it with pictures during the creation.

@Roelandp she hopes you want to have it in Lisbon, can I send it to you and that you place it in the art expo. It's only a few grams and smaller the one a4 paper. Or how can I get this in Lisbon.

update: @roelandp send me reaction and it will be displayed at Steemfest Art festival

update2: created a flyer for Lisbon

This is the end result but please check out all the pictures below how she created it.


The start of her Steemfest 2 project

Steemfest and our bird "Nemo"

and once again the end result


I hope you like it and would like to see this art from my daughter on Steemfest2 in Lisbon. Thank you all

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Thank you all for your wonderful reactions. My daughter is flabbergasted and so happy it will be in Lisbon..
Thank you. She made on the back a special message for all attendees in Lisbon

Great project, did she came with this idea on her own? Smart little maker you have there!


she made another one a few days earlier, but i was telling about steemfest and she said I can make one.

Please vote for me as witness, this would help me acieve my goals


That was brilliant, you can be proud of her. I just voted for you, I hope you will succeed with your goals and make this platform better. Please vote for our Dublin representative demotruk


thank you very much


No problem. If you have a second, check my stuff. I was also crafty kid and see what happened to me :)

supercool! as said via PM, if you get it in time by me with mail we'll make sure it is on display at Art at SteemFest ! Thanks!


Thx @roelandp . I Will send it to you asap So Its in Lisbon at steemfest. She is very happy. I hope you shoot a pic for me or other steemians.

Nice job. As this little artist proves Steem is for all ages.

good post ...

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Great ;) My daughters are also creative, I think it's fantastic. Give her my compliments : Upvoted!

Excellent work by little angel.

Woooow... This is really minblowing.... Considering the fact that she's that creative at her age...

That’s so so cute! What a passionate little artist she is already.
I wish I would have more VP left but I gave All I could. 🐬


Thank you very much, hope you maybe consider me for witness.. that would help me also


I will keep an eye open for you and read about you more soon


Thank you so much.. I try to be seen as witness but it is really hard... maybe my new initiative will work out:

Hey Isa, that's really cool! :-)


Thank you. You Can see it on steemfest. She says to me. @roelandp Will take it with him.

I hope you checkout my witness profile too. And i hope you consider one day to vote for me.

Thx for tour support. My daughter is really happy👍

love to watch
she is hard working girl

Just give you my witnesses vote

Good on your daughter for being so creative. Looks like she had a bit of fun too!

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She reminds me of my little niece, she's 9 and super talented with arts. Love that cockatiel, I had two cockatiels in the past, one male who flew away while I was cleaning his cage outside, the other, a female, hit the wall while flying, got paralyzed and died about a week later from lack of food and dehydration 😢


Thank you

Yay @rival!!! What a really great contribution to our Steemit ArtAtSteemFest gallery! What a blessing that her talent is being recognized and appreciated. I think it's awesome that she was inspired enough to make it about Steemit. You're obviously a great inspiration for her.

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She did a great job!
I love it! <3 <3 <3
Many snek hugs to your super creative wonderful daughter!


thx, i hope it will be presnted on steemfest

Clever Girl !


Thank you, yes she is indeed..

Calling @originalworks :)
img credz:
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Thank you all for your wonderful reactions. My daughter is flabbergasted and so happy it will be in Lisbon..
Thank you. She made on the back a special message for all attendees in Lisbon

sooo cute and so smart. Wonderful job!

Love to see this at Steemfest.


thank you, if you see it and would take a picture that would be great.. i promished my daughter to ask for pictures.. have fun at steemfest, maybe see you next year