My Steemfest3 Stories: Some of my favourite new friends - The Little Stokes

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I am taking my time with my Steemfest3 posts, there's so much to post about, but these last few days being back have been about spending maximum time with the kids and catching up on sleep. Other than that, there is much to process still, SF3 was one of the most incredible experiences of my life, and I'm still "high" from it all :)

The last pic I took with the Little Stokes


Some of the most memorable fun I had at SF3 were actually with @lukestokes and @corinnestokes's little ones. I won't be using the kids' names, just in case they prefer them to be private

I happened to be on the same flight as the Stokes, going to Krakow, so I met them then. I found out the kids were homeschooled, and seeing as I also homeschool/unschool mine, I knew we'd get along!

Arriving at Krakow Airport with @steevc, @lukestokes, @corinnestokes, little Stokes, @cryptogee, @shanibeer


And throughout the conference, the kids would come chat and joke with me if we ever bumped into each other.

The cutest walking ad for @Utopian-io


By Day 3, the girls were on a "hug at sight" basis with me. Do you have any idea how awesome that is? I have 2 little girls and they are very loving people. But I know how much it means when a kid will go and hug someone spontaneously. It also reinforces how absolutely intuitive children can be, because the first hug I ever got from Little Stoke no.2, I was seriously missing my girls at the time, so it meant A LOT!!!!

I took this right after the first hugs I got from these girls! Yes I remember.. And then they were being so sweet with their mom @corinnestokes, I had to take a picture!



One great thing about Homeschooling is you tend to spend a lot of time with people of all ages, and you can really see how anyone can become friends.

I saw those kids throughout Steemfest, rocking at bowling, dancing at the club, and being the confident little humans they were, going around, chatting with everyone!

Until it was time to leave.. Fortunately we also had the same flight back into London, so I had just that extra time with them, especially before and after the plane ride. We talked and joked lots. Kids tend to love my silly jokes, so it was a nice confidence boost too ;) For me, it was just such a beautiful and meaningful way to end my Steemfest experience.

My new friends :)


To the Stokes family: Thank you for raising such awesome humans! Hope the move goes really really well. Take care and see you all next year :)

Thanks for reading guys, been LOVING reading so many of your SF3 posts. Will try and knock out another one soon!

Much Love from Red


I'm so very glad we got to hang out. :)

As a parent, I'm sure you know how encouraging it is to hear others tell you they enjoy the little humans you helped make. It's encouraging because we as parents see all the not-so-fun times as well. Raising children is really, really hard. Their little under-developed prefrontal cortices and lack of mirror neurons create drama that stresses us out, frustrates us, and leaves us asking, "Really? Did you really just do that?"

I tell people often how raising kids is one of the hardest and most amazing thing you'll ever do. Simple pleasures like having a phone call or going to the restroom without being interrupted seem like vague, distant memories. At times, it seems a few minutes can't go by without one kid yelling at the other one. We get so easily caught up in our insecurities, trying to control behavior and guide them towards a good life. At times it can be overwhelming.

And at other times, it can be so deeply rewarding and fulfilling. Thank you for loving on our kids, joking with them, and making them feel welcome in this Steem community. I also respect and appreciate you not giving their names, but based on conversation we've had with them (and maybe my own biases about transparency), we're comfortable with their names being online. Devon is our oldest son, followed by Aria and Monet.

I'm so glad they encouraged you as well as you were away from your own kids.

Thanks for sharing these pictures and your story. It's something I will remind myself of often, especially when things are challenging. :)

Wow Luke, thank you for taking the time to write all of this up. It was so great to hang out with you Stokes. Honestly, I had so much respect for what you were all doing. Not easy travelling around with your whole family, whilst having so many work commitments, but so great for them to be able to be there with you and watch you kick ass and do your thing.

Your kids are incredibly awesome, honestly. I can't wait for them to meet mine :) These kids will run the world one day, and letting them be out there in the world, and meet all the amazing people they can meet, especially at places like Steemfest, I know will teach them so so much. I'm glad my first Steemfest experience was a child free arrangement, but thanks to your kids, and watching how they were at SF3, I definitely can't wait to bring mine next time for them to experience it as well.

I somehow felt led to do this post earlier, and I'm really glad I did. Even if all it does is remind you and Corinne of the awesome parents that you are :) Take care all of you and see you again soon!!!

I'm not the only one who fell in love with your kids, Luke. They're pretty amazing, but then again, they have amazing parents.

Redrica, it was fabulous to spend time with you. Yay for connecting with people who inspire us!

This makes me smile so much! :) I'm so glad you enjoyed the time with our kids. They (and I!) certainly enjoyed it as well. Thank you for being so sweet to my family. It was such a pleasure to meet you :)

I absolutely enjoyed my time with those 3, and you parents too of course ;) I find it beautiful that you Stokes were the ones I started and ended Steemfest3 with, was such a pleasant surprise both flights. I know I will be seeing more of you all again soon! Would be a dream come true if my family and I can make it to Anarchapulco.. If not, definitely SF4!

Hope it's not too manic getting everything ready for the move. Lots of Love :)

Yes, that was fun how the flights worked out. We'll look forward to seeing you again in the future....wherever that may be :)

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