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What an unbelievable time I had at this year's Steemfest! It appears the most important aspect of the platform hasn't seemed to have lost any of it's charisma or enthusiasm. That being the awesome community. So people fantastic people who I had met last year were there and it was such a joy to catch up with them again. As well as a host of new faces that I'm hoping will be the new "regular's" to this phenomenal event.

This year, I must admit I noticed many more asian faces at the Steemfest, showing the vast diversity across the platform in general. I had the pleasure of talking to a few individuals from the Korean Community and was over-the-moon at how super nice they all were. I’d like to throw out some mentions of these awesome steemians:


A very smart guy who actually had the foresight to buy up the majority of his steempower when it was at only 50 cents. Very proactive in the Korean community which his crypto currency analysis and helping provide us with some great advice.

He also spoke about their community having over 1000 registered steemians with 500 currently active users. It is a large community and growing in numbers by the day.


She was one of the friendliest people I talked to at the Steemfest and I was inspired by her passionate nature about the platform in general. It was great speaking with you, @ramengirl!

She told me about upcoming plans for an Asian meeting up sometime next year of which Ned has agreed to come and support where he can. It might be in Seoul.


Also met @successtrainer & @yoychoi.

Both of these lovely gentlemen are also super passionate about the platform and we had some good laughs together. @yoychoi made a batch of travel-sized Steemit Banner’s and gave a couple to me as a gift. I was impressed by the effort and thought behind this cool initiative. Great work, guys! A special shout-out in regards to his name card which is transparent and very elegant. I heard it mentioned a few times by other steemians too. Just awesome!


I was amazed by the incredible turnout this year. More than a hundred steemians were in attendance compared to last year’s figures. So many faces I remembered from my visit to Amsterdam and so many new ones. I would like to give a shout-out to so many interesting and talented people I met. Here are a few very memorable ones.


What a fantastic couple and such down-to-earth and friendly people. Thank you for spending a little of your time with me at the Steemfest to find out a little more about yourselves.

It was so interesting to hear their take on so many of the altcoins out in “crypto-world” and which ones they think might go far. A pleasure meeting you both.

@everlove – Garden of Eden

This endearing and generous community was founded a few years ago now. @everlove has three and a half acres of land whereas @quinneaker had the initial vision. They collect trash or things people consider as “unwanted” and turn them into masterpieces (@quinneaker amazing suit, for example). They live an “organic” lifestyle and believe in equality for all and freedom from the constraints of financial hardship. There are approximately 18-20 people in the community, with their members having a specific set of skills to serve the community as a whole. A great project and an inspiration to us all.

Again, they believe in everything being 100% natural and recyclable and are very decent, caring individuals. Was great to meet you all.



One of the nicest guys you will “ever” meet, never mind just at the Steemfest. So charming and easy to engage with, he was an absolute pleasure to be around. So I wish to thank him for all the time he spent with us and allowing everyone to enjoy his fantastic company.

We live in the same city so hopefully we can meet up here even before any upcoming events! I hope so. Thanks for the great memories, Tony.


Passionate about food and photography, this well-known steemian is a hallmark example of someone who pushes themselves to eventually doing phenomenally well. It was so interesting finding out all the work that goes on into setting up a picture shoot and from all those different angles. It can actually take up to a couple of hours!

Self-taught in the world of photography, I was very impressed with her charming manner and hospitable approach. I can only imagine how proud your dad, @noboxes, must have been. Great to see you there.



An instantly recognisable friend from the last Steemfest and such an enthusiastic young man from Germany. Always smiling, always happy and very easy to talk to. A perfect example of a steemian through and through, if ever there was one.

It was super exciting to catch up about his recent diving trip in Maldives where he followed a large turtle into depths of nearly 30 meters down. You are braver than I!

Also around three weeks ago, he created his own coin which has now gone up 100 times! What a great start! I wish you all the best with that venture and hope we can meet again very soon.



An extremely cool girl from the “CN” community who currently resides in Belgium. This was the first time meeting her at the Steemfest and I am so fortunate she decided to come. This girl has a lovely character (as I’m sure everyone else who met her will agree). We shared so much fun and laughter together, it was unreal! At the “Night of Steem”, she made me laugh so much that we were both practically in tears at one point. Other steemians must have looked as us like we were crazy but that’s just how good the times were. Till we meet again, lovely @joythewanderer.



How is it not possible to smile when this guy is around! Super nice guy and extremely friendly. He was also so very helpful at the event too, being in charge of taking some videos for the Steemfest speakers.

He is so very passionate about the platform and has a lot of great ideas to put forward. It was SO great seeing you again. I can’t wait for the next time, my good friend.


@awesomianist & @vaelriey

An upstanding pair of steemians who are very committed to the platform and go around doing a lot of fantastic work in promoting Steemit and spreading the good word.

They even gave me a beautiful silver key ring which was a very kind gesture on their part. Thank you, guys. Hope we can meet again soon at another Steem-based event!



More Selfies with Other Superb Steemians:


@bkdbkd, @exyle and @ezzy

@ivargereiko, @ezzy and @allasyummyfood

@dollarvigilante (Jeff Berwick)


@anasya (from Golos, also creator of new SMT "Flacoin")



@juanmiguelsalas & @kevinwong






@lisadeng and @soldier


I consider myself lucky each and every day to be a part of this great platform. The people, the atmosphere, the talent. It goes beyond anything I've ever been involved in throughout my entire life.

And to think, this is "still" only just the beginning...

line 3.png



@ maa ,一个很Smart的男孩子。他趁Steem在50美分的低价时购入他大部分的Steempower,的确有先见之明。他在韩国社区非常活跃,尤其对数字货币的分析为大家提供了一些很好的意见和帮助。他还谈到了韩国社区拥有1000多名注册用户,目前有500名活跃用户。这是一个庞大的社区,有日渐扩大的趋势。

@ ramengirl,超级友好也很健谈,她对Steemit平台的热情让我大受鼓舞的。@ramengirl,很高兴认识你!她还告诉我他们有计划明年举办一个亚洲聚会,地点有可能在首尔。还说Ned答应会尽量过来支持,好期待哦!


今年出席Steemfest 2 的人数与去年相比,超出了一百多人。想起去年在阿姆斯特丹见过的熟悉面孔,还有这次的许多新面孔,我想在这里与大家分享一下我所遇到的众多有才华的Steemians:

@ blocktrades,超级友善的一对夫妇,很荣幸能和你们一起聊天,以及了解你们对数字货币走向的看法,我受益不浅哦。

Garden of Eden这个社区是几年前创立的。当时 @ everlove有地而@ quinneaker有想法,他们就一拍即合了。他们收集垃圾或人们认为“不需要”的东西,并把它们变成有用的物品(例如@ quinneaker在演讲时穿的的皮外套)。社区成员们过着“有机”的生活,相信人人平等,不受经济限制。社区大约有18到20人,成员们没有普通的早九晚五的工作,但每个人以自己的方式为这个社区服务。他们相信一切都是应该是纯天然并可回收的,很有爱心的一个社区!另类的生活,却让我挺敬佩的。很高兴认识你们!

@ nanzo-scoop,是我在 Steemfest甚至在现实生活里见到最nice 的人。他不但平易近人,也相当幽默风趣。非常感谢你和我们一起度过的美好时光!我们住在同一个城市,相信不用等到下届Steemfest再见面吧,呵呵。Tony,谢谢你为我带来的美好回忆。

@ gringalicious,相信大家都对这个名字不陌生吧! 她对食物和摄影的热情,推动着她在平台上不断努力最终获得成功,这是非常好的一个例子。她谈到要拍好的照片,不但选角度很重要,食物及器具的摆设通常都要花上好几个小时呢!我还了解到她在摄影方面是自学成才的,真不简单!我可以想象你爸爸@ noboxes 有多自豪,呵呵。很高兴能在这里见到你!

@ future24,一个来自德国的热情少年,我们在上届Steemfest上认识的。他总是微笑也总是很开心的样子,让我感到很亲切。他聊到最近在马尔代夫的潜水之旅以及他在水底30米深度的地方与一只大乌龟互动,哗,真令我羡慕。他比我勇敢多了,呵呵!


@ joythewanderer,是中文社区的一个非常酷的女孩,目前居住在比利时。我是第一次在这里见到她,她性格很可爱,相信见过她的人都会同意。我们聊得很投机并度过了非常开心的时光!在“Steemit之夜”,她逗得我哈哈大笑,甚至眼泪都流出来了,其他Steemians一定觉得我们像疯子一样,哈哈!Joy,我们下次再见吧!

@ juanmiguelsalas,超级友好的Steemian。在他身边,我从来抑制不住我的笑容。他非常关注平台,和我分享了很多很好的想法。他还自告奋勇担当了Steemfest的摄影师呢!期望下次再见到你。

@ awesomianist&@vaelriey, 她们来自马来西亚,对Steemit充满热情并在马来西亚各地做了大量推广平台的宣传工作。她们还送了我一个漂亮的钥匙扣,非常友好。谢谢你们!

以下是更多与其他Steemians 的自拍,呵呵。


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This is really amazing, making Steem rather different comparing to other social media platforms.


I cannot agree more! Steemit is really unique and special. :)

Extremely proud indeed.

So nice to have met you @rea. You're as nice in person as I had anticipated from reading your posts. Very glad to be here on steemit with you!!


Hey @noboxes, thank you for your kind words! It was great meeting both of you at the Steemfest II. :)

Wow - so many great pictures! It's nice to put faces with names!


Off course @geke


Hello @geke. I hope you are well. In fact it was hard for me to remember everybody's name at first, but luckily the name tag everyone wears helped, lol.


Wow, really amazing post @rea and it was a pleasure to meet you and @ezzy bro again! See you at least next year at the Steemfest³ and maybe on a diving trip before the Steemfest³!

PS: Our Selfie is really cool! 😎 😋




Wow! looks like you had a great fun at the Fest! hope I`ll join one in the future! upvoted !


Such experience, many selfies, so gorgeous


Hello @valentinmavrodin, I look forward to seeing you in the Steemfest next year. :)

Good post

a wonderful article. I wanted to be there in those photo frames :)


@ygmraykt, I hop you can come and join us in the next Steemfest!

Nice post :) It was nice to meet you at Steemfest :)


@yoganarchista, thanks. It was great meeting you too. I hope you had a good time as I did!

You met with the present and future of steemit, i will sing till eternity if it was me


Love the way you put this, lol. Steem on!!!


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Hey man new hand really describe all the members who actually performing great as well as there quality with us. I do appreciate your post thanks.


Thank you @funatoz!

Thank you verymuch @rea for introducing all the big sharks of steemit.. I just saw all these names while checking their posts and the real face of some of them saw before.. It is nice post about steem fest 2. There are lots of post coming before about their experience in steem fest but most of them share only pictures. Here your post become great..


Hello @amrumk, thank you for your nice comments. I am glad you find my post informative. :)

I wished I did have a memorable steem experience like you. But it appears that if you don't have a click you will roast with steem.

Oh, thanks for the sweet words @rea! What a pleasure it was to meet you and I hope to see you again at Steemfest3 or maybe before!


Hey @gringalicious, the pleasure was all mine. :) Hope to see you and @noboxes soon!




You didn't just share photo with us. You shared a great photo with us and a moment of your life.


Thank you @yagoub!

Looks like you had some amazing times!


I did.:) Thanks for dropping by @andrejprochazka!

Good moment :)

I love the photos, great post. I never really got the chance to talk to you besides a hello, but hopefully next year! Somehow it was OK not to be able to talk to some, because the energy filled the gaps...If that makes any sense. Thank you for this. And I absolutely agree with what you say about the steemians I've met.

excellent post, I invite you to visit my blog, greetings

Its great to be able to put faces to names! Makes people a lot more human.


You are absolutely right. And the best thing is everyone was super nice to talk to, such a great vibe!!

That night we were laughing like....hahahah!


Exactly, lol...



Thank you @sardrt!

One of the most amazing events I have ever experienced @rea


I cannot agree more @simonjay!

nice post...

Fun, fun, fun and joy and I'm sure joy brought lots of joy there. :-)


Surely she did, lol!


Great memories!!

I don't think I will EVER run into anyone else as much as you and @ezzy! It was uncanny how many times @shenanigator and I bumped into you guys during SteemFest outside of planned events. So glad we did, it was amazing to see you both and have some great laughs. :) <3


Hey @sharingeverybite, it was crazy, right? lol... I call this fate. :) I hope you guys had a good trip back home and look forward to seeing you both at Steemfest 3!!

What I could say? One of the things I expected from SF 2 was to see you and @ezzy again ... Love you guys from here to the moon! Thanks for everything, the talks, the nice time, the laughts and for to be you.


Hey @juanmiguelsalas, likewise we always happy to see you!! I hope one day we can visit Cuba together. :)

So nice to have met you @rea. You're as nice in person👍👍

so happy to find you here. thank you for sharing your journey. I love making new friends all over the world. I will follow you and I hope you do the same so we can stay connected. :)

ballinconscious 吹的那是什么乐器?

support !

support !

That was a really fun night and the talk about the food you can't have haha

That was a very enjoyable post. Thank you for sharing all those amazing moments with us!