Official SteemFest Hotel Room Available for $teem! This Is The ONLY Way To Get A Hotel With $teem! If You Didn't Reserve One & Want It, Let Me Know ASAPsteemCreated with Sketch.

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SteemFest 2 is just a few days away, and ALL the official hotel rooms for the fest are booked!

If you didn't reserve one in time, then it's your lucky day! I reserved an extra room for a friend who does not need it, and I have it reserved. I have to cancel it if I don't want it in the next couple days. 

The official SteemFest hotels are the best to stay at because they are central to the Fest and also where most of the Steemians will be staying!

I have it reserved on a credit card and can pay for it and you can transfer $teem for the days you want it, or if you prefer you can just take over the reservation and pay for it however you like. I figured it would be awesome to make available to someone for $teem as they are not possible to get for $teem otherwise!

As you know, I have never powered down any $teem or cashed any out either. I also have made available the most real world good and services available for $teem of anyone in the world to help create a real world economy for $teem and do also increase its value for all our benefit! 

So I am providing yet another opportunity to use $teem to get your hotel room, which would otherwise not be possible. 

Contact me via Steemit Chat or via email here 

SteemOn to SteemFest!

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Waaw ToOoP

@quinneaker you just earned a vote and a follower


Great to know!

Great place , steemfest love it .
Travel is life and don't waste it's
Thanks for sharing

Namste :


I am grateful and not wasting it!

I love what you're doing my friend! Keep selling those necklaces(I am saving up for one)! I just posted some new songs on my blog, check em out if you're into rap and have some spare time. Best wishes from @kenentertainment!

enjoy my friend @quinneaker all the best steem on :)

I appreciate that


I've only got a 1 steem .. I, hoping someone can be generous here ... think about it .. steem may hit $10k in the future !!! :) .... lol

omg!! its really beautiful


Yes it is!

Oooohhh !! That's the Hotel I wanted to boook !!
If I knew that I wouldn't have book another Hotel... (that I can't cancel the reservation (or if If do that I have to pay half price I think) :-/.


Yea sorry its so late!
If you can figure anything out let me know!

SteemOn to SteemFest!

I know @fatpandadesign might be interested in this. I'll just FB him this link.


Ok great!

The hotel is beautiful.... Wow i love the pool


unfortunately not for me.. hope to be there next year. But I made my virtual contribution. My daughter's creation is there

Great @quinneaker..
Actually I can’t attend the fest because of my schedule.. but one of my known friend is planned for that.. also he also have the Hotel issue there..can I suggest you..??


I’ll pass your pp name and the post to him.. and thanks..


Your welcome!


Wow...It is Nice knowing this, I am so sure it would be a Very Nice Event.
Hi @quinneaker, I decided to make a contribution in my little way to SteemFest 2 through my Act of Creativity, but it got no publicity. I would appreciate you checking this out, and letting me know what you feel about it. Thank you as you do.

plz upvote my post

Really nice, it will be great if you post pics during the event


I will probably post more than anyone else ;-)>