Steem Fest Promotional Graphics #2 + Free Raffle [Raffle winner is @minion]

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Edit: updated with better quality

Steem Fest #1 - 11.12.13 November 2016, Amsterdam NL
For more information visit Steem Fest Official Web Presentation and join #steemfest channel at Steem Chat
Be sure to follow official @steemfest account.


ReSteem this post and win 25 SBD or 50 Steem Power

How to enter

  1. ReSteem this post by clicking on the button.
  2. For every follower you will get one ticket.
  3. Drawing will be held using list randomizer.

If you have Steem Fest ticket your prize will be doubled.

Don't forget to VOTE , ReSTEEM and to Follow me


Everyone wants to go to the STEEM FEST ! and is it tru that:

1000 SP provided by Steemit HQ when you show up in Amsterdam with your paid ticket.

yes this is true.

How do you know who resteemed the post?

You can check it on @jesta's Steemdb :)

Upvoted, Resteemed and I'll be booking my ticket this evening!
Can't wait!

Great! Thank you :)


This will be my first ReSteem. For all my followers seeing this post, It's just me promoting the fest, but unfortunately I won't make it, it would take a miracle for me to make it there.

Upped and resteemed

Thank you :)

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Voted and resteeeeeemed!!! :0)

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