[Final Stage] Life-Sized Steemit Logo - Steemfest Amsterdam!

in #steemfest8 years ago

Hey guys we heard you like BIG logos ;)

As we announced in our last post, we wanted to do a life-sized Steemit logo.

Finally, after 4 weeks of planning and realization, we’d like to present our life-sized Steemit logo for -
SteemFest Amsterdam!!

We are really proud of what we accomplished. As you can imagine we put in a f**king lot of time and sweat to get this done. But we had also a lot of fun making it!

Final hight is 2,20m :)

In a couple of days we will come across with our how-to guide. Make sure you hit follow and upvote so you stay connected with our logo journey to SteemFest Amsterdam.

It would be absolutely great if we can raise some extra money for the transportation costs (car rent for a big car) to bring YOU this amazing Steemit logo to Amsterdam.

It seems to be just a little tooooo big for our car ;-(

A big THANK YOU for the community feedback on our first small logo. We acknowledged your suggestions for the BIG logo - and hope you love it as much as we do!

We are looking forward to meet all of you guys in Amsterdam!


@paa and friends!


Guys I haven't had time to respond here, but did try to hook up again via Steemit.chat! This is fabulous work ofcourse :) Let's finalise the details in Steemit.chat! kr. roeland

We will be online from about 12:00 - 15:00 CEST tomorrow.

You don't seem good at Tetris-Car ;-)

Not really :D.

Do you are? Maybe you could help us out next time ;)

Hah nice one!
Resteemed :)

Nice work! Resteemed!

A very nice artwork. Meet you at Steemfest :-) resteemed ;-)

Thank you! :D

I hope this will turn into a trending piece!

You got right :D
Thx for the Support!

haha a bit too big for your car! So great !

Yeah, this actuall our biggest Problem to get this to Amsterdam! :(

But we will find a way!

I am sure you will ;)

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