Back From Steemfest Thoughts

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The funniest photo I took

My face looks kind of funny. Kidding. Except I'm serious about how it looks when I don't sleep. I look like an alien. Insta-alien for the win.

I didn't take this photo, but @el-cr said it's the funniest photo HE took.

Since it's of me...

Can it count for me, too?

Thanks, @yabapmatt for making this happen.

@steemmonsters is beyond epic.

The most embarrassing situation you were involved in

I don't get embarrassed too easily, so it's hard to say on this one.

What COULD have been embarrassing...

...taking sandwiches and sticking them in an empty envelope from Amazon.

Thanks, @llfarms for bringing me stuff from Amazon!!! Even the envelope came in useful for smuggling sandwhiches out of the conference room... who knew?!

@Anomadsoul and I offered them to our taxi driver on the way to the doctor.

He said no.

Maybe because his mom taught him not to take sandwiches from strangers and a sketchy envelope.

Wise woman.




@anomadsoul guilty by association.

But hey...the sandwhiches kept us strong for our doctor visit!

Your new favorite Steemians

This is like asking me what my favorite fruit is, or my favorite country I've visited. I like so many of them for so many different reasons.

I'm going to define NEW as people who I had NO idea existed before going.

As in, hadn't even seen their profiles before. Which disqualifies @adetorrent, @coruscate, @teamsteem, @jeanpi1908 and some others that I got to know on a deeper level.

As for people I had no clue even existed, I'd say my new favorites are:

@jayna @blewitt @jarvie

I'd pick more, but I guess I'm limited to 3.

All of you guys are freaking awesome, though. Let's be real.

Your overall experience about the whole event.

Let's just say I'm addicted to Steemfest now, and I don't want to detox anytime soon.

Literally, every single person was just as awesome as they seemed to be on their blog- if not even cooler.

It's SO cheesy, but I have to say it 'cause it's true-

By the end, we really did start to feel like family.

I'll never forget how so many people came up to me asking if I was ok and if I'd been to the doctor yet. I felt like I wasn't alone. Like I had friends from the very moment I stepped off the plane.

A lot of cool new opportunities came up for me as a result of going.

I wasn't even in search of anything, really. I was just there to meet some smart, like-minded and fun people. I had no agenda other than that, yet somehow good things fell into my lap.

Words can't even express how grateful I am for my experience.

I'll never forget the memories I made with amazing people.

I've traveled a lot, done a lot of things, and been to several conferences.

This by far makes the top of the list.

@roelandp thank you again for working so hard to connect us all!! You've definitely impacted many of our lives forever, so it was worth it.

Same to @blocktrades and @steemmonsters and everyone who helped me get there - I am forever grateful to you. Words can't even express my gratitude.

The most random photography I took and don´t even know why it is there


^^I guess they have no plans?!

More like I fail at photography sometimes, haha.


@gandalf was right. Your SteemMonsters promo outperforms mine. Congratulations.

Omg, you stealing those baguettes 😂

I like the way you think though!

It only would've been better if I'd had a skateboard to drag them on! 😂

Hahaha 😂

Looks like a blast. Hope the community stays strong and engaged.

I hope that your last photo is not from the presentation.

hahahaha don't worry, it's not! I think I caught it right before they clicked the button haha

As for people I had no clue even existed

That’s the story of my life with lovely ladies...either way I will take it! I’m truly honored. Especially since you went into such great detail on it. 😝

lol yeahhhhh so I realized I better step up my game after reading yours!

Maybe I’ll just start putting forth “your” level of effort.

“I met human named @nomadicsoul. She breathed and has hands.”

Something poetic about a nomadic soul taking a photo like this one ;)

Also, you probably helped spread more Steem Monsters awareness at the conference than anyone with your very effective advertising technique haha.

haha good point! Maybe I just resonated with that as my plans. Hence why I have a pic of it lol.

I sure hope so!!!

Also, you would've been on my favorites list but I technically knew you existed already before the conference. Just fyi

I don’t know which makes me feel awesome <3

*more awesome. ..which one makes me feel moreawesome :)

Always put a smile on my face when I read your posts.... thanks for sharing, especially the photos...

Oh hey wrong account let me correct this

OK i was saying... i feel like such a winner!

hahaha you ARE a winner!

If only that could have been the Goldmoney shirt!! Still... brilliant marketing :)

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